Is Playboi Carti Still Alive? What Happened To Him?

Playboi Carti is alive and nothing happened to him. The chart-topping American rapper has been the subject of some death rumors in the past but all are false and the work of prank websites.

Playboi Carti has never been shot. He is still alive and is doing what he knows best. After embarking on a sort of hiatus from 2018 to 2020, he came back with a bang and now has a chart-topping album to his name. He is also making waves in the fashion world as well.

Playboi Carti Was Rumored to Have Died in a Car Crash in June 2019

Playboi Carti is still very much alive. He has, however, been the subject of multiple death hoaxes in the past. This doesn’t come as a surprise given that he is now a famous and wealthy personality. His status as a celebrity exposes him to this kind of prank.

Back in June 2019, a website claimed that Playboi Carti had been killed in a car crash that occurred in the southern part of Los Angeles in the early hours of the morning. The article claimed that he had been the one behind the wheels when the accident occurred.

They also went on to claim that the rapper had been under the influence of some substances at the time that the crash occurred. The article caused a small frenzy amongst music fans, especially seeing as Playboi Carti hadn’t released new music in a long time.

Fans, however, quickly figured out that the rumors were from unreliable sites. The website described itself as a place for creating pranks and tricking your friends. People, thus, took their so-called news with a pinch of salt.

An Online News Site Also Claimed that He Was Found Dead in His Hotel Room in November 2021 

Another false death rumor about Playboi Carti surfaced in November 2021 when an online prank site claimed that the rapper was found unresponsive in his hotel room. The report went on to give the rapper’s real name and claimed that he had been certified dead by the paramedics. This news also caused some panic. It, however, turned out to be false as well and was quickly debunked by more reliable news sites online.

A Satirical News Website Has Also Claimed That Playboi Carti Was Once Shot in Front of his Home

Playboi Carti has never been shot to the best of public knowledge. However, a satirical news website, known as Breaking News 247 once claimed that the rapper was shot in front of his home sometime in the past. They did not go as far as saying that Playboi Carti was dead but only stated that he was in surgery. Be that as it may. This was a false rumors and Playboi Carti has never gotten shot.

It is pertinent to note that Breaking News 247 describes itself as a satire and joke that shouldn’t be taken too seriously. Additionally, death hoaxes seem to be their stock in trade as they have made several in the past about other famous people. The site has previously claimed that the former American president, Donald Trump, is dead which is false. They have also claimed that famous social media beauty influencer, Jeffree Star, and the Ohio-born rapper, Trippie Redd, are dead, all of which are false.

While Playboi Carti has never been shot at, his former girlfriend, Rubi Rose, claimed that he once shot at her in the course of their relationship. Rose, a rapper, and model stated that when she was dating Carti, he often came over to her house in Pittsburgh and would shoot his guns off her balcony for fun.

On one occasion, they had a heated argument and he shot in her vicinity. Rose, however, clarified that he didn’t do it with the intention to hurt her. This may have also informed her decision not to report to the authorities.

Playboi Carti Also Sparked Fears about His Safety After Falling Off Stage in July 2022

Although Playboi Carti is very much alive, there has been some cause for concern over him.
Back in July 2022, he fell off the stage while performing at the Wire Festival. The rapper had been singing and running backward when he took the tumble.

The moment was captured by concertgoers on their phones and quickly circulated all over the internet, raising lots of comments. Playboi Carti, however, shrugged off any concerns about his health by quickly taking back to the stage and continuing his performance as if nothing had happened.

Playboi Carti Did Not Release Any Music for Nearly Two Years Starting From 2018

Playboi Carti began rapping at an early age and began uploading his songs on SoundCloud in 2011. He later joined a record label known as Awful Records in 2014 and moved to New York City to pursue music fully.

The next year, he broke through with digitally released tracks such as Broke Boi and Fetti. He later dropped his eponymous debut mix tape in 2017. It reached No. 12 on the Billboard Top 200 albums and produced hit tracks such as Wokeuplikethis and Magnolia.

To prove that his success was no fluke, Playboi Carti released his debut album, Die Lit, in May 2018. The album reached No. 3 on The Billboard Top 200 Albums. Within months of dropping his album, Playboi Carti announced that his second studio album, Whole Lotta Red, will be coming soon. This whetted fans’ appetites but they ended up disappointed as the rapper did not release any new music for the next two years. His only productive work was limited to featuring in the songs of other artists.

He Made a Comeback in 2020 and has Remained Active Since Then

Playboi Carti returned to the music business in 2020, releasing Whole Lotta Red in December 2020. The album featured 24 tracks such as Go2DaMoon King Vamp, Place, Sky, Not Playing, ILoveUHateU, Punk Monk, and Rockstar Mode. It debuted atop the Billboard Top 200 albums chart, marking the first time that Playboi Carti had achieved such a feat in his life. It also sold above 500k, leading to a gold certification.

Since his comeback, Playboi Carti has continued to pursue his career to date. His social media presence is limited but he does pop up in the news every now and then. He often makes news for his exploits in the fashion world. He also went on tour in 2021. The tour is known as King Vamp/Narcissist Tour.


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