Who is Dan Burrow? Everything About Joe Burrow’s Brother

Dan Burrow is the elder brother of Joe Burrow, the star NFL player. He is a former American college football player who played as a free safety for the University of Nebraska college football team before choosing to give up the game and take up the responsibility of training and mentoring his younger brother, Joe.

Joe is decidedly more successful in the sport than his brother, but this doesn’t negate the fact that Dan was one of the most instrumental influences in his so-far successful football career.

Daniel Burrow’s Bio

  • BIRTHPLACE: Ames, Iowa, United States of America
  • ETHNICITY: White
  • FATHER: Jim Burrow
  • MOTHER: Robin Burrow
  • SIBLINGS: Jamie Burrow (brother), Joe Burrow (brother), and Chloe Burrow (sister)

Dan Burrow Hails from Iowa State in the USA

Daniel Burrow was born in the U.S. state of Iowa, in a town called Ames. His parents are Jim and Robin Burrow, and they raised him and his siblings in the middlebrow, white-dominated neighborhood.

Dan has not revealed his date of birth to date, so details about his age and his zodiac sign are currently unavailable. We, however, can tell that he is of White ethnicity and that his age lies somewhere in the mid-thirties range.

Dan grew up in a typical conservative Christian family. His family was kind and supportive of his and his brothers’ careers, especially seeing as his father Jim, was once an all-star defensive back in both the Canadian Football League and the National Football League. Jim is now a retired college football coach.

Dan has two younger brothers—Jamie and Joe. They are also football players, and both adore him greatly. It seems pretty clear that the love for sports, especially football, runs in this family.

Daniel Burrow famously attended the Ames High School in Iowa, where he played football for his school team, even representing them in various regional and state tournaments. After graduating high school, he got admitted to the University of Nebraska for his college education.

Although the course he studied isn’t public knowledge, it is no secret that he represented the University’s football team, playing in the free safety position.

Dan Burrow’s Net Worth Is Primarily From His Career

Dan Burrow is said to be worth over $1.5 million. As you already know, he began playing football in high school. In his prime, he was a young shooting star and was already on his way to dominating the NFL. Indeed, Dan Burrow was an extremely talented football player whose career seemingly had no end in sight.

This was why it surprised everyone when he suddenly decided to quit football. He refused to pursue a professional career in the sport and chose to go into other career paths, ending his football career before it even started.

As it currently stands, nobody can tell exactly what career Dan eventually took up, but the fact that he is very successful cannot be disputed.

Dan Burrow Might Have Quit Professional Sports, but He Remains as Athletic as Ever

The handsome brother of Joe Burrow isn’t a professional player anymore, but he hasn’t slacked on his physical appearance at all. He is about 5 feet 10 inches tall, unsurprising for a former footballer, and his weight is pegged at 83 kg.

In alternative measurements, Dan Burrow is 177 cm tall and weighs about 185 pounds. His well-defined muscles and figure immediately show that he has an athletic, fit body.

Regrettably, Dan’s Instagram page is private and his content is shown only to a select number of people. So his exact workout routine remains a mystery to his fans.

Dan Burrow is Married to a Beautiful Mysterious Woman

If you were hoping that this successful man was single, you might be a little bit disappointed. The ex-footballer is currently married to an equally gorgeous woman. But because of Dan’s penchant for secrecy, her identity has been kept away from the public.

However, pictures of the two show that she is tall, has a slim body build, and has blonde hair—the classic American beauty.

Apart from the fact that the new Mrs. Burrow is mostly unknown to the public, there is no confirmed news on when the two got married. Also, there is no confirmation that the couple has any children as well.

How Old is Dan Burrow?

Dan Burrow is most likely in his mid-thirties. His date of birth hasn’t been made public yet but it is known that he was born to Jim and Robin Burrow in Ames, Iowa.

What is Burrow‘s Net Worth?

Dan Burrow’s net worth is pegged at 1.5 million dollars. However, his source(s) of income is not known.

Is Dan Burrow On Any of the Social Media Platforms?

Yes. Dan Burrow is active on Instagram @dnice_36 and Twitter @danielCburrow. He is
followed by only 800 people on Instagram and his account is private. On Twitter, Dan has about 900 followers.

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