Lena The Plug (Lena Nersesian) Wiki, Facts About The YouTube Star

Lena the Plug
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Lena the Plug is Famous for her racy and raunchy YouTube vlogs, she is the typical example of a bad girl; you know the type your mom warns you about, yea? Although she is relatively new to YouTube, her meteoric rise to stardom, and increased number of followers, as well as views on various social media platforms, lays emphasis on the already known fact that sex sells and boy did she capitalize on the insatiable demand for sex. She got even more traction when she announced via her YouTube channel that she would release a sex tape with her boyfriend if they both got 1 million subscribers on YouTube.

‘Come for the booty, stay for my irresistible charm’; this relatively short sentence encapsulates the very essence of Lena the Plug and tells you a lot about her personality.  All these put together has made Lena a highly controversial but yet interesting character and below are vital facts you must know if you are a fan of hers.

Family, Educational Background

Lena the plug was born Lena Nersesian on the 1st of July 1991 to parents of Armenian descent. She was raised in a conservative Christian home in Glendale, California and seems to be the only child of her parents. After graduating from high school in 2009, she gained admission into the University of California, Santa Cruz and graduated in 2013 with a degree in Psychology.

While Lena the plug was studying Psychology at the University of California, she spent a year at Lund University, Sweden as an exchange student and has fond memories of her time in Sweden. She particularly loved the food and people in Sweden and worked as a personal assistant and nanny to fend for herself.

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After College

Lena the plug is known to be book smart and is believed to have graduated with a good result because she was offered admission into a post-graduate program at the University of Southern California but turned it down due to the cost implications (over 80,000 USD). She also considers herself a dork as some of her hobbies are reading and writing poetry.

After college, Lena worked as a grocery store attendant and an Uber driver before she decided to venture into the world of social media after being exposed to the vast opportunities it offers by a social media start-up company she worked for. As expected, her parents are not thrilled with her life choices and the career path she has taken, they are of the opinion that she would be better off putting her degree in Psychology to good use.

Is Lena the Plug in a Relationship?

Lena the Plug

Lena is currently dating Adam Grandmaison also known as Adam22 and they’ve been together since September 2016. He is YouTube superstar like Lena with over a million subscribers to his channel named No Jumpers. Adam is also famous for setting up the most popular BMX website (according to him) known as The Come Up. Adam owns a BMX clothing line and a store in Los Angeles.

Adam and Lena the Plug have an ‘open’ relationship. They engage in threesomes and have no reservations about filming and leaking videos of themselves in this act online. Recently, the couple filmed themselves engaging in a threesome with Taylor White. There is also a video on Lena’s YouTube channel where she admits to consenting to her best friend Emily Rinaudo; who is also egregiously raunchy (with several videos of her masturbating on the internet) as well sleeping with Adam22.

Is Lena Nersesian Bisexual?

Lena the Plug’s boyfriend has expressed his joy over the nature of his relationship with Lena and considers himself not just lucky, but also privileged to have engaged in a threesome with beautiful ladies like Lena and Emily. He also seems to be comfortable with his spouse posting provocative pictures of herself online and also charging 29.99 USD for VIP premium videos and pictures of her nakedness or her engaging in some form of sexual activity on her Snapchat account.

Lena has also been rumored to have dated a girl all through her college years and these bisexual allegations are not far-fetched as there are videos online that show her expertly giving and receiving cunnilingus from a female.

YouTube Career

Lena the Plug is relatively new to YouTube but has made giant strides. She is a grade B YouTuber with over 1 million subscribers and well over 67 million views for merely 105 videos posted. Her yearly YouTube earnings have been estimated to be between 13.9 thousand to 221.7 thousand USD and she is currently ranked number 4,971 in terms of the number of subscribers.

Lena’s posts on YouTube range from vlogs about her private life to relationship advice, fitness tips, and sex talk with her friends. She didn’t always have huge numbers though, Lena the Plug started out as a fairly successful YouTuber with some thousands of subscribers to her channel. She also experienced a lot of opposition on Instagram as her account was constantly being reported and flagged for its racy content and she had to battle to keep her Instagram account online.

1 Million Subscribers

On the 17th of January 2017, things took a drastic turn in her favor when she announced via a video on her YouTube channel that she would release a sex tape with her boyfriend-Adam22 if they both got 1 million subscribers each on their individual YouTube channels.

Now, celebrity sex tapes are not new to the internet. The likes of Kim Kardashian, Paris Hilton, and even fellow YouTube star Abigale Mandler have all had their sex tapes leaked online but the fact that Lena leveraged hers for YouTube Subscribers just felt a bit different and spontaneous. At the point of the announcement, Lena had about 37 thousand subscribers but her numbers multiplied over the course of a few months, even her boyfriend’s channel subscribers grew exponentially as well.

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Lena the Plug and Adam currently have over 1 million subscribers each and fans who subscribed and have been eagerly anticipating the release of the promised sex tape are beginning to grow impatient and have begun to call her out, challenging her to keep to her own end of the bargain but apparently she has had a change of heart.

Sex Tape Deal Off

Lena recently posted a video addressing the sex tape fiasco, stating that she would not be releasing the sex tape she promised because there are leaked sex videos of her already online and that anyone who hasn’t seen them has not properly searched or has shabby internet skills. As a matter of fact, she has advised the subscribers who came on board because of the sex tape, to kindly unsubscribe.

Although the backlash of this ‘betrayal’ is yet to be seen, Lena the Plug’s YouTube channel is waxing strong and her other social media accounts are enjoying a lot of traffic. Her Instagram account has hit 1 million followers.