Melissa Elordi Bio – Inside The Personal Life of Jacob Elordi’s Mother

Melissa Elordi is the mother of Jacob Elordi, an Australian actor known for his roles in The Kissing Booth and Euphoria. Jacob is one of four children born to Melissa from her marriage to John Elordi. While the Aussie lady prefers to keep a low profile, only doing the things that make her happy, we’ve been able to uncover a few things about her.


  • BIRTHPLACE: Queensland, Australia
  • NATIONALITY: Australian
  • ETHNICITY: Basque

Who is Melissa Elordi?

Melissa Elordi was born in Queensland, Australia. Although she has left her date of birth undisclosed, Melissa should be in her 60s as she is believed to have been born not earlier than the 60s.

Regarding her nationality; being born and raised in Australia, Melissa is an Australian by nationality and for her ethnicity, she is reportedly Basque. The Basque ethnic group is a Southwestern European ethnic group in countries like Spain, Canada, the United States, and France. The people are united by their shared common Basque language, culture, and genetic ancestry.

Jacob Elordi’s Mother Has Three Children With Her Husband John Elordi

The celebrity mum is married to the love of her life, John Elordi, and together they have three children. Since Melissa got married and had her children, she opted to remain a full-time housewife and homemaker to have the opportunity to always be there for her kids and husband.

This decision has paid off for her as she has been able to raise a beautiful and loving family. Proving the saying that family always sticks together, Melissa’s family at one point had to move from Brisbane to Melbourne so that her daughter Jalyn could enter the Australian Ballet School and pursue her ballet dancing dream. Besides taking care of her family and keeping them happy, Melissa also tries to take care of herself by living a fit and fulfilling life.

Meet Melissa’s Children; Jalyn, Isabella, and Jacob

Melissa is the proud mom of three grown-up kids; Jalyn Elordi, Isabella Elordi, and Jacob Elordi. While the oldest daughter Jalyn prefers to keep entirely off the internet, the two younger Elordi kids have built an impressive presence on the internet, this is especially true about the family’s only son, Jacob.

Isabella Elordi is a Photographer and Ballet Dancer

  • Year of birth: 1997
  • Age: 27 years old

Although she is not as famous as her brother, Isabella Elordi has built a name for herself as a photographer and ballet dancer. The bond between her and her younger brother Jacob did not wane even after his rise to fame.

She has often been hired as Jacob’s photographer since he started his acting journey. Her Instagram account @isabellelordi has thousands of fans who follow her and love the photographs she always takes.

Jacob Elordi is a Hollywood Actor

  • Date of birth: June 26, 1997
  • Age: 26 years old

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Melissa’s child who earned her the title of celebrity mum is her son, Jacob Elordi. He is a successful Hollywood actor who has featured in many Netflix movies. Jacob’s debut in Hollywood was when he featured in Pirate of the Caribbeans; Dead Men Tell No Tale as an extra.

His fame in the industry, however, is majorly due to his role in the Netflix teen romance franchise, The Kissing Booth which premiered in 2018, he played the character Noah Flynn. Jacob also starred in its sequel, The Kissing Booth 2, which was released in 2020, as well as its subsequent sequel, The Kissing Booth 3. He was also featured in 2 Hearts, Deep Water, Euphoria, and many other movies.

Even with a net worth of $5 Million, Jacob revealed that he still does not feel like an actor. This is because he does not feel as accomplished as he thought he would be. After all, none of his movies have ever been featured in theaters. His fans believe that at 26 years old and with the recognition he has garnered from the movies he has featured in, Jacob still has a lot of opportunities to fulfill his goals.

On the other hand, Melissa Elordi’s son Jacob is very active on social media. His Instagram account @jacobelordi has more than 1 million followers. He has been able to accumulate this much in the few after he gained prominence as an actor.

Melissa Elordi Prefers Living Away From Social Media

Although she is a celebrity mom, Melissa Elordi has chosen to draw little attention to herself, to ensure this she even went as far as privatizing her Instagram account @melissaelordi. Melissa, however, lives a very active life outside social media. She is a known humanitarian who engages in charitable deeds such as feeding hungry street children and extending love to her neighbor.

On the account of how well her children have grown to love themselves and make sacrifices for each other, Melissa has done an amazing job raising a family that loves and sticks together. A lot is being expected from her kids in terms of how far they will go in the industry, but already, they are not disappointing.


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