Denise Crosby
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Denise Crosby is an American actress who is famous for her roles in Star Trek: The Next Generation and Days of Our Lives. Crosby first worked as a model before she started her acting career in 1979. Inasmuch as she became famous and a television success as an actress, she is also part of the famous Crosby dynasty.

Denise Crosby Bio and Age

The model and actress was born Denise Michelle Crosby on November 24, 1957, in Hollywood, Los Angeles. Her mother, Marilyn Miller Scott, had her for actor Dennis Crosby who would later go on to marry Pat Sheehan. Few days after the marriage, Scott filed a paternity suit against the actor which was not only highly publicized, bringing a lot of embarrassment to the family, but also dragged on for years. By the time the lawsuit was over, Dennis was made to pay for legal fees and child support.

Denise Crosby was raised in a very comfortable environment and attended Hollywood High where she was voted Homecoming Princess when she was in the 11th grade, however, she rejected it. With acting almost in her blood, she went to Cabrillo College in Santa Cruz where she enrolled in the drama department. Nonetheless, she would later drop out after a teacher made an illustration of the “crap in Hollywood.” The teacher opined that people use the names of others to attain higher status in the industry, this came after an interview was broadcast about Denise’ famous family and being that she was involved in a school production at the time, the teacher’s remarks inferred the obvious.

Having dropped out of school, she decided on becoming a model and in order to rebel against the family name, she posed nude for Playboy. Interestingly enough, she would first be introduced to the man who would later be her husband (from 1983 to 1990), Geoffrey Edwards, because of the pictures. Geoffrey’s family is also famous in Hollywood.

Crosby’s career as an actress began in 1979 when she appeared in 10, although her role was only as a Party Guest. in 1980, she landed a role in Days of Our Lives which was a big break for her, followed by Cocaine: One Man’s Seduction in 1983. She would go on to act in a number of TV films and movies before she landed the role of Lieutenant Tasha Yar in Star Trek: The Next Generation which ran from 1987 to 1994.

Even though Star Trek became one of the productions that would give Denise Crosby massive popularity, she decided to quit after she got tired of playing the role of only answering to the captain as she wanted to have some more action.

Denise Crosby
Denise Crosby in Star Trek (Image Source)

From there, she kept acting and steadily rising in the industry with many productions to her name. Her most recent works are Dark Intentions aka Don’t Wake Mummy (2015), Castle (2016), and The Watcher (2016).

Net Worth

With a career that has been running since 1979 and close to a hundred productions to her name as an actress and movie producer, there is no denying the fact that the former Star Trek star has come a very long way. To this end, Denise Crosby has a net worth that has been estimated at $6 Million. She made a large part of her fortune from her career as an actress.

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Who are Her Siblings?

The actress had Bing Crosby the popular American singer and actor as her grandfather although the two never met until he died even though at the time she was 19. Her grandmother was an actress and dancer named Dixie Lee.

Inasmuch as there are no records to show if Denise Crosby has siblings from her mother, she has a number from her father. Among her siblings are Gregory Crosby, Kelly Lee Crosby, Dennis Crosby Jr., Erin Colleen Crosby, Patrick Anthony Crosby, and Catherine Dennis Crosby.

Height and Measurements

Needless to say, Crosby is still a very beautiful woman even as she has crossed the other side of sixty. She has a good height and body build which helped in her earlier career as a model.

With that said, Denise Crosby has a height of 5 feet 9 inches (173 cm) and a body weight of 128 lb (58 Kg). She has a body measurement of 35 inches breast size, 27 inches waist size, and 35 inches hips size. More so, she wears bra size 40D (US). The actress has blonde hair color while her eye color is blue.

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