Was Denzel Dennis Arrested and Is He In Jail?

Denzel Dennis was not arrested recently. The YouTuber and rapper confirmed that he is not in jail.

While he has cleared the air about the recent rumors about his arrest, it is no secret that Denzel Dennis has had run-ins with the law. His criminal record goes back to 2012 and 2015 when he was briefly arrested. However, the charges were not strong enough to send him to jail.

How Did the Rumors About Denzel Dennis’ Arrest Start

According to the rapper, those who spread the fake news about his alleged arrest in 2022 were just after cheap popularity. A YouTuber named Lurky shared the information, making it sound like the rapper’s arrest was a recent event. That was not the case.

After rumors about his alleged arrest started circulating, Denzel Dennis had to come out to debunk the claims. From the explanation the rapper gave, there was no arrest, at least not in recent times, as rumored by some people.

Dennis claimed he was in jail for just 4 hours in 2015 and that even then, he was falsely accused. As the story goes, he was in the United States Army and served in Germany at the time but was on two weeks break. The police showed up at his house, and he assumed they were looking for his brother who was always involved in one criminal act or the other. However, it was Denzel Dennis they came for.

He was taken away by the police, to his mother’s surprise. However, after thorough investigation and questioning, the charges were dropped as they were wrongly brought upon him. The incident also led to the end of his time in the Army. Denzel has since moved on from the incident and carved a career for himself in another field where his passion lies.

What Was Denzel Dennis’ Charge?

There is no charge against Denzel Dennis in 2022 as claimed by rumors that made the rounds. However, he reportedly has a criminal record that includes two charges. According to reports, he was accused of domestic violence when he was dating a girl in the past.

The rapper was also accused of sexual misconduct with a minor. He was reportedly 21, while his partner was between 11 and 14 years old when the alleged sexual act took place. However, as explained by the YouTuber in one of his videos, he was cleared of all charges.

Right now, Denzel Dennis has no criminal charges trailing him. He is a free man and is probably working on his next music or YouTube video. Many who follow him online love his popular NBA 2K basketball simulation video game series. His first NBA 2K video was posted on the video-sharing platform in 2017, and one of them had the title “Angry Trash Talke.”

Does Denzel Dennis Have a Mugshot?


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In 2015, Denzel Dennis’ mugshot spread online when another YouTuber, Lurky shared it. It was around this time that news about his criminal record began making the rounds. Denzel Dennis responded by making a video with an explanation for his fans.

The rapper was also surprised at how people spread such negativity about him quickly. According to him, those spreading false news about his jail time is just looking for cheap attention and popularity. He assured his fans that he is not in any kind of trouble.

Nevertheless, the mugshot has not stopped appearing randomly online. In recent times, some TikTokers have shared Denzel Denis’ mugshot to gain attention, and the comment section would always reveal that people are already over the news about the alleged arrest. Denzel, on his part, has remained out of media attention for a while.

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