Daniel Seavey’s Journey To Stardom, His Family Members and What He is Up To Now

Daniel Seavey rose to stardom after his experience at the 14th season of the reality singing show American Idol in 2015. From the auditions to his last performance, Seavey was lit all through and left the competition with an unforgettable significance. The singer wowed the judges with his rendition of ‘Alleluia’ by Leonard Cohen and ‘Straight Up’ by Paula Abdul at the auditions and maintained this buzz until his last day in the competition.

The American Idol experience opened a lot of doors for Seavey who is now a member of the boy band ‘Why Don’t We’. Daniel, alongside the band, has taken the US music industry by storm, topping various charts and pulling a great fan base. Seavey’s success has not only attracted fans but has also drawn more attention to his career and personal life.

Daniel Seavey at a Glance

American Idol And His Rise To Stardom

Born on April 2, 1999, Daniel Seavey was the youngest finalist at the 14th season of American Idol where he finished at the 9th position. From there, the dashing chap is now considered one of the most popular pop singers in the US and of course, there are good reasons for the acclaim. The very talented vocalist started to develop an inclination towards music at a very young age and never stopped improving on himself. At the young age of 8, he started playing musical instruments like the guitar and violin. Today, he reportedly plays over 20 instruments by ear – which means he plays them just by listening to them rather than by looking at the musical notes.

In an interview, Seavey was asked how often he sings during the day and he said ‘always’. He elaborated by saying that he sang so often at home that his family members would often ask him to stop for a while. However, after some time, singing in the comfort of his home was no longer doing it for Daniel Seavey. Thus, at age 15, he auditioned for the prestigious singing competition American Idol with hopes of showcasing his talent to a large crowd. Confident in himself, he proceeded to San Francisco for his audition and served the judges and the audiences with his mesmerizing performances. Seavey graciously proceeded to the subsequent stages of the competitions, singing tracks by Pharrell Williams, Adam Levine, Jason Mraz and many more.

He first wowed the world by securing a spot among the top 24 contestants. The talented singer left the show after he made it to the top 9. At the time he left the competition, Seavey had garnered lots of followers and admirers as many were in awe of his ability to exude so much bravery and vocal excellence at a young age. His age which was also a topic for discussion created a unique aura around his persona. Judge Jennifer Lopez seemed to be her biggest fan as a result of this. In spite of this though, Dan was axed from the competition as the 9th contestant to take a bow.

But Seavey is not the one to get demoralized. So, he did not rest on his oars after his exit from the competition. Instead, he immediately took to social platforms and fed the public with more amazing songs. He also kept collaborating with any artist he could find. This explains how he finally joined the band Why Don’t We, made up of Jack Avery, Zach Herron, Corbyn Besson, Jonah Marais and himself.

What We Know About The Young Singer’s Family

We did tell you how Daniel Seavey would entertain his family ad nauseam with his singing flair. The singer-songwriter cum instrumentalist was born in Vancouver, Washington (a suburb in Portland Oregon) to Jeffrey Seavey, his father, and Keri Seavey, his mother. His father pastors the Living Water Community Church in Portland Oregon. One of four children, he has two brothers, Christian and Tyler Seavey, and a sister, Anna Seavey.

Daniel’s family has been very supportive of his career. It can be recalled that during his days in American Idol contest, his siblings would cheer so encouragingly during his performances. Seavey’s love for music was greatly encouraged by his father who would take him to Portland and watch him play on the streets.

Embracing music at a young age and having a very supportive family helped Seavey a lot as he is proficient in playing more than six musical instruments. Reports have it that he plays the guitar, piano, cello, recorder, saxophone, drums, violin, viola, bass, and a host of others.

Where Is David Seavey and What Is He Doing Now?

David Seavey joined the boy band ‘Why Don’t We (WDW) in 2016: image source

Daniel spends so much time with his band in Los Angeles that we can safely conclude that he now resides in the City of Angels. But some sources claim that he is legally living with his parents in Portland Oregon. After halting his academics for a while to take part in the Idol competition, Daniel Seavey graduated from high school in 2017.

The singer has been engaged with the Why Don’t We band since then. The group released their first EP ‘Only the Beginning’ in November 2016. This came after their first single ‘Taking You’. They went on to release three more EPs in 2017.

Daniel Seavey and his band released their fourth EP ‘Invitation’ in September 2017 and ended the year with a tour, promoting the EP, as well as pulling a sizzling performance on Jingle Ball 2017. In 2018, Why Don’t We released their first official album ‘8 Letters’ which was a big hit. The band has released a lot of hit tracks that topped various charts in the country.


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