Nicky Jam

It’s Russia 2018, the 21st FIFA World Cup event and Nicky Jam has dropped the official jam of the football tournament. The musical theme Live It Up which has been shared on Nicky’s NickyJamTV YouTube Channel gathered almost 5 million views within 48hours it was posted.

Mr. Jam did the song which was produced by DJ Diplo with the Kosovo Albanian musician, Era Istrefi, and America’s famous actor cum rapper, Will Smith. While Nicky Jam will get to perform at the FIFA World Cup tournament, get to know the facts of his life here.

Nicky Jam Biography (Age)

It was in 1981, precisely on March 17 that this reggaeton hitmaker was born and named Nick Rivera Caminero by his Puerto Rican father and Dominican mother. His place of birth was Boston, Massachusetts.

From Faithful to your skin to I’m not your husband, Time goes by and I’m going pal party, Nick is widely admired and celebrated for being the brain behind several hit songs.

Although Nick was born in Boston, he relocated to Cataño Puerto when he was 10 and spent the rest of his childhood there. It was in Cataño that he kicked off his career as an eleven-year-old boy, releasing his 1994 album, Distinto A Los Demás. 

To the best of our knowledge, Nicky didn’t make any deliberate plan to become a musician, neither did he imagine he would become a superstar or even get to take on such responsibility like making the official song for FIFA World Cup.

He was a lad from a poor family and only took to rapping and improvised performances as a way of cooling off when he is not working alongside his parents in a supermarket. Yeah, he labored as a child to help his parents care for his family.

As fate would have it, Nicky was entertaining a small gathering in front of the supermarket when he was spotted by a lady working with a record company. She urged the chap to sign a recording contract and pursue a career in the music industry, Nick’s dad took the deal, marking the birth of the man now esteemed as Nicky Jam.

His Wife – Nicky’s Relationship With Angélica Cruz

It has been assumed on several quarters that Nicky Jam is married to the Filipina actress, Angelika Dela Cruz probably because of her name. This, however, is not so as Angelika has been married since 2008 to Orion Casareo while Nicky only got married in February 2017 to Angélica Cruz, a Colombian model and TV host he met online.

Nicky Jam and Wife
Angélica Cruz and Nicky Jam (nickyjampr/Instagram)

Jam once disclosed that he was captivated by the woman who is now his wife the first time he stumbled on her. He was very much enchanted that he sent her a direct message with his picture proposing that they become friends. Cruz initially ignored the message but they eventually became lovers, dated for about 2 years and ultimately, became life partners.

They got married in Medellin, Colombia; it was a private ceremony attended by other superstars in the entertainment industry, the likes of Vin Diesel and J. Balvin.

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Nicky Jam’s Daughters

Although Jam’s love life now revolves around his Colombian wife, he’s had other romantic relationships in the past which led to the birth of his daughters, Yarimar Rivera and Alyssa Rivera. Alyssa and Yarima aren’t the only kids of the Latin Grammy winner who is a father of four.

However, Yarimar and Alyssa are the most popular of his children. They are always featured in the videos Nicky shares on his social media pages. You will often find him singing with them or just hanging around.

Like his other kids (Luciana and Joe Martin), one can hardly tell who mothered his daughters because of how close they have become.

Height and Other Facts About Jam

1. Mr. Nick is 9 inches taller than 5 feet ( 1.79 m).

2. Fame once bedeviled Jam and that led him to depression which led him again to alcohol and drugs.

3. He equally had financial battles and his issues culminated in him being sent to prison at some point. But thankfully, the man has cleaned himself up.

4. He won his Latin Grammy Award in 2015, it was for Best Urban Performance.

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