Chantel Zales
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Chantel Zales is a world-renowned bikini model, fitness expert and fashion designer. Thanks to her millions of social media followers, this Latina bombshell has attained international celebrity status. She belongs to the new breed of internet celebrities who amass millions of fans all over the world by sharing their lifestyle on the internet.

While the Victoria Secret Angels strut their stuff on the runway, the Instagram models owe their fame and fortune to the internet and with the global reach of the internet, their fame spreads like wildfire. Due to their massive online following, everything these Instabeauties touch turns to gold. As a result, they get several juicy endorsement deals from big corporations which keeps them smiling to the bank.

Chantel Zales belongs to the top echelons of online models. She has a perfectly toned body to go with her “assets” and this is the reason why her fans cannot get enough of her. Chantel is ranked among the 10 highest paid Instagram models in the world.

Chantel Zales
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From the internet, Chantel Zales moved on to grace several magazine covers and subsequently, she has attracted several lucrative endorsement deals. She has done promotional work for a countless number of companies and she has also created her own clothing line. Her fashion line offers a range of items including dresses, swimwear and rompers.

Despite her quite remarkable achievements, this Latina bombshell is not done yet. She aims to own a chain of businesses which she would bequeath to her future children. She is really more than just a pretty face, Chantel Zales is versatile and highly ambitious.

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Chantel Zales Biography

This beauty was born  6, 1990, in Albuquerque, New Mexico. At the age of 4, her family moved to Phoenix, Arizona where she was raised.

She was very active and athletic as a teenager as she got to participate in several sports including swimming and football. She was equally involved in classical music as she learnt to play the saxophone and violin.

Chantel Zales enrolled at the Arizona State University for her college education but it is unclear when she completed her degree. Upon graduation, she was employed at a firm where she took care of the logistics required for ESPN boxing fights.

She subsequently relocated to Los Angeles, California where her modelling career took off fulltime. Her early jobs had her appear in commercials for Pepsi and Acura. She has also graced the pages of several magazines including FHM, Maxim and Lowrider. The famous Instagram model equally has several billboards and online features to her credit.

She also has a few acting credits including the 2009 drama film Middle Men and the 2010 3D horror comedy film Piranha 3D, in which she was featured as a bikini girl. Chantel Zales also featured in a pin-up video for Transworld Motocross and in the 2017 music video for the song A Step Away by Black Oxygen.


Chantel Zales was born to parents of Mexican and Costa Rican descent. Therefore she is 100% latina. However, there aren’t further details about her birth family or her early life.

All the same, the model and entrepreneur is quite family-oriented as she has spoken about her desire to raise her own family and make enough wealth to leave for her children.

Net Worth

Between her career as a highly-sought model and fashion designer, Chantel Zales has her hands full. In the course of her career, the Instagram bombshell has equally attracted several endorsement deals from big companies and that has translated into megabucks. Due to her celebrity status, she is also paid to host several exclusive shows and events.

Chantel Zales currently has an estimated net worth of $5.36 Million. Zales is among the highest earning Instagram models around the world. These online models may not be as popular as their runway counterparts, but they sure amass their fair share of wealth.

Quick Facts

To stay in shape, Chantel Zales puts in at least 6 hours of cardio per week.

She also includes jogging/running in her exercise routine in order to build up her stamina.

However, Zales avoids weight-lifting because she wants to maintain her curves and doesn’t want to build up too many muscles.

She is also a yoga enthusiast. For one who has a quite busy schedule, Chantel Zales includes yoga in her routine to help deal with stress.

She equally maintains a healthy diet and drinks a sufficient amount of water.

Chantel Zales
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Body Measurements

Chantel Zales is mostly known for her well-sculpted body. Here are the body measurements of the of the famous swimsuit model:

Height: 5′ 7″ or 1.7m

Weight: 120 lbs

Bra Size: 32DD

Breast Size: 37 inches

Waist Size: 25 inches

Hip Size: 36 inches

Shoe Size: 8 (US) or 39 (EU)

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