How Old is Karlie Redd and How Many Kids Does She Have?

Karlie Redd (born on April 15, 1974) was born in New York City, New York, United States, and is currently 50 years-old

The 50 year-old has been a main cast member of the hit reality TV series, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta (LHHATL) since its premiere in 2012. She was also one of the most controversial as there were wide debates about her true age seeing that she has a 29 year-old daughter named Jasmine.

Karlie Redd is an American TV personality, R&B singer, model, entrepreneur, and professional dancer who came into the limelight following her role in the hit reality TV series, Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta (LHHATL).

Karlie Redd Bio and Profile Summary

  • Full Name: Karlie Redd (born Keisha Lewis)
  • Date of Birth: April 15, 1974
  • Age: 50 years old
  • Place of Birth: New York City, New York, U.S.
  • Nationality: American
  • Father: Robert
  • Mother: Unknown
  • Siblings: Katrina Lewis
  • Husband: None
  • Children: Jasmine Ellis
  • Education/Schools Attended: The Harlem School of the Arts, Alvin Ailey American Dance Theater, and an unknown college
  • Occupation: Television Personality, Rapper, Actress, Model
  • Net Worth: $1.2 million

The Love and Hip Hop Star was Born in the United States on April 15, 1974

Karlie was born Keisha Lewis to a Trinidadian mother of West-Indian descent, and an African American father. She was born in the famous Bronx borough of New York but spent her life as a child between Trinidad and the U.S. When she was about 12 years old, she returned to the United States to live permanently with her father and sister; Robert and Katrina Lewis.

Karlie had always had the desire to be an artist and so she went to an art school instead of a normal high school. She attended The Harlem School of Arts, in Manhattan, New York. She also took dance classes at the Alvin Ailey American Dance Theatre. For someone who has gathered a reputation for being messy, she has been quite secretive about her childhood and family background. The whereabouts of her parents and siblings remain unknown.

The reality star began her career as a model and by the time she was about 16, she was one of the most sought-after local models in her hood, bagging as many as forty different modeling gigs in a couple of weeks. Between modeling, dancing, and singing, Karlie had no time to socialize much. She has always been focused on her next big move right from when she was a teenager. She is also a college graduate although details about the exact college she attended is not public knowledge.

The Truth About Karlie Redd’s Age

If you happen to be familiar with Karlie Redd, you would also know that the buzz around her age has generated a lot of serious controversies. The mother of one has been hounded by the media in the past with questions about her age because she wouldn’t tell. According to her, withholding her age was part of her contract with an unnamed company.

The curiosity about Karlie’s age was so great that at a point it was one of the highest searched topics on Google. During that period, Karlie would deliberately rattle fellow Love & Hip-Hop cast members and viewers by giving out fake ages. In a heated argument with fellow cast member K. Michelle, Karlie was criticized for constantly lying about her age. Michelle also went further to say that Karlie was much older than she (Karlie) made people believe.

To be fair to Michelle, Karlie did have a habit of lying about her age. In the summer of 2010, when she auditioned for the VH1 competition series, Scream Queens, she quoted her age as 29. Five years later, in a Playboy magazine interview, she suddenly became 37. The math wasn’t adding up and fans started to call her out on it.

According to her official Google profile, however, her year of birth is placed at 1974 and if this is correct, that would put her age at 50 years old this year.

It looked like Karlie herself got tired of the games because on the 20th of May 2019, in an interview with The Real, she finally admitted she was 45. That would make her 50 this year, and peg her year of birth at 1974. Whether we believe her is another subject matter entirely.

She Regrets Revealing Her Age and Here’s Why

In a February interview with Madamenoire, when asked about why she kept her age to herself for so long, Karlie jokingly responded that it was because of money. What money, you might ask? Remember the contract she entered with the unknown company? Yes, that contract. Obviously, Karlie was paid handsomely by them to maintain the silence about her age.

Apparently, it was a major moneymaker for her because of the over-the-top secrecy around her age. After she was put on the spot on The Real, she came clean and confirmed her real age on camera. The funny thing is, Karlie never quite got over her age reveal and nearly two years later, she confessed to Madamenoire the real reason why. When her age was a hot topic on the internet, she was cashing out.

Imagine being paid for not saying your age? That was the life Karlie lived before 2019. But after her big reveal on The Real, those checks stopped coming. And that is the reason; she simply regrets the fact that she passed up an opportunity to make money from literally nothing! Not that she needs it though, Karlie has gone on to establish other solid businesses, and her checks are still rolling in. Every day.

How Many Kids Does Karlie Redd Have?

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As we have mentioned earlier, Karlie Redd is not just a businesswoman, she is also a mother. On August 30 in 1994, she gave birth to her only child, a daughter named Jasmine Ellis who is currently 29 years old. Jasmine is best known for her appearance on a now-deleted scene of LHHATL in the show’s fourth season in 2019. She made another brief appearance in season 8 but she is not going to be a cast member anytime soon as she has other passions.

Karlie’s daughter’s educational history is quite sketchy but we know she is a college student and already a talented fashion designer. She is also a business owner and is the CEO of a lingerie brand called ‘Princess of NYC’. The celebrity child is quite active on Instagram and has over twenty thousand followers.

How Old was Karlie Redd When She Had Her Daughter?

Karlie became a mother when she was just 20 years old. She was in a relationship with Nathan Hill, who is currently in jail. But even though she was very young and had her whole life ahead of her, she kept the baby and the child has now grown up to be a very lovely young woman as we’ve obviously seen. Despite her age and having a grown, successful daughter, Karlie still wants more kids.

In the year 2019, shortly after the break-up of her engagement to ex-fiancé, Mo Fayne, Karlie opened up about her fertility struggles. In an emotional interview, she revealed that when she was engaged, she wanted to get an IVF, because she wasn’t confident that she could get pregnant without medical assistance.

In 2019, Karlie Redd was 45 years old, an age that is considered old; older than the maximum recommended age for safe pregnancies. This didn’t deter her as she was determined to have another child, preferably a boy. She has since separated from Mo, but she is still trying to get pregnant.

Karlie Redd was Just 16 Years Old When She Began Her Career

Karlie Redd began her journey into the glamorous world of showbiz at age 16. She got offers from companies to model for them. She was one of the most sought-after local models in her hood, bagging as many as forty different modeling gigs in weeks. Her modeling career wasn’t very fulfilling and so she decided to try acting instead.

In 2011, Redd was cast as herself in the movie, Black Spring Break 2. She was later featured in the VH1 reality show, Scream Queens in 2010. From there, she got her big break and landed a main cast position on Love and Hip Hop: Atlanta. Redd’s major box office movie role finally came in 2014 when she starred in the Chris Rock movie, Top Five.

In TV, she has made recurring appearances in the Bounce TV soap opera series, Saints and Sinners. When she joined LHHATL, she wanted to promote herself primarily as an artist and so in July 2012, she released her debut single, A Girl Has Needs on iTunes. Since then, she has released two other singles titled, Bring It and Put You On.

In the summer of that same year, Karlie Redd also launched her hair extensions line called ‘Redd Remy Hairline’. She runs a women’s clothing store called ‘Merci Boutique’ with multiple stores established around Atlanta. Karlie also runs a restaurant called ‘Johnny’s Chicken and Waffles’, a 23-hour breakfast place she opened with NeYo and Crystal Smith.

With an Instagram following of over 2 million, Karlie is a certified brand influencer. She signed a $300,000 mega deal with a sex-toy brand called Doc Johnson. She is also a licensed sexologist and runs a medical spa in Las Vegas.

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