Kathryn Dennis Weight Loss, Net Worth and 5 Other Interesting Facts

Kathryn Dennis’ weight loss came as a shock to her fans and made some think she is on drugs. The Southern Charm star lost about 25 pounds within a few months. However, the main reason she achieved her fit body is extremely due to hard work. Although she underwent cool sculpting to lose weight, she made massive changes by cutting off unhealthy eating habits.

Kathryn Dennis is one of the Southern Charm cast members with a net worth estimated at $1 million. She describes herself as an entrepreneur, she has launched companies, including a furniture business named after her children Kensie & Saint. Before Southern Charm, Kathryn worked as a front desk clerk with Old Santee Canal Park and Fitness World, both in Moncks Corner, South Carolina. Learn more about her in these facts below.

7. Kathryn Denise Underwent CoolSculpting to Lose Weight

What the Television reality star weighs at the moment may not be known but anyone who has been keeping up with her would agree that she has lost some weight in recent times and has been in better shape. Beauty has always been important to Kathryn and she has never shied away from sharing with her fans what she does to look good.

In a bid to figure out why she is looking much younger and trim, it was speculated that she was on drugs and had had multiple cosmetic procedures. For viewers of Bravo TV’s Southern Charm, her weight loss seems to be extreme and unnatural. Kathryn is yet to say anything about the concerns people have expressed nor has she talked about the reason behind her weight loss.

Nevertheless, she shared some time in late 2020 that she had gone through several medical procedures to lose weight and improve her looks. Then, she revealed that she went through CoolSculpting sessions to get rid of stomach fats. Also known as Cryolipolysis, the medical procedure has been gaining a lot of attention of late as an effective and non-surgical way of getting rid of excessive fat from the body.

The procedure revolves around freezing and killing fat cells in the body which would then be flushed out through the liver. While the procedure has been praised to be effective and risk-free, the famous Canadian fashion model Linda Evangelista said it permanently deformed her body. Apart from CoolSculpting, the 5 feet 11 inches tall TV personality disclosed that she got Restylane filler injections and Jeuveau respectively for fuller lips and to get rid of facial wrinkles.

6. The Reality TV Star Is Worth at Least $1 Million

For many people, working in showbiz is one of the coolest ways to become rich as you would most likely become famous as well. Kathryn Dennis is far from being one of the richest people in the business but she is doing well financially and is believed to be worth at least $1 million at the moment. You don’t need to be told that she made most of that from her appearances on Bravo’s Southern Charm.

She began appearing on the reality TV show in 2014 and as of this writing, she has been seen in no fewer than 99 episodes of the series. Apart from that, she has been seen on other TV shows; for instance, she appeared in a 2018 episode of the TV series, Celebrity Page. And from 2016 to 2019, Kathryn Dennis was seen in at least five episodes of the TV series, Watch What Happens: Live.

All of these have been a steady source of income for Dennis as it is said that TV stars make anything from $10,000 to $25,000 per episode for their appearances on reality TV. While it is hard to tell what she was paid for her 2018 appearance on Celebrity Page and the multiple times she has been seen on Watch What Happens: Live, it has been claimed in some quarters that she pockets $25,000 per episode for each episode of Southern Charm.

If that is true, it means she has made over $2.4 million ($2,475,000) from the show. Disregarding what she makes as a reality TV star, Kathryn Dennis is believed to have made some money from modeling; she was once the brand ambassador for Gwynn’s department store. More so, the Southern Charm star is a bit of a social media influencer. She has leveraged the popularity she gained from the show to promote the products and services of several popular brands on her social media pages.

5. The 31 Years Old Was Born Into a Political Family

The American reality TV star was born into what one might consider a political dynasty; several members of her family were prominent political figures in the United States. Notably, Kathryn Calhoun Dennis is said to be a descendant of John C. Calhoun, the 7th Vice President of the United States who began his political career as a nationalist and spent most of it looking out for the interest of the Southern States and defending slavery.

He also served as the 10th United States Secretary of War and 16th Secretary of State amongst other political offices. Disregarding the 7th Vice President, Kathryn’s grandfather Rembert Coney Dennis was also a prominent politician. He was born to Ella Mae (Coney) Denni and Senator Edward James Dennis in Pinopolis, South Carolina on the 27th of August 1915.

By 1939, he assumed his first significant political office as a member of the South Carolina House of Representatives from the Berkeley County district. He was a Democrat who also served in the South Carolina Senate. Luke Dennis is one of the kids Rembert had and he is the father of Kathryn; he had her with his wife, Allison Dennis.

The Southern Charm star was born on the 5th of August 1992 and her place of birth was in Charleston, South Carolina. Records have it that she was raised on a plantation her family owns in Berkeley County. Kathryn was raised in luxury alongside a brother named Luke Dennis Jr. She was pampered and was always partying with her friends.

The lifestyle soon became a problem as she started abusing alcohol which saw her frequent rehab centers. Kathryn lost her mother in August 2019 following an extended illness. The woman was 59 years old when she passed and Kathryn was very close to her.

4. She Attended Berkeley High School and The University of South Carolina-Columbia

Kathryn Dennis is college-educated; she was a student of the only public high school in Berkeley, California. Dennis attended the school from 2005 to 2009 when she obtained her High School Diploma. Thereafter, she proceeded to the University of South Carolina-Columbia, a public research university. There, she studied Journalism, Visual Communications, and Fashion from 2009 to 2013.

It was while in college that she worked as a page for Senator John Land, the job lasted from January to June 2010 and had her manage phone calls, emails, run errands, and offer other services of that sort. When she left the office of Senator John Land, she began serving the office of the Lieutenant Governor of South Carolina as an intern.

This lasted from June 2010 to December of that year and had her offer various constituent services from writing letters to managing schedules, organizing databases, and what have you. Also in 2010, she volunteered for the Andre Bauer gubernatorial campaign. Before she became one of the stars of Southern Charm, Kathryn volunteered for several establishments and also worked as a model.

As claimed in some quarters, she got to appear on the cover of several fashion magazines. Nonetheless, we can only confirm that she volunteered as a model for Susan G. Komen. She helped the non-profit organization committed to finding an end to breast cancer in promoting Couture for a Cure, a benefit event it held in Columbia in November 2012.

3. The Mother of Two Lost Custody of Her Kids Following Allegations of Drug Abuse and Neglect

It is no secret that the reality TV star is a mother of two. She has a daughter and a son respectively named Kensington Calhoun Ravenel and St. Julien Rembert Ravenel. Kensington is 10 years old as she was born on the 24th of March 2014. Her younger brother Julien was born on the 9th of November 2015, he is 8 years old.

Thomas Ravenell is the father of Kathryn’s children. As stated earlier, he is a politician from South Carolina, the son of popular Republican politician cum businessman, Arthur Ravenel Jr. A graduate of The Citadel, The Military College of South Carolina, Thomas Ravenel served as the treasurer of South Carolina under governor Mark Sanford from January to July 2007.

He dated Kathryn on and off for many years and some platforms started referring to him as her husband. But to the best of our knowledge, they were never married. Thomas starred in five seasons of Southern Charm which dutifully followed his dramatic relationship with Dennis. When Kathryn became pregnant in 2014, it became a controversial issue as she wasn’t sure who the father was between Ravenel and Shep Rose who was also a star of the show.

As it was later confirmed that Ravenell was responsible for the pregnancy, they resumed dating, had the child, and shortly after welcomed their second. The couple eventually got tired of their troubled relationship and decided to part ways for good. They co-parented their kids until October 2020 when Thomas Ravenel went to court asking for sole custody of the kids and for Kathryn to have supervised visitation.

His case was heard and the court ruled in his favor. Kathryn Dennis temporarily lost custody of her kids but was allowed to be with them on weekends. Why her kids were taken away from her care was initially unknown but it later emerged that it had something to do with drugs.

Reports have it that she exposed the kids to cocaine during a trip to North Carolina with her new boyfriend. But Kathryn has insisted that she does not use cocaine and didn’t expose the kids to it as claimed. As one would expect, losing custody of her kids has been hard on her and she has taken to her social media pages to lament about it several times.

2. Kathryn Dennis Entered a 30-day Rehab Program In 2016 to Deal With Her Drug Issues

The TV personality has always had alcohol and substance abuse issues, right from the time she was much younger. Before she started appearing on Southern Charms, sometime in 2012, she was arrested and jailed for offenses related to excessive drinking and misconduct. When Kathryn and her ex-lover battled for the custody of their kids, Ravenel accused the mother of two of having issues that range from being an alcoholic to abusing drugs and shopping unnecessarily.

Dennis had been contending for sole custody of their children after their nanny, Dawn Ledwell, accused Thomas Ravenel of sexual assault. To build their case, the former couple came at each other with all sorts of allegations. Thomas disclosed that Kathryn aborted what would have been their third child and enrolled in a rehab program to hide it.

She admitted that she had an abortion in February 2016 but maintained that she only went in for a 30-day rehab program in Malibu because she was relying heavily on weed to cope with depression and stress. However, her ex insisted that she was not only addicted to marijuana but prescription medications, shopping, and sex. For him, she was mentally unstable and unfit to take care of the kids.

1. She Is Currently Dating Chleb Ravenell

Kathryn Dennis has never had issues with finding a romantic partner and the reason for this is pretty obvious. For a while after what she had with Thomas Ravenel came to an end, it was hard to tell who she was dating but sometime in June 2020, she started dating Chleb Ravenell.

Much is yet to be learned about Ravenell but we can confirm he is a native of South Carolina who played college football at Western Michigan University. As he shares a similar surname with Kathryn’s ex, people have been wondering if the two men are related in any way, they aren’t.

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