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Rhyno is not only a wrestler but also a politician and actor. His fame was born, however, from his exploits in the wrestling ring. He has competed under various franchises including WWE, ECW, TNA, WCW, and ROH (Ring of Honor).

The Man Beast, as he is so-called, is famed for his fighting style – the Gore – in which he rams through opponents like a raving beast. Having achieved success in the ring, Rhyno tried his hands in politics at the Michigan state level but his bid was unsuccessful. He is presently wrestling in the WWE’s Smackdown Live!

Early Life and Rise to Fame

Rhyno was born Terrance Guido Gerin on October 7, 1975, in Detroit, Michigan. He grew up in Detroit where he lost his father, Rhyno was only fourteen years old. He was left with his mother who struggled to pull the family though as she worked three jobs to provide food for Rhyno and his other two brothers – Jim and Ron Gerin.

His website (which was taken down after the 2016 election in which he ran for Michigan State House of Representatives and lost) stated that his grandparents were Italian immigrants who moved from their country (Italy) to the United States and settled in Dearborn in 1953.

While growing up, Rhyno and his brothers looked forward to spending the weekends at their grandparents home in Dearborn where they would eat home-made Italian meals and watch wrestling matches on TV. That was where his love for the sport grew and he hoped to become a wrestler someday. Back at home, things where not all rosy and he would do small jobs such as deliver newspapers and also work at restaurants while going to school all in an effort to support his mother.

The WWE star attended Annapolis High School in Dearborn Heights where he played football for the schools’ football team. He also joined the schools’ wrestling team. While in high school, Rhyno’s love for wrestling grew stronger, inspiring him to forgo football after graduating from high school to undergo training in wrestling as he sought to make a career out of the sport. He enrolled at the Can-Am Wrestling School in Windsor, Ontario, where he was groomed by Scott D’Amore.

Rhyno’s WWE Profile

The Michigan-born wrestler started his wrestling career from the ground and rose steadily in a career that has spanned over twenty years. He began by fighting in Canada for independent circuits in 1994, which was where he met and became friends with Edge (Adam Joseph Copeland) and Christian (William Jason Reso). He wrestled then with the ring name, Terry Richards. From 1998 to 2001, after signing up for the Extreme Championship Wrestling (ECW), Rhyno shot himself to nationwide reckoning with a bullish performance in the ECW where he fought and defeated long-standing icons and household names such as The Sandman and Raven.

In 2000, he won the ECW Television Championship after he defeated Yoshihiro Tajiri – a title which he held for a while as he successfully defended it against Spike Dudley, Mikey Whipwreck, Rob Van Dam, Jerry Lynn, and New Jack. Rhyno earned the nickname “The Man Beast” for the way he takes his opponents out. He made history in April 2001 by defeating The Sandman to claim the World Heavyweight Championship title in addition to the World Television Championship he held, thus, becoming the first ECW wrestler to win the two championship titles. With ECW folding in the same month, Rhyno debuted in WWE where he teamed up with old friends Edge and Christian (together with Kurt Angle) to form Team RECK.

Rhyno and Heath Slater (Image Source)

He fought Chris Jericho for dishonoring Stephanie McMahon, defeating him in honor of the ECW owner. Having worked in the Total Nonstop Action (TNA) Wrestling, Juggalo Championship Wrestling (JCW), New Japan Pro Wrestling (NJPW), Resistance Pro Wrestling (RPW), Universal Championship Wrestling (UCW), and other independent circuits, The Man Beast returned to the WWE in 2015 and wrestled in NXT in an unexpected appearance. He defeated Elias Samson with a Gore as he made his debut and remained a constant fixture until he moved up the main roster in 2016. He would later sign up with SmackDown LIVE and form a deadly tag team with Heath Slater as they went on to become first-ever SmackDown Tag Team Champions.

Everything You Need To Know About Rhyno

Disregarding wrestling, Rhyno has tried his hands in American politics. He announced his intentions to run for a seat in the state of Michigan House of Representatives – a seat that represents Dearborn and Dearborn Heights, Monroe, Taylor, Romulus, and parts of Ann Arbor – on March 4, 2016.

The wrestler was inspired to run for the office following the inability of the then incumbent, George Darany of the Democratic Party to seek re-election having sat out the constitutionally allowed term limit. He started off on a fine foot by winning the Republican Primary vote, defeating more politically inclined Republican party members when the result was announced on August 2, 2016.

Rhyno’s passion for politics, according to him, was triggered by his quest to see better funding for the 15th District. He said while the money was not the problem, that there is a need for it to be channeled towards the areas of needs such as places in dire need of better roads. He also highlighted the issue of giving teachers more freedom to do their duties in the classroom. As posted on his now-defunct website, Rhyno’s motivation for going into politics was his “love for the world and American history”.

He was, however, defeated in the November 2016 polls. While the Democratic candidate,  Abdullah Hammoud, polled a total of 18,097 votes in the election, he (Rhyno) polled a total of 9,999 vote – losing with a fine margin of 8,098 votes.

Married Life – Wife

Information about his married life is very close to Rhyno’s chest with very scanty details here and there on the internet. However, we know that Rhyno has been married even though it may not seem to be the case now. Sources reveal that Rhyno was married to Mirja Gerin in 1997. Details of their marriage are not known but we know there was a marriage at some point.

Meanwhile, WWE sources have it that Rhyno was fired from the franchise in April 2005 because of his verbal exchange with his wife backstage which led to him smashing a potted plant on the ground. This goes to prove that he was still married at the time. And, he has talked about the incident in several interviews while mentioning that he filed for a divorce and had a draining legal battle for custody. “Custody battle” would suggest that there was at least, one child from the marriage which has now been annulled because he constantly refers to the fact that he is friends with his “ex-wife”.

No name is given for his children (if they are more than one) neither is there a hint that he is married again or in another relationship. So, it is safe to say that, Rhyno is a divorcee and currently single.

Quick Facts About The Wrestler

Real Name: Terrance Guido Gerin

Nickname: Rhino, Rhyno, The Man Beast

Profession: Wrestler, Politician, Actor

Birthday: October 7, 1975

Birth Place: Detroit, Michigan

Nationality: American

Ethnicity: White

Zodiac Sign: Libra

Height: 1.78 m

Weight: 134 kg

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