What is The Highest Snap Score Ever and Who is The Record Holder?

The highest Snapchat snap score currently goes to Mustbecris, who has a snap score of over 320 million. Mustbecris, who is also known as Chris or the King of Snapchat, has maintained his Snapchat top position for a while now.

One of the most widely used social media networks in the world is Snapchat. Users have been racing to earn the highest snap score, thereby sharing their ideas and memories. The person with the highest score is considered to be the most active on Snapchat, with each snap sent or received adding to their total score. Read on as we unfold interesting facts about Snapchat scores.

What is the Highest Snap Score?

The current highest snap score is over 320 million, a score attained by Mustbecris, which he still holds onto. This user has grown this score over the years through his persistence and consistency in sending and receiving content in the app. It is estimated that a user must have given a commitment that requires that over 1,000,000 snaps be sent or received before having over 320 million scores.

How are Snap Scores Graded in Snapchat?

The scores are graded in different categories, and each category shows how often the users make use of the app. For instance, someone who scores between 50,000 and 200,000 can not be in the same category as someone who scores between 200,000 and 400,000. The difference clearly distinguishes the level of consistency devoted to the app.

Here are the Different Categories of Snapchat Scores

  • Regular Users: These are users who score between 1,000 to 50,000
  • Active Participants: They are users between scores of 50,000 to 100,000
  • High-Level Users: They are users between the level of 100,000 to 500,000 scores
  • Significant Users: They are users above 500,000

List of 10 Snapchat Users with the Highest Snap Score

  • Mustbecris – 320 million
  • Dion-19 – 237 million
  • Cris-thisguy – 133 million
  • Michael86l – 29.6 million
  • Ciqlo – 26.6 million
  • Gpierson_20 – 20 million
  • Daydrunks – 20 million
  • Noah Rittle – 13.6 million
  • Jade_rush1 – 10.8 million
  • Dailybrayden123 – 7.2 million

What is Snapchat App Used For?

Snapchat is one of the most popular social media platforms that allows one to send and receive short messages. It is an App that can be installed on a mobile phone or system. The app is also a great means of staying in touch with your circle of friends through your kind of content.

Furthermore, Snapchat gives a snap score to users who are consistent in sending and receiving content on the platform. The score is more like a motivation for all users, as they all strive to achieve a high score.

What is a Snap Score?

Snap Score is a statistic used by Snapchat to gauge platform user engagement. The number of snaps sent and received, tales published, and other actions are what defines it. A user who has a high score is likely to be using the app often and to have a sizable buddy network. It also takes a high level of understanding of the platform to successfully build a Snap Score.

Furthermore, the score is designed to be an assessment numeric system that only appreciates, meaning that it will be very difficult to have one’s snap score to depreciate. Meanwhile, if there is a technical issue that may have caused one’s score to reduce, it is advised such a user should make use of the reported problem in the app.

Factors That Positively Help One Grow Snap Score

There are some factors Snapchat users focus on in trying to build up their scores. Below are some of the factors that help users gain more scores:

  • Consistency in the use of Snapchat
  • The quality of the Snaps uploaded
  • Quantity of Snaps one sends or receives
  • The popularity and consistency of users added and engaged using the Snapchat
  • Frequency in the use of Snapchat
  • Length of SnapStreaks
  • Bonus points for returning back to the App after a long absence from the App.

If all the above-listed factors are strongly adhered to by users they tend to be among users with a high snap score.

What are the Steps to Find Snap Score Using Snapchat?

It will be very difficult for one to find, or even know where to find, the snap score. Following the few steps outlined below, it is very easy to find your score.

  • Navigate to your profile screen and click on the Bitmoji Icon on the screen. Where there is no Bitmoji Icon, one can just click on the circle that is located at the upper left-hand side of the icon on the screen.
  • Ensure you locate your name under the Snapcode image, then have a look in the additional information section, the number that is located between the username and the zodiac sign is the Snapchat Score
  • Then further tap on the Snapchat Score, it will display a set of two numbers which are the number of snaps sent and received

Steps To Find Your Friends Snap Score

Almost everyone using Snapchat is eager to grow their Snap score. To enable more motivation among users, the app provides a means of viewing one’s score, which aids encouragement to a user with a lower snap score to put in more effort. A few steps to find your friend’s score are as follows:

  • Through the camera screen, make swipe toward the right to have the chat window opened.
  • Locate the user you wish to have a look at his score from the user lists
  • Click on the user icon to view the profile
  • The user’s snap score is right there under the user’s name

Can One Hide Snap Score?

In the same way one can assess other people’s snap scores, some Snapchat users will prefer to keep their scores private from other users. Here are the steps to have your snap score hidden from other users:

  • Assess your Snapchat app
  • Click on your profile icon or the Bitmoji icon located at the top-left side of the screen
  • On the profile, click on the icon for settings which is at the top-right side
  • Scroll down to the “who can” section
  • Scroll and Tap on “View My Story” or “See My Score”
  • Click on “Custom” and select “Only Me” to have your Snap score hidden from others.
  • Once you exit from the setting, the score will automatically be hidden from your Snapchat profile


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