Tony Dokoupil Biography, Age, Wife, Relationship With Katy Tur

Tony Dokoupil
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Tony Dokoupil is one of those seasoned Television Journalists in America who make news reporting a lot more interesting especially in a time when watching the news via mainstream media is on a steady decline. Tony has worked with a good number of news stations including the highly rated NBC News and MSNBC news channel, he then moved on to work with CBS News as a correspondent and still does the job currently. Fortunately for him, just like his carer, he has a steady-going relationship that shows no signs of slowing down any time soon. Here are more interesting facts you should know about him.

Tony Dokoupil’s Biography, Age

Tony Dokoupil, was born in 1981 to parents, Ann Dokoupil and Anthony Edward Dokoupil, in Miami. More information about his birth month is unknown. However, his childhood was one of a bittersweet experience. When he was just seven years old, he usually would accompany his mum on visits to Albuquerque and Florida, a journey which also doubled as a road trip for him. While on the trip, he usually would get the chance to visit the Petrified Forest National Park and buy fossils.

By the time he was nine years old, he was enrolled into the same private school as the grandchildren of former United States President, George H.W. Bush, made expensive trips to the Caribean and lived in a condo. This made him think that his father was a big business tycoon or into real estate. Unfortunately, he got to learn some ugly truths about his family soon enough. He would later learn that those frequent trips he made with his mother were done to go collect drug monies that were stashed away.

Before Tony Dokoupil clocked ten, his father’s drug addiction had spiraled out of control making him abandon his wife and kids. This, in turn, affected the family’s income and forced Tony’s mum to raise him by herself. They later had to evacuate the expensive condo to go live in a more modest apartment in Maryland. Tony Dokoupil became a graduate school dropout who became a marijuana smuggler. He did this for over a decade where he made and lost millions in the process.

For his university education in the year 1999, Tony attended the George Washington University School of Business. where he majored in both communications and marketing. Having fulfilled all it takes to earn a university degree, he graduated with a double major in the year 2003. He then proceeded to earn a masters degree at Columbia University in 2004. The following year he earned himself another master’s degree this time in American studies. He also earned himself a well deserve Ph.D. in media studies.


Tony Dokoupil began his career as a journalist first by working with the NBC News, a station where he ended up spending three years. He later moved on to MSNBC where he became a reporter. He then got promoted to become the lead reporter in the network. On the job, he got the invaluable chance to cover a good number of juicy national stories such as the Presidential primaries, the Paris Climate Change Agreement, the armed occupation of federal land in Oregan, and the Flint Water Crisis.

More opportunities came through for Tony Dokoupil to be featured on a wide variety of shows including; the CBS Sunday MorningFresh AirMorning EditionCNNToday Show20/20, and MSNBC. In 2014, his book titled, The Last Pirate was published. After having a good run at MSNBC, Tony Dokoupil joined CBS News as a correspondent.

Relationship With Katy Tur

Tony Dokoupil

Tony Dokoupil is well off the market and he has been so for a while now. He first met his would be spouse and partner, Katy Bear Tur, in the makeup room at MSNBC, where Tony used to be an employee in 2015. Katy Tur is a journalist currently working as a correspondent for NBC News.

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They soon began dating and by the 28th of January 2017, they were both engaged to be married after Tony popped the question while they were on a date in New York. It was also revealed that their engagement would have happened much earlier than it did but due to Kate’s extremely busy schedules, Tony held on till it became convenient.

The pair wasted no time planning the wedding and to the surprise of many friends and family, the ceremony was held in October 2017, in the middle of the Utah desert with no flowers or expensive decor in sight, just visible earth. More so, it was revealed that the couple strategically selected a spot for the wedding where there were no network signals. This was to ensure that invited guests paid attention to the wedding without having to think or discuss politics. Since their union, the couple hardly makes any public appearance together as they are comfortable without the prying eyes of the public in their marital lives.