Nicole Franzel Biography and Net Worth of The Big Brother Star

Nicole Franzel is an American TV personality who became popular for her participation in the Big Brother show, not once, but thrice, and thanks to this, she is almost a millionaire with an estimated net worth of between $500,000 and $800,000.

Reality television shows such as Big Brother have continued to gain attention decades after its inception primarily because of the fun and drama that comes with bringing strangers together under the same roof for a specified period of time. The show is no doubt one of the biggest names in reality TV and among the people who have gained fame from it is Nicole Franzel.

Nicole Franzel Profile Summary

  • Birth Name: Nicole Ann Franzel
  • Date of Birth: June 30, 1992
  • Age: 30 Year Old
  • Sun Sign: Cancer
  • Place of Birth: Ubly, Huron County, Michigan, United States
  • Nationality: American
  • Ethnicity: White
  • Height: 5 ft 4 in or 162.5 cm
  • Weight: 55 kg or 121 lbs
  • Hair Color: Blonde
  • Eye Color: Green
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Husband: Victor Arroyo
  • Children: Victor ‘Arrow’ Arroyo IV
  • Father: Dave Franzel
  • Mother: Jennifer Franzel
  • Education: Ubly High School, Saginaw Valley State University
  • Occupation: TV Personality, ER Nurse
  • Residence: Ubly, Huron County, Michigan, United States

Nicole Franzel Is A Native Of Ubly, Michigan

Born Nicole Ann Franzel-Arroyo in Ubly, Michigan, the United States, the 30-year-old reality TV star celebrates her birth on the 30th of June every year. She is the daughter of a couple named Dave Franzel and Jennifer Franzel and has just one known sibling named Jesse Franzel.

Although Nicole’s appearance on Big Brother put her in the limelight, she has been able to keep a lot of information about her under wraps, especially details about her family and childhood. However, she obviously comes from a loving and supportive family that seems to be super proud of them as she celebrates them often on social media.

Nicole had her high school education at Ubly High School and while there, she was part of the women’s basketball team. Upon her graduation from high school, she continued her education at Saginaw Valley State University from where she graduated in 2014 with a Bachelor’s degree in Emergency Room Nursing.

Her Participation in The Big Brother Show Brought Her Fame

Famous for her appearances and subsequent win at the Big Brother house, Nicole’s age and charisma endeared her to the audience and fellow housemates when she first took part in the show. Her Big Brother journey began in 2014 with Big Brother 16 and at the time, she was the second-youngest contestant in the house. While she did not win the coveted title, she did leave a remarkable impression on the audience and fellow contestants, especially for someone who was making her debut in the entertainment industry.

Big Brother 16

In the course of her first participation in the Big Brother reality show, Franzel toughened the competition in the house and proceeded to win the Head of Household thrice – in weeks 3, 6, and 7. However, she was demoted twice as Head of Household because the rules of the Battle of the Block have it that should two of her nominees win safety, she would lose her position.

The Battle of the Block also enabled her to win safety from eviction in weeks 2 and 5. She was unfortunately evicted on Day 56 on a vote of 6-0. She apparently became a third member of the jury and made history as the first Big Brother contestant to win Head of Household, get unseated, and evicted in the same week.

Nicole Franzel
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Franzel won her way back to the house with her victory in the Battle Back competition on Day 63 which allowed one of the first four jurors to get back into the house. She was nominated for the sixth consecutive time as the fifth member of the jury but was re-evicted at the same time. Despite her eviction, she voted for Derrick Levasseur on the finale night to win the Big Brother 16 prize.

While in the house, she was among the top three contestants with the highest number of votes in the competition for “America’s Favorite Houseguest”. Others in her rank were Zach Rance and Donny Thompson. However, Donny Thompson ultimately won the prize.

Although Nicole Franzel did not win the ultimate prize, she won the admiration of the audience in addition to winning the heart of fellow houseguest, Hayden Voss. All through the show, the couple kept viewers entertained with their love and their relationship blossomed even beyond the Big Brother show. They remained together from September 2014 to early 2016.

Big Brother 18

Having found fame in 2014, Nicole returned as a houseguest in 2016 for the eighteenth edition of the American Big Brother reality show. Other returnee houseguests on the show were Frank Eudy, Da’vonne Rogers, and James Huling. She was Head of Household twice on the show, in weeks 1 and 10 respectively.

She equally won the Power of Veto in weeks 10 and 12. As a returnee houseguest, Nicole was able to build on the mistakes that led to her eviction in the sixteenth edition and it proved successful because she was not nominated for eviction until towards the end of the show. She, however, survived the eviction.

Franzel made it to the third and last stage of the show, competing against Paul Abrahamian. Although Abrahamian beat her, he decided to bring her to the Final Two. Unfortunately for Paul, she defeated him on a vote of 5-4 to become the first female to beat a male houseguest in the Final Two and winner of the Big Brother 18 prize.

Nicole also found love again in the house after breaking up with her boyfriend and former co-houseguest in Big Brother 16. Her Big Brother 18 flame was Corey Brooks and they dated for only three months. She also returned to host the first Head of Household competition in Big Brother 19 but not as a houseguest.

Taking home the prize for Big Brother 18 was not Franzel’s only win on the show as she was to find lasting love in the house. This was after her brief relationship with Brooks. She won the heart of America’s Favourite Houseguest on the show, Victor Arroyo. The duo officially became a thing during Big Brother 19 when Victor announced their relationship.

Their love continued to blossom with their fans hoping for a happily ever after for the couple. Well, their wishes came true as Victor proposed to Franzel on Big Brother 20 special edition. Franzel accepted his proposal and they got married in October 2020 on March 16, 2021, in an intimate ceremony that took place at Orange Lake, California.

Big Brother 22 All-Stars 2

Nicole Franzel was once again a house guest in the Big Brother house in 2020. She returned for the twenty-second edition of the show, which was an all-stars edition, with 15 other houseguests. Ian Terry, the winner of Big Brother14, was also in the house. In the 10th week of the show, Franzel won her first and only Veto of Power and Head of Household competitions. She won the first stage of the three-part Final Head of Household contest against Cody Calafiore and Enzo Palumbo. She also competed against Cody Calafiore on the finale night of the show but was defeated by a point. Calafiore put her up for eviction and placed her in third place in the competition. She, however, voted for Calafiore to win and he did win the Big Brother 22 prize.

Following her return to the Big Brother house in 2020, Nicole Franzel became the houseguest to have spent the most days in the Big Brother house with 255 days.

Nicole Franzel Also Participated in The Amazing Race 31 Reality TV Show

Before she participated in Big Brother 22, Nicole Franzel was already an established reality star with her historic stay in the Big Brother House two seasons before. This qualified her to be a part of season 31 of The Amazing Race which aired in 2019. The 31st edition of the show was made up of contestants who have at some point been competitors in other CBS reality shows, including Big Brother, Survivor, and The Amazing Race.

The season featured a total of eleven teams of two and Nicole teamed up with her fellow Big Brother 18 houseguest-turned-husband, Victor Arroyo, in a race around the world for a grand prize of US$1 million. Together, they came fourth place overall. They were also the last team standing from the selection of those that had never been on The Amazing Race.

Key Takeaways
  • Nicole enjoys sporting activities and as such, played basketball in high school
  • She is a certified ER nurse.
  • She is the winner of Big Brother 18
  • During her time on Big Brother 16, Nicole dated fellow houseguest Hayden Voss. During the 18th season of the show, she dated Corey Brooks.
  • She began dating fellow Big Brother 18 houseguest Victor Arroyo in early 2017, got engaged to him on September 8, 2018, and married him on March 16, 2021.
  • She welcomed her first child, Victor ‘Arrow’ Arroyo IV, in July 2021.
  • The reality star is a podcaster. She hosts a podcast show called Coco Caliente with her husband.
  • She is very active on social media.

Breakdown of Nicole Franzel’s Net Worth

Nicole Franzel’s net worth is reported to be between $500,000 and $800,000. Her major source of income remains her TV appearances, especially the Big Brother show. She went home with a $500,000 cash prize when she won Big Brother 18.

She also earned on all the seasons she appeared on. It has been speculated that houseguests on the Big Brother show get stipends up to $1000 depending on how long a houseguest stays in the house and Franzel has spent a record 255 days in the house.

She made an estimated $50,000 in the Big Brother 22 All-Stars show. Her time on The Amazing Race with her then-boyfriend now-husband boosted her bank account too although it is not known how much she made on the show.

The reality star is multitalented and as such has multiple streams of income. She co-hosts a podcast known as Coco Caliente with her husband. It is not known to the public how much she makes from her podcasts but it must be good enough to keep up with it despite her busy schedules as a celebrity mum.

Coco provides discount codes for shopping from selected companies and stores. Shoppers using these codes get a discount and Franzel is believed to get a certain percentage from such sales. The companies featured in this partnership include Brooklinen, Framebridge, FabFitFun, Native, Warby Parker, Zola, and Thirdlove.

Nicole is also business-minded and puts her celebrity status to good use. She is a social media influencer. She partners with leading companies to undertake paid promotions for their products. Such companies are Olay, FabFitFun, Good American, CVS Pharmacy, EyeBuyDirect, Walgreens, Michelle Winery, and Chateau Ste.

Social media influencers are estimated to earn about $1000 for a post for every 100,000 followers. Now, this is a whole lot of money from just posting on social media. There may be contractual fees paid by these companies besides the money generated from social media posts.

Franzel’s Instagram account @coconuts_ has well over 791,000 followers and if the $1000 per 100,000 followers pay for posts is true, then she makes more than $7000 for each promotion she makes. This is a mega sum. Additionally, Nicole sells branded products such as T-Shirts and mugs online. She has also made appearances in The Bold and the Beautiful and The Talk.

Though known as a television personality, Nicole Franzel is also a registered nurse. This often comes to many as a surprise as she is able to conveniently combine being a celebrated TV personality with a professional nursing career. Franzel is believed to work as an ER Nurse and gets paid handsomely for that. Her earnings from her nursing career are speculated to be about $65,000 on the average per annum. This figure was not officially disclosed by Franzel though.

The Reality Star Puts Her Money To Good Use

All that hard work that Franzel puts into what she does pays off and then comes the spending part. When you work this hard, you need to spoil yourself. While many expected Franzel to go on luxury tours and shopping sprees when she won the Big Brother 18 prize in her early twenties, she bought her first house with the money she won.

One of her dreams was to own a farmhouse someday. When Big Brother brought $500,000 her way, she bought a house in her hometown to fulfill this dream. This is a big achievement for her at that age. She described the house as perfect for her as she was just beginning her life.

Franzel still has her life ahead of her. She has earned her place in showbiz and has an impressive net worth to show for it and even though we may not know how she spends every penny she makes, there’s no doubt that she puts it to good use.

What is Nicole Franzel’s Net Worth?

Nicole Franzel has a net worth estimated to be between $500,000 and $800,000. Some of this came through her TV appearances, especially the Big Brother show but she while a part of it comes from her Coco Caliente podcast, social media influencing, and sales of branded products.

What is Nicole Franzel’s Age?

Nicole Ann Franzel is 30 year old. She was born on June 30, 1992, in Ubly, Huron County, Michigan, United States.

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