Who is Amanda Martin? All About The Iron Resurrection Cast Member

Amanda Martin (born 11th December 1973) is a 50 year-old former banker, businesswoman, and reality television star best known for her appearances in Iron Resurrection on MotorTrend Network. Amanda is alive and well and is set to appear in the fifth season of the reality show, which is currently in its production stage.

The success Amanda has recorded in her professional life is reflected in the reality TV star’s personal life. She has been married to the star of the show, Joe Martin, for several years, and according to reports, the duo are parents to three children, though nothing is known about their kids.

Summary of Amanda Martin’s Biography

  • Full Name: Amanda Jill Keathley
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: 11th December 1973
  • Amanda Martin’s Age: 50 years old
  • Ethnicity: White Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Amanda Martin’s Husband: Joe Martin
  • Amanda Martin’s Children: Three
  • Amanda Martin’s Parents: Zachariah J Keathley Jr. and Sandi Klapp Nafziger
  • Siblings: Three
  • Amanda Martin’s Height in Inches: 5 feet 8 inches
  • Amanda Martin’s Height in Centimetres: 173 cm
  • Amanda Martin’s Weight: 65 kg
  • Body measurements in Inches: 35-24-33
  • Body measurements in Centimetres: 88-60-83
  • Famous For: Being a Realty television star
  • Amanda Martin’s Instagram: @amandamartins_1

How Old is Amanda Martin?

Amanda Martin is currently 50 years old; she was born on December 11th, 1973, in Red Oak, Texas, United States, and needless to say, this is a clear indication of her American nationality. However, Amanda is listed as a White Caucasian. She was given the full moniker Amanda Jill Keathley at birth but adjusted to Amanda Martin after getting married.

Amanda Martin’s parents are Sandi Klapp Nafziger and Zachariah J Keathley Jr. Her father, Zach served in the US Army and is listed as a US Army World War II veteran, though he is already late. The patriarch of the Keathley family died on November 1st, 2006, at the age of 86. The octogenarian, who was born in 1920, died of natural causes. Amanda’s mum, Sandi Klapp Nafziger, is still very much alive, but her career endeavors are not known.

Far from being the only child born to her parents, Amanda Martin shared childhood memories with three siblings, including two sisters – Sandra Keathley and Wendi Blank, and a brother named Zack Keathley; he was named after their late dad.

Amanda Martin’s Education Was in Texas

Growing up in her place of birth, Texas, Martin also went to school in that area. Nothing has been said about her elementary school journey, but when it was time for the American reality TV star to proceed to high school, she chose to enlist with Red Oak High School in Texas.

The year of her graduation is not known, but it is common knowledge that Amanda did not end her academic pursuit at the high school level. The Texan went in pursuit of a Bachelor’s degree, but the name of her university has never been disclosed.

It has been said that she studied a finance-related course, but this is yet to be confirmed. Many believed that this assumption came from the fact that Amanda worked in the financial sector for several fruitful years.

What Does Amanda Martin Do for a Living?

Amanda Martin is a woman of several hats. She has put in many years in the financial sector as a banker, joined her spouse in running their successful automobile business, and is now a television reality star.

She Spent Several Years in Banking

Even before she gained popularity as a reality television star, Amanda was already creating a niche for herself in the financial sector. After she completed her academic pursuit, the TV personality landed her first job in the banking industry. She became a staff of Wells Fargo in Plano, Texas, in 2007.

Though she started to work with the bank at a lower cadre, Amanda Marin wasted no time in scaling through the ranks and rose to the position of manager. The America TV personality left the American multinational financial organization in 2011 after serving the institution for four years.

Amanda was lured away from Wells Fargo with the promise of a bigger pay package and better working conditions at Pioneer Bank, located in Austin, Texas. From her branch manager position in her former company, the Texan was given the post of Assistant Vice President at Pioneer Bank. Coming from a bigger bank like Wells Fargo, Amanda brought a wealth of experience to Pioneer Bank, which saw her promoted within a couple of years.

From Assistant Vice President, Amanda rose to the post of the financial institution’s Vice President of Deposit Operations. She barely held the position for another two years before she became the bank’s Product Manager. All in all, Martin spent six years at Pioneer Bank before she decided to leave in 2017.

At this point in Amanda Martin’s life, the American reality TV star was not looking for a bigger paycheck, nor was she hankering for better working conditions. She just wanted to do something that was totally different from office work.

As luck would have, it was around this time that her husband, Joe Martin emerged as the winner of a television competition that armed him with enough cash and public attention to launch his own business concern.

Amanda Joined Effort with her Husband in Launching a Business

Her husband’s decision to launch his own business was like an answered prayer for Amanda, who was already weary of office work. She immediately cued into the business as her spouse’s partner, and together, they launched Martin Bros Customs.

The name of their business, Martin Bros Customs, is a clear indication that the company is into automobile customizing. The couple’s other specialties include refurbishing or resurrecting old and abandoned vehicles.

Amanda and her spouse are not the sole owners of the company; they took on a third partner who goes by the name Jason Martin. Joe’s close friend, Jayson Arrington, was brought in to champion the marketing unit.

At Martin Bros Customs, they specialize in all kinds of automobiles, including cars, trucks, motorcycles, and more. Unlike Amanda, that came into the automobile refurbishing business newly, her husband Joe has been into it all his adult life. In fact, he has gotten involved in several competitions and won a few.

Joe’s effort in the field has not gone unnoticed, as he has been rewarded with a good number of prestigious awards and accolades.

As their business gathered momentum with the passage of time, the couple considered it ok to embark on an expansion project, and today, they have successfully included a merchandise line to Martin Bros Customs. The couple now markets branded merchandise, including T-shirts and face caps. This particular line of business only became a reality after they launched their own reality TV show, which earned them tremendous popularity.

Together, both the car refurbishing business and the branded merchandise arm of it are doing wonderfully well.

Important to note that the couple’s company plant is located in Johnson City, Texas, where they are currently living.

Amanda became Reality TV Star Through Martin Bros Customs Refurbishing Company

Fortune smiled on Amanda Martin and her spouse, Joe, when MotorTrend Network picked their automobile refurbishing business and converted it into a reality show entitled Iron Resurrection (it was previously called, Velocity).

The first season of the show started airing sometime in 2016, and both Amanda and her husband Joe played starring roles in the show. What to expect on the set of the reality television show is not far removed from what they do on a daily basis at their Martin Bros Customs workshop.

Alongside her other cast members like Jayson (Shag), Amanda Martin goes into town and the countryside in Texas in search of old and abandoned cars and motorcycles. When they find these items, they move them down to their workshop, and the refurbishing process commences. In the reality TV show, they can also receive work from clients who wish to get their cars fixed. Some of the brands of automobiles that celebrities bring into the workshop include Big Red Bobber, a 1973 Pontiac Firebird, and a 1964 Lincoln Continental.

These categories of automobiles are rebuilt and released back to the owners, but when they go seeking for cars to rebuild, the company sells the finished product at auctions.

From 2016 to date, the Iron Resurrection reality television show has completed four seasons successfully, and from the fillers we are getting, the cast and crew are already filming the fifth season.

In the same way that Joe is not new to the car refurbishing business, he is also no stranger to reality television shows. He recorded his debut experience as part of the cast of a reality TV series as far back as 2004. This was when he was seen on Discovery Channel competing in the World Championship Biker Build-Off; Joe emerged as the winner in this particular contest.

Joe obviously brought his wealth of experience in the Iron Resurrection reality TV show, which explains why it is thriving.

Is Amanda Martin Still a Cast Member of Iron Resurrection?

Many fans of the reality television show Iron Resurrection have wondered whether Amanda is still part of the show, and the answer is yes. According to reports, the cast and crew of the MotorTrend Network show started filming for the fifth season after they concluded season four which is yet to be aired.

Joe and Amanda Martin, who are the stars of Iron Resurrection, seem to be thriving in both their professional and personal life. The reality TV couple’s latest preoccupation includes doing extensive work on a dilapidated ’65 Pontiac, refurbishing a ’57 Chevy abandoned in someone’s backyard for more than two decades, and remaking a ’65 Catalina. What this means is that the Martin Bros Customs team has their hands full right now, and this job is going to keep them busy for a very long time.

Away from Iron Resurrection Reality Television Show

Important to note that Amanda Martin’s existence does not start and end with Martin Bros Customs and the Iron Resurrection reality television show. When the celebrity duo is not busy with filming, they do a lot of promotional work for their craft. Amanda and Joe achieve this by attending events related to their trade.

The reality TV couple was spotted at the Devil’s Backbone Tavern-hosted Classic Truck and Motorcycle Show. The duo also graced Classic Truck and Motorcycle Show. The essence of showing up at all these events is to leverage the opportunity to do extensive networking, canvas for new clients, and also get to sell off some of their merchandise.

On a personal note, Amanda Martin is said to be expanding her personal interest by experimenting with new hobbies. Though she is not the type to bring the details of her life to the internet space, reports said Joe Martin’s wife has taken to working out in the gym.

Amanda Had been Married To Joe Martin For Years

Amanda Martin
Amanda and Joe – image source

When Joe and Amanda Martins began appearing on the set of the reality TV show Iron Resurrection, they were already a couple and had been married for several years. However, details like their wedding date have never been disclosed. Also, nothing has been said about the couple’s dating period and how they first crossed paths with each other.

The only fact known about Amanda and Joe’s personal life is that the reality TV power couple currently resides in their Johnson City, Texas home, where they are raising their children and pet dogs.

Amanda Martin’s Children are Three

Being the kind of couple that prefers to keep the details of their personal life under wraps, getting information about Joe and Amanda Martin’s children has proved difficult. However, it was reported that the reality TV power couple share three children.

To date, nothing has been said about the couple’s three kids. Facts like their birth details, age, and academic journey have remained under the shade to date.

The reality TV star is obviously someone who has a soft spot for children. In recent times, it was revealed that Amanda has a nephew called Luke, who is a sufferer of an aggressive form of brain cancer called aplastic glioma. His case was so bad that Dallas Hospital had to turn him away, but St. Jude helped him. Her nephew’s case led Amanda to embark on a fundraising venture for St. Jude, and reports said she raised over $20,000 for the health facility.

The mother of three is also an animal lover. A pet parent, Amanda Martin, keeps four dogs, namely Hazel, Dolly, Blue, and Flea. These canines were rescued dogs, as Martin’s family does a lot of animal rescue. The former banker loves these dogs like her own children, and according to reports, she opened an Instagram account for them. The dogs’ handle is already gathering followers, and Amanda leverages it in posting updates about her pooches.

What Happened to Amanda Martin?

Contrary to what people are saying, nothing happened to Amanda Martin. The former banker, businesswoman, and reality TV star is alive and well. In fact, she is going to be featured in the upcoming 5th season of Iron Resurrection reality TV show as the cast and crew are currently busy with filming.

When she is not on the show, the mother of three gets busy in their Martin Bros Customs workshop. She spends quality time at home being a great mother to her children and also goes for her dog rescue mission, among other endeavors.

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