The Untold Truth of Jeff Wittek and His Run-in With The Law

While living a life of crime has never been easy, it is possibly more difficult to turn away from such life to face the unknown. It takes sheer determination for someone with a criminal history to turn a new leaf, especially after spending time in jail. That’s the story of Jeff Wittek. He has grown to become a popular media personality, a model, and a budding actor despite his rough start in life.

Also a popular hairstylist, Jeff has worked with celebrities like Big Sean and DJ Pauly D. Among other things, he is admired for his good looks. Jeff is often called a ‘hottie’ and even his mug shot has been tagged as such. He has a huge fanbase online and it has earned him endorsements with companies like Colgate, Old Spice, Mac Donald, Honey, and American Express.

Jeff Wittek at a Glance

What Is Known About Jeff Wittek’s Childhood?

Born on the 15th of December 1989 in Staten Island, New York, Jeffrey R. Wittek grew up on the streets. While Jeff has jealously guarded information about the family he hails from, he has been really vocal about his life growing up on the streets; especially his early exposure to selling drugs.

He was busted on several occasions but a major run-in with the law in 2011 made him lose all he had. This particular arrest served as a catalyst for Jeff who decided to turn his life around.

After serving his time, Jeff decided to change the trajectory of his life by making money legally. Being a trained hairstylist, he decided to infuse that into developing a personality for himself in the media.

How He Became a Social Media Personality

His social media career began on the now-defunct ‘Vine’ where he built a public persona as American Jeff. He then set up a profile on Tumblr and uploaded pictures of haircuts. In September 2011, he created his self-titled YouTube account which helped him to solidify his status as a social media personality.

With millions of subscribers to his channel, Jeff Wittek is definitely one of the forces to reckon with on YouTube. He basically uploads videos on fitness and hairstyles, but one major factor that has gained him a massive number of followers is the interviews he does with popular media personalities. Typically, his guests sit on his barbing chair to have their hair styled while he interviews them.

Moreover, Jeff doesn’t shy away from discussing his jail time during interviews. He uses every opportunity to sensitive the young ones about the dangers of selling drugs. Jeff also boasts of millions of followers on Instagram.

Acting Career and Relationship with Cierra Ramirez 

In 2016, Jeff Wittek ventured into acting and has featured in a number of movies such as Stories from Our Future (2019), Petting Scorpions (2017), Little Black Mirror (2019), Crazy Drug Lord (2016), and Declined Crédit Card (2016).

Jeff Wittek
Jeff and Alexa (Image Source)

It was in 2015 that Jeff met the beautiful Cierra Alexa Ramirez in a club. Sparks flew after they were introduced to each other by a mutual friend and they soon began to date. They attended social events together and even won J-14 Magazine’s 2017 celebrity couple.

It is believed that Jeff’s relationship with Cierra who is a singer and actress helped a great deal in establishing his status as a social media star. Unfortunately, their relationship ended in 2018. They have explained that they drifted apart due to their tight schedules.

Why Jeff Wittek Went To Jail

Before Jeff began to gain any form of popularity, he was involved in selling drugs to augment what he earned from being a hairstylist. He was busted on the 2nd of March 2011 at age 21. From what we gathered, he was found in possession of 7.6g of oxycodone, 20 grams of cannabis, and cocaine. His total bond was posted at $61,000 and he had to spend some time in Wayside, LA County jail before he was bailed.

Jeff Wittek mug shot
Jeff Wittek’s mug shot: Image Source

Since his time in jail, he has turned his life around but doesn’t keep that part of his life a secret as it has contributed to his growth. In March 2019, he was a guest star on a YouTube channel where he told some ‘Crazy Jail Stories’. Asides trying to avoid fights and abiding by the rules, he revealed that he was mostly bored and longed for the outside world while he was in jail.

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