Lil Kim Height – How Tall is The American Singer?

How tall is Lil Kim? Lil’ Kim’s height is 4 feet 9½ inches as of 2024, approximately 146.1 cm and 1.461 m. Lil’ Kim’s height places her among the short women within and outside the American music industry. Nonetheless, she has a suitable weight of 55 kg and a bold personality that stands her out even when she is not the tallest.

Lil’ Kim’s Bio

  • LIL’ KIM AGE: 49 Years Old
  • BIRTHDAY: July 11, 1974
  • BIRTHPLACE: Bedford-Stuyvesant, Brooklyn, New York
  • BIRTH SIGN: Cancer
  • ETHNICITY: African American
  • HEIGHT: 4 feet 91/2 inches, 146.1 cm, 1.461 m
  • WEIGHT: 55 kg, 121.3 lbs
  • OTHER BODY MEASUREMENT: Bust – 38, Waist –25, Hip – 41 inches

How Tall is Lil’ Kim?

Kim is one of the many rappers that have Lil’ added to their name. However, she is the shortest of all of these rappers, a true reflection of the word Lil’ which is a short form for Little. With a height of 4 feet 9½ inches, Lil’ Kim is among the short women within and outside the industry.

However, she claims that she is 5 feet tall. Since she is just below 5, it is understandable why she would make such a claim. According to research, the average American woman is about 5 feet 4 inches tall. This means that the rapper is 6½ inches shorter than the average American woman.

In Hollywood, the average woman is 5 feet 5 inches tall. So, Lil’ Kim’s height is 7½ inches less than that of the average Hollywood woman.

How Tall is Lil’ Kim Compared to Other Singers?

Given Lil’ Kim’s height of 4 feet 9½ inches, it is very difficult to find another singer whom the rapper is taller than or even the same height. Below are some of her colleagues and how her height compares to theirs.

Lil’ Kim’s Height vs Nicki Minaj’s Height?

The “Hard Core” crooner is nowhere as tall as Nicki Minaj, let alone taller than her. The versatile Trinidadian-born singer and rapper stands at 5 feet 2 inches. So, Nicki is 4½ inches taller than Kim.

How Tall is Lil’ Kim Compared to Cardi B?

Cardi B is 5 feet 3 inches tall. This means that the rapper and reality TV personality is 4 inches taller than Kim. Although she is not among the tallest of women, Cardi B would be visibly taller than Kim if they stood side-by-side.

Lil Kim Height - How Tall is The American Singer?

What is Lil’ Kim’s Height Compared to Queen Latifah?

The talented rapper and actress stands at an impressive 5 feet 10 inches. Hence, Queen Latifah dwarfs Lil’ Kim’s height by a whole 12½ inches. If both of them stood side-by-side, the difference in their height would be very glaring.

Lil’ Kim’s Height Compared to Foxy Brown

Foxy Brown, another American rapper just like Kim is yet again, taller than the latter. Foxy is 5 feet 2 inches tall. This means she is 4½ inches taller than Lil’ Kim.

Lil Kim’s Body Measurements

Lil Kim may not be so tall, but she has a perfect body size that balances just perfectly with her height. She weighs 55 kg or 121 lbs. Her other body measurements include; bust size – 38 inches or 97 cm, waist – 25 inches or 66 cm, hip – 41 inches or 105 cm. The rapper has a very curvy body that is almost impossible to ignore.

Did Lil Kim Get Plastic Surgery?

Yes, Lil’ Kim has had quite a number of surgeries. Although she has not given details of all the surgical procedures that she has undergone, there are speculations that she worked on her face and bust.

The procedure she gave a little detail about was the one done to fix her nose which got broken while she was in an abusive relationship. Lil Kim is said to have done chin and cheek fillers, breast augmentation, eye lifting, etc.

Lil’ Kim’s Height Has Not Diminished Her Confidence

Despite being a very modest 4 feet 9½ inches tall, the rapper has not allowed her height to have any impact on her life. Instead, Lil’ Kim’s height is one of the reasons why she has gained a lot of attention. She tries to promote a “gangsta porno rap” brand through her explicit lyrics and the way she carries herself.

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