Eboni K. Williams Career Journey To Fox, Why She Left and Facts About Her Love Life

Eboni Williams’ career trajectory has been one of pure hard work and a resolve to fulfill her dreams irrespective of the odds stacked against her. Raised by a self-employed single mum in the deep South, she had a well-grounded upbringing that would come in handy while she made her way through life.

At the age of 16, Eboni was admitted into the University of North Carolina to study Communications and African-American studies. After her first degree, she still harbored the dreams of becoming a lawyer and had to enroll at the Loyola University New Orleans College of Law, where she bagged her Law degree.

Eboni has carved out a niche for herself in journalism as an acclaimed TV personality and host, working on radio and Primetime TV. She is the author of Pretty Powerful – a book that explores the narratives around female physical aesthetic appeal and how it can be had alongside substance and professional excellence without diminishing the other.

Details of Eboni Williams’ Career

While still a law student, she worked as a clerk for the Louisiana Attorney General’s Office and the Louisiana Secretary of State. In the wake of hurricane Katherina, Eboni was a part of the efforts to rebuild the ravaged city alongside New Orleans City Council Members, supporting efforts to rebuild the city of New Orleans.

As the first person in her family to finish a four-year university program and move on to pursue a law degree. It was while she was working with at the Louisiana Attorney General’s office that she started getting ideas about how she could make an impact through being an attorney, as well as a political advisor. In 2008, Eboni Williams joined the Mecklenburg Country Public Defenders Office, where she focused on cases at the district court as a public defender representing indigent clients.

Between April of that year and May 2009, she had taken up 200 cases, most of which bordered on family law and litigation. Later on, she moved into private practice, joining the Law Office of James D. Williams Jr. in May 2009. During her time there, she handled child custody cases, high-profile divorce, spousal support, as well as criminal cases, including sex crimes, murders, and drug cases.

How She Successfully Switched From Law To Journalism

After several years of practicing law, Eboni Williams decided to switch to journalism in 2011. She initially started as some sort of freelance correspondent, making brief appearances on networks such as CNN, Fox News Channel, and The Oprah Winfrey Network. At many times, she would give legal analysis, as well as social and political commentary on topical issues. Eboni also served as a co-host of Curtis & Eboni on 77 WABC Radio in New York City.

However, in September 2015, she joined the Fox News Channel on a full-time basis. While there, she worked as a contributor, providing political and legal analysis and commentary on today’s most breaking news headlines. After the exit of the iconic Bill O’Reilly, the channel, in a bid to rebrand and reach out to a more diverse audience co-opted Eboni to co-host Fox News Specialists with co-hosts Eric Bolling and Katherine Timpf.

Ebony (L) with Eric and Katherine

The show, however, lasted only four months after one of the co-hosts Eric Bolling had to leave Fox because of issues surrounding accusations of sexual harassment. In August 2019, the music TV network REVOLT TV owned by P.Diddy announced that Eboni Williams would co-host a late-night talk show called State of the Culture alongside Remy Ma, Joe Budden, and Jinx.

Why Exactly Did Eboni K Williams Leave Fox?

Over the years most people in the US have perceived Fox as not the most progressive of media houses to work in. So, for an outstanding woman of color to opt to work there left some questions than answers. When Eboni announced that was leaving Fox, not many knew the story behind her decision. At the end of 2018, Eboni quit Fox after about four and a half years. But why did she leave the network?

As the story goes, after the exit of her co-host Eric Bolling and the eventual cancellation of Fox News Specialists, Williams became increasingly less visible on the channel. Behind the scenes, other issues fast-tracked her exit. Eboni, who has had some trouble with anxiety, had gone to host a live therapy session on VH1 alongside Dr. Jess, and there, she opened up on her mental health.

Upon her return to Fox, her employers at Fox weren’t so pleased that she was involved in that cause. With months left on her contract, both parties decided to go their separate ways on good terms.

A Sneak Peek Into Her Love Life

Although Eboni Williams has become successful in her career, very little is known about her private life let alone her love life. Her public persona has been more about her career than anything else, and this has aroused curiosity among her fans. While she hasn’t shared much info about her love life, there were speculations that she was dating her childhood friend, Gray Sandy.

The duo has often been spotted together in public which has further fueled the rumors. Williams, on her part, has also been open to sharing jokes and hints regarding her relationship on social media. In the wake of the foregoing, none of them have confirmed their relationship. Eboni’s silence about the rumors is no doubt in keeping with her decision to deemphasize her private life on public domains.

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