Truth About Freddie Mercury’s Teeth That Gave Him His Unique Smile

Freddie Mercury’s unique smile is a result of his four additional teeth. He has four additional front teeth that are significantly larger than average. His teeth have so far gained him global recognition and earned him the moniker, Freddie Mercury overbite.

The British singer was well-known for playing lead vocals for the rock group known as Queen. In terms of rock music, he was recognized as one of the best singers ever due to his four-octave vocal range and flashy stage presence. However, so far, his four additional incisors and their effects have attracted much curiosity from the public and earned him more fame.

Did Freddie Mercury Have Extra Teeth?

Yes, Freddie Mercury had extra teeth, also known as mesiodens. Mesiodens are a rare disorder that can lead to a number of problems since the top and lower teeth don’t line up properly.

In Mercury’s case, the extra incisors resulted in overcrowding, which shoved his front teeth forward and gave him what is now well known as the Freddie Mercury overbite.

How Many Teeth Did Freddie Mercury Have?

It is true that Mercury had four additional teeth in his upper jaw, resulting in an overbite. The singer’s odd teeth sparked several discussions and even conspiracies. Some of these were sparked by Freddie himself, as he purposely refused to have his teeth corrected out of concern that he might lose his voice.

Why Did His Teeth Make His Smile Unique?

His front teeth were significantly larger than normal, which is why it looks like he had a very unique smile. They only replaced his smile and made his protrusion the center of attention.

In fact, Freddie Mercury’s teeth received significantly more attention than his other physical features because of the extra teeth he possessed due to crowding and overbite. His teeth stood out noticeably and whenever he smiled, it appeared as though they were engulfing the majority of his face.

Freddie Mercury Felt Embarrassed About His Teeth Some Times

According to some reports, Freddie’s personal assistant, Peter Freestone, disclosed that he sometimes felt embarrassed about his teeth. He stated that the vocalist usually covered his teeth with the upper part of his lip or palm when he is on TV. Being that he is self-conscious of his overbite, his fans also claimed that his famous moustache served as a technique to hide his overbite.

When Freddie, whose birth name was Farrokh Bulsara, was a youngster, he had to put up with a lot of taunting as a result of his teeth. At the time, he went by the moniker ‘Bucky.’ Ironically, he never consented to dental work to straighten his teeth for reasons you will discover below.

Why Did He Decide Not To Get His Teeth Fixed?

Many people expected Mercury to mend his smile after he became famous, but he made no such effort. He could have easily afforded to have his teeth straightened because he had the money, but he chose not to do so (Meanwhile, he had a net worth of $60 million at the time of his death in 1991). However, it was logical that he would choose to ignore his teeth, given that they had already come to represent him.

Freddie Mercury also chose to leave his teeth the way they were because he was scared that he might lose his magic voice. Few singers have the ability to go from a low growl to a dazzling coloratura, but Mercury had an unusual four-octave vocal range. He could sing with a tenor high F range and produce more layers of harmony than anyone else.

He claimed in “Bohemian Rhapsody” that the large oral cavity needed to accommodate his extra teeth was what gave him his distinctive voice. However, this is just conjecture and many dental experts today concur that his voice was unrelated to his dental health and did not result from his extra teeth.


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