Unveiled Facts About Tamron Hall’s Married Life With Husband, Steve Greener

Tamron Hall is a well-known broadcaster and journalist who has been on television for several decades. The Temple University graduate worked at NBC for over ten years and left in 2017, she is presently the host of a self-titled syndicated daytime talk show. Most celebrities do not have the luxury of keeping their relationships off the public eye, and the constant attention they get can take a toll on a budding relationship if not well managed. Hall was well aware of this and for a long time kept her love life private; thankfully, she has been lucky enough to find fulfilment in her personal life as she’s with someone she considers her greatest and deepest love, her husband Steve Greener, a music executive whom she married in 2019.

Tamron Hall First Revealed She Was In A Relationship On Steve Harvey’s Show

With success comes a growing interest in one’s life beyond what they do professionally. For years, Tamron Hall kept details of what was going on in her love life private. Hall’s phobia for sharing too much about her love life increased in 2004 after her sister Renate died from an abusive relationship. This had also made her scared of divorce as she publicly revealed that she had twice backed out of getting married after having been engaged.

Back in 2012, when news began to make the rounds that she was dating her colleague Lawrence O’Donnell after they were frequently snapped together in public, neither Hall nor O’Donnell commented on the speculations. The only person that Hall had ever come close to admitting to having something with was the late musician Prince who used a picture of Tamron for his song “If I Could Get Your Attention,” but that was a long time ago, so, many remained in the dark when it came to whom Tamron Hall was dating until 2017 when she mentioned to Steve Harvey that she was seeing someone.

Harvey had asked when she was getting married to which Hall responded that she was already seeing someone. However, she did not give too many details away as she only revealed that the person was in the entertainment industry.

Hall Revealed Her Marriage To Greener To The Shock Of Many

Fast forward to the 4th of March 2019, Tamron Hall shocked fans when she revealed that she was not only married but pregnant as well. It was the first time she was revealing this and it came as a shock to many. Although she revealed in a sit-down with Steve Harvey in 2017 that she had a boyfriend whose identity she did not reveal, no one imagined things would progress so rapidly with the love birds.

In the message posted to Instagram, Hall said that she was 32 weeks pregnant and had deliberately kept the news of her pregnancy away from the public due to the complications she had with it, she was only confident to reveal it after her doctor told her that she was “in a safe place.”

Hall concluded that Instagram post by revealing that she would share more details about her baby in the coming weeks, she not only did that but also revealed details about her relationship with the man that she now calls husband.

In her words to People, Tamron Hall revealed that they had been friends for several years before they began dating in February 2017 after she left NBC. She said Steven Greener was the first man she began dating after leaving NBC and that this made it easy on the relationship as she had more time to dedicate to the relationship and that Greener was the first person she was dating who did not have to turn on the TV to see her.

Hall also added that she and Greener had been friends for many years and they frequently ran into each other, but that because Steven was a shy guy, she was not sure that he was hitting on her and only thought that he was being friendly. She also added that leaving NBC and having more time on her hands gave her the opportunity to see Greener more clearly.

Hall has also revealed that Steve Greener proposed to her before she got pregnant and that they got married in an intimate ceremony that took place in their home. The TV host also said that the reason she kept her relationships private was because she knew that she would one day be married and that she did not want the man she would finally marry to have to see clips of her gushing over someone that she previously dated. She also debunked claims that she was being secretive about her husband, saying that people mistake privacy for secrecy and that there was a difference between the two as she went out publicly with Greener but that her relationship was just privacy she needed to protect.

The Couple Is Raising Their Son Moses In A Multi-Religious Home 

A month after her big announcement on Instagram, Tamron Hall and her husband Steve Greener welcomed their son Moses on the 25th of April 2019. He weighed 6lbs., 4 oz. and is the first child for both Hall and Greener who told People that he never believed that he would be a father. Hall had their son through IVF.

Tamron grew up in a predominantly black neighborhood in Texas. Referring to that, she revealed that she never imagined she was going to end up marrying a white man. But then, love happened. The couple continues to put up a united front in surmounting any obstacle they might face in being together and raising their son.

When Moses was born, the couple had a bris at their house – a Jewish ceremony of circumcision, additionally, they also took the boy to Hall’s mother’s Southern Baptist church in Texas where a Christening/Confirmation was done for him. Hall has revealed that they want to raise their son in a traditional way, teaching him the combined experiences they’ve had.

Hall’s Husband Steven Greener Is A Music Executive

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Hall’s husband Steven Greener works as a partner and Head of Music Talent at Primary Wave Entertainment. The music company has on its rooster several big acts including Fantasia, Cee Lo Green, Brandy, Cypress Hill, Melissa Etheridge, and several others. Greener began his career working alongside Benny Medina and managing Will Smith, in addition to music, he has produced many films.

Beyond his work, Steve Greener is also a family man. He gushed to People about his wife Hall calling her the most authentic, loving, honest, caring he has ever known. He added that the best part of marriage and fatherhood was knowing that he is in a place where he was always meant to be. He is also a Yankee’s fan.

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