Is Johnny Jett Married and How Much Is He Worth?

Johnny Jett is an American craftsman, machinist, reality television show star and painter. He is a member of the Barnwood Builders team from the Barnwood Builders television show. In addition to being arguably the most popular person of the cast of Barnwood Builders, he has also starred or appeared on several other Do It Yourself type television shows. Johnny Jett is also a painter and his paintings and other works of art have been widely praised by many admirers.

Who is Johnny Jett and How Old is He?

Johnny Jett was born on the 28th of April 1949 in Chicago, Illinois. Not much is known about his parents or the family of his birth.  He grew up in Chicago and during those early years, be became very interested in machines and how they worked. A deep yearning to put this interest into practice led him to move to West Virginia in search of job opportunities that would enable him to operate and work with machines as he could not find many of those opportunities in Chicago at the time.

He went on to work in construction in the Fleming County area of Kentucky. While there, he also worked on the water system of the county. As the 1980s drew to a close and the 1990s began, Jett began to seriously consider leveraging on his wealth of knowledge about machining and construction to go into business for himself. It was around this time that he went into a partnership with his friend, Sherman Thompson and together they launched a business that specialized in dismantling and selling log cabins.

After a few years of these businesses, Jett and Thompson met entrepreneur Mark Bowe who introduced them to his business Antique Cabins Barns and soon enough they began working together.

A few years after beginning to work with Mark Bowe, the Barnwood Builders crew was formed and the eponymous reality TV show followed soon afterward. Other members of the team include Tim Rose, Graham Ferguson, Alex Webb and Brian Buckner who left the show after the second season. In each episode, the crew works to restore an old barn or cabin which very often has been around for upwards of a century and would deeply affect the family or community that owns it if left to wither away.

Johnny Jett is considered the most popular cast member of the show due to his reputation for having enormous creativity and craftsmanship. Despite his age, he works just as hard and oftentimes, even harder than his younger colleagues on the show. The Barnwood Builders show has enjoyed huge success as it quickly became a favorite among fans and Johnny Jett has appeared in dozens of episodes.

He regularly appears on other shows like Barnwood Builders and shares his depth of knowledge and skills with viewers and cast members.

Johnny Jett at a Glance

Is He Married? 

It is not clear if Johnny Jett has ever been married to anyone or has any children, as he has never mentioned it on the show or any public interviews. It has become common knowledge that he prefers to keep his personal life private.

While most television personalities and reality TV stars’ personal lives are often brought into the public eye either by the stars themselves via interviews and outings with loved ones or by photographers and media reporters that follow them, there are others who make it point to keep their personal lives very private. Johnny Jett happens to be part of the latter group as nearly nothing is known publicly about his marital life or whether he has a family or not.

Details of His Net Worth

Johnny Jett has an estimated net worth of $400,000. His net worth is made up of his income from starring on the Barnwood Builders reality TV show which amounts to $50,000 per annum and other similar shows in which he has been featured as well as income through machinist jobs done when off the show. In addition to these, Johnny is a talented painter and sells his painting through his website. He is regarded as a highly-skilled machine operator.

Johnny Jett Biography

Quick Facts About Johnny Jett

Johnny Jett is a war veteran (as he fought during the Vietnam) war and a former construction worker.

He runs a personalized website – – where he divulges his daily activities and also displays his arts.

Johnny Jett is the most creative of the Barnwood Builders crew.

He is not active on social media as no account on any social media platform is linked to him.

Although details of his body measurements (such as his height and weight) are not known, he has blonde hair and blue eyes.

There was a rumor about his death on some of the social media networks which have turned out to be one of the usual celebrity death hoaxes.

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