Veronica Bielik Biography And What To Know About The Instagram Model

Veronica Bielik’s looks are not only attractive but also looks impossible to achieve for the average lady out there. The model who initially joined Instagram in 2014 got a lot of fans as she uploaded her fabulous pictures flaunting her well-trimmed physique for the viewing pleasure of all and sundry.

It is also interesting to know that this damsel was not attractive during her formative years. However, Bielik revealed that she made a u-turn and the result is the sexy model we now have. Read her bio and learn other interesting facts about this Polish beauty in this piece.

Veronica Bielik’s Background

Veronica is Bielik is an Instagram model whose birth details show that she was born on the 18th of September 1993 in Lower Silesian Voivodeship, Poland. It is known that the Internet celebrity usually spells her first name as ‘Weronika’. With regards to her parents, there is no available detail about their identities but sources have it that Bielik has a sister who goes by the name Olivia.

Moreso not much has been made public about her educational history aside from the fact that she holds a Masters Degree in Law according to her Instagram page. However, it is known that her journey as an Instagram model commenced in 2014 when Bielik uploaded her picture for the first time on the social media platform.

Veronica Bielik’s Fact Sheet

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What You Need To Know About The Polish Instagram Model

1.  Veronica Bielik is a high profile Instagram model

Since she joined the bandwagon of Instagram models, Veronica Bielik has seen her career soar to greater heights and it’s evident with her huge fan base of over 2 million followers on Instagram. Moreso, she is known to represent brands like Women’s Best a food supplement firm, and the energy drink firm called Monster Energy.

2. Plastic surgery controversy

Being a public image, no issue is off limit and the same applied to the Polish model as rumors have it that she enhanced her looks to better fit her image of a model.  It eventually turned out to be true as Bielik confirmed that she did plastic surgery especially on her boobs and her reasons were because of her job as a model.

On the other hand, in a post the Nordic model made on Instagram sometime in January 2017, she gave a lot of insight into how she was able to totally transform herself to be someone we all admire today. As a 16-year-old, Veronica cared less about how she looked, what she wore, ate and her shape. However, when she turned 19, she made life-changing decisions (losing fat, eating right, and working out) that she has lived by since then. The result is the charming Instagram model we all admire today.

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16 YO v 23 YO I always had a bigger butt than rest of my body. First pictures comes directly from my sister's Facebook, added there 7 years ago. When I was 16 I ate only junky food, didn't workout at all, even at school and didn't take care about anything – skin, hair, etc. I didn't wear skirts, shorts. I hated bikini. I wore only clothes which were hidding my shape. I changed everything when I was 19. Because with every year it was more and more difficult to change my habits. First I lost some fat. It was quite easy when I got knowledge what I should eat to lose weight and not starve at the same time. For last 4 years I am focused on my butt because I hated it. Without muscles it looked just weird. After isolated exercises it rosed up and rounded up. My proprtions also have changed. It was a long journey but absolutely worth the effort. No, I don't have implants. Of course genetic matters. But it is about 20% of success. Rest of it is your hard work. . Happy Saturday 🐵

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3. Bielik still believes in natural looks

It is known that the Instagram model does a question and answer time on her page where she reaches out to young girls to embrace their natural looks. Notably, she told a guy who wanted his partner to have her looks that if his love is based on her looks, he actually does not love the girl.

Veronica Bielik added that most of her pictures are taken with optimum care to get the right effects as a model, sometimes she hardly eats and even uses apps to make her stomach look flatter. However, for other girls, this is not the case as they embrace their natural looks which they flaunt bravely.

Although some people call her a hypocrite for giving advice and not living by it, Bielik still has fans that love her wise words on embracing their natural side.

4. She is friends with Renata Kaczoruk

As a model, it is only ideal for Veronica Bielik to have a close circle of her fellow colleagues and this is where the popular Polish model Renata Kaczoruk falls. The lady who is in her early thirties is indeed someone the upcoming model should look up to. Renata has not only graced the covers of notable publications which include the likes of Elle, but she has also worked with top fashion icons too. Moreso, she is known to have a very impressive social media followership with her various pages having tons of followers.

5. Veronica Bielik’s body stats

It is no secret that the Polish model got a lot of attention when she launched into Instagram as a result of her physique. Bielik whose waist is very small when compared to her bust is often seen flaunting them in very sexy wares on her page. However, she revealed that she has not been so bold about exposing her body as she was shy of her looks while growing up. She mainly wore big clothes to cover her shape but started her body transformation by losing some weight and then worked out to enhance her looks.

Veronica Bielik’s body stats now read 35-23-35 which represent her 35 inches bust, 23 inches waist and a hip size of 35 inches. The model is also known for her dark brown hair which complements her brown colored eyes.

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