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Moving on from the 90s the rap music industry has continued to expand in the diversity of artists it produces and accommodates. It is easy to find emcees that are weird or troublesome, controversial or talented. Tekashi69 is a rare embodiment of all these attributes. He has grown from a budding rap artist to a real established name at least in his city of New York, where he has experienced the joys of a sold out concert. He has collaborated with names like Trippie Redd and Fetty Wap.

Tekashi69 Wiki, Bio, Age, Family, Ethnicity

Perhaps his multiferous nature stems from his heritage. His mother is Mexican American, while his father is Puerto Rican. The Brooklyn rapper was born Daniel Hernandez on May 8, 1996. Interestingly, his musical influences did not start with rap music. He grew up listening to heavy metal groups like Parkway Drive and All That Remains.

Daniel’s life would take a turn for the worse when his father died. He was just 13 at the time and had to do some work to support his mother. He became a lot of things including a bus boy, putting in work at a bodega and weed peddling. By this time, he had already dropped out of school in the 8th grade when he was expelled. Thankfully, this didn’t devolve further into a life of crime. After being inspired by the rapper RondoNumbaNine, and a few of his friends. His professional career kicked off with him doing a collaboration with Bodega Bamz who had nothing but praise for the newcomer.

Music Career

He was known at the beginning of his career for crafting well thought out music videos with crazy outfits, outstanding visual effects and themes on a low budget. These efforts added immensely to his success.

6ix9ine’s early singles – like Yokai, Hellsing Station and Gummo – have created something of a movement. They have received millions of views and listens on YouTube and SoundCloud respectively. Gummo in particular charted on the Billboard Hot 100. Since Gummo, two other songs Kooda and Keke have also found their way to the Billboard Top 100.

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Considering when his songs started buzzing, Teka$hi69 was a latecomer to the SoundCloud and YouTube platforms. His lack of an official account on these platforms meant he had to be releasing videos exclusively through F*ckthem, a Slovakian label.

In 2017, during the spring he embarked on his debut tour of Europe and has built his SoundCloud following to over 180,000 followers and counting. He has also released the videos for Gummo and Kooda. Gummo was produced by Pi’erre Bourne and has been viewed over 100 miliion times since its release on October 8, 2017. On December 3. 2018, the song Kooda followed suit with the song and music video.

Tekashi69 and Trippie ReddJanuary 14, 2018, saw the release of Keke on YouTube. He collaborated with A Boogie wit da Hoodie and Fetty Wap on the track. Tekashi69’s musical approach has been described as full-throated and hyper-aggressive. He used to be under the label EG Entertainment, a subsidiary of Universal Music Group. However, he would later sign a multi-million dollar deal to Interscope Records.

One look at Tekashi will make his love for tattoos very evident. His skin is littered with them, but one of them in particular stands out. He has the number “69” tattoed on his body over 200 times, according to the rapper. He also has it written on his face, in figures and words. According to the emcee, 69 is representative of his lifestyle. He is a solid supporter of scumgang. Scum means “society can’t understand me”. The whole idea of his life’s philosophy is to stand up for the people who cannot stand up for themselves.

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He exemplified this when he was involved in the New York walk for AIDS some of his friends who were suffering from the disease. Hernandez even has a “HIV” tattoo on his back in honor of them. He is also putting plans together to manufacture and introduce his own line of condoms to the market.

Hernandez has had his bad times too. His last straw was when he was arrested for selling heroine in front of a store and beating up the store owner. He escaped a lengthy sentence at the time because he was a minor. He was also implicated in a sexual abuse case with a minor in 2017.

Is Tekashi69 Gay or Is he Dating?

Tekashi69 hasn’t really been in any serious relationships that anyone knows of. According to the rapper, he says that while he has been in a string of short-term relationships, he broke up with all of them because they were never serious. However, he has a daughter from one of those relationships. Nothing further is known about the mother or daughter.

In November 2017, the rapper Trippie Redd who once collaborated with 69, accused him on Instagram of attacking him at one time while he was in New York. He proceeded with the insults calling Tekashi a ‘weirdo’, a ‘racist’ and a ‘homosexual’. In his reply, Tekashi69 feigned concern for the rapper and asked him to go put an icepack on his chin and stop pretending to be a gangster.

Trippie became livid and more specific with his cussing. He accused 69 of being the gay porn star Apache Blu and even distributed some pictures of Apache in the act of sex. It was later proven that Apache and Tekashi were two different people.

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