J Cole Height – How Tall is The American Rapper?

How tall is J Cole? J Cole’s height is 6 feet 2.25 inches (1.886 m or 188.6 cm) as of 2024, making him one of the tallest rappers in the industry.

Born Jermaine Lamarr Cole on January 28, 1985, on a military base in West Germany, J. Cole has since left his humble beginnings behind and is now standing tall as one of the most influential rappers of his generation. Aside from being a world-class rapper, he is also a songwriter, producer, and pro basketball player.


  • J COLE’S AGE:  39 Years Old
  • BIRTHDAY: 28 January 1985
  • BIRTHPLACE: Frankfurt, West Germany (though a native of Fayetteville, North Carolina, United States of America)
  • BIRTH SIGN: Aquarius
  • ETHNICITY: Multiracial
  • MOTHER: Kay Cole
  • SIBLINGS: Zach Cole
  • HEIGHT: 6 feet 2.25 inches (1.886m or 188.6 cm)
  • WEIGHT: 84-91 kg (185-201 lbs)
  • BODY MEASUREMENTS: 43-14-33 inches
  • SHOE SIZE: 11 US

How Tall is J. Cole Now?

There have been conflicting speculations as to J Cole’s height, with 6’ 3” being one of his most misquoted heights. In reality, the rapper is actually 6’ 2.25”. He is in no way close to 6’ 3”, not to talk of 6’ 4”. But even with his current height, he is still taller than your average rapper.

Comparing J Cole’s Height With Other Famous Musicians

How Tall is J Cole Compared to Jay Z?

Let’s take Jay Z for instance, who was one of J Cole’s earliest mentors; Jay Z is 186.7 cm (6 ft 1.5 in) tall, making him just slightly shorter than J Cole’s height by a mere 0.75 inches.

J Cole’s Height vs Drake’s Height

Compared to rapper Drake, who stands at 182 cm (5 ft 11.75 in), J Cole is taller by 2.5 inches which may or may not be significant depending on how you look at it.

J. Cole’s Height Compared to Big Sean

As for Sean Michael-Leonard Anderson aka Big Sean, it is complicated. Officially, Big Sean’s height was pegged at either 5 ft 6 in or 5 ft 8 in depending on your source. However, the rapper now claims that he has added an extra 2 inches due to his visits to a chiropractor.

According to him, he now has a straighter spine, thus the added inches. And if we are to go by this and the picture he posted on social media, Big Sean is 177.8 cm (5ft 10 in). Compared to J Cole’s height of 6’ 2.25”, Big Sean’s ‘new’ height of 5’ 10” is shorter by 4.25 inches.

J. Cole Once Had a Dream of Becoming a Pro Basketballer

Cole’s weight currently fluctuates between 84-91 kg (185-201 lbs), but he tends to stay more on the lighter side. He isn’t big on exercise as far as we know; however, one sport that has accompanied him all his life is basketball. He has been playing basketball since his high school and college days and had even wanted to become a pro basketball player at one time.

With J Cole’s height of 6’ 2.25”, this isn’t strange at all and although he has made it big in the music industry now, he still spends hours in the gym playing basketball. He is also big on meditation and surprisingly it has been shown that meditation has a lot of health benefits, including aiding weight loss.

Whatever workout routine he is doing is obviously working for him; he has a neat, healthy look and always appears well-groomed.

J. Cole’s Weight and Body Measurements

Looking at J Cole’s frame, you can tell that although he isn’t a beast in terms of structure, he has a fit and well-proportioned body. Being active in basketball has no doubt helped with keeping him in shape; currently, he has an enviable body measurement of 43-14-33 inches for his chest, biceps, and waist sizes respectively.

Despite his weight of between 84-91kg, J Cole’s height and body proportions more than balances everything out. Let’s just say that he would make a successful model career if he ever chooses to take a break from music. He is currently collaborating with Puma on the RS-DREAMER “E-Line”.

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