What is Chanel West Coast’s Net Worth, and Does She Have a Boyfriend or Husband?

Chanel West Coast is an American TV personality, rapper, and singer with an estimated net worth of $3 million. Although she is yet to get married, she is currently in a relationship with a model named Dom Fenison.

Chanel West Coast can be described as an actress and TV show host but that would only be a tiny part of her resume. The successful businesswoman is also a skilled rapper and, to state the facts, comedienne, famed for her incredible performance on MTV shows, Ridiculousness and Fantasy Factory.

As a singer, Chanel’s talent in pop, hip-hop, and R&B has given her a huge following across lovers of these genres. Outside entertainment, the versatile singer is also known for her business savviness and has accumulated quite an impressive net worth.

According to sources, she is the brain behind the successful clothing line, Valleywood – a name she coined out of her roots in San Fernando Valley while the “wood”, she says, is drawn from her successful Hollywood career, hence, the name “Valleywood”. There’s so much more to learn about this amazon including how successful she has become.

What Is Chanel West Coast’s Net Worth?

Although Chanel’s average annual income remains shrouded in uncertainty, a recent estimate puts her net worth at a whopping $3 million, most of which has come from her musical career, modeling, acting, and TV host. Still young and bustling, Chanel West Coast has a bright future ahead of her. That simply means that her net worth will likely see major increases in the coming years.

TV Appearances Also Contribute to Her Net Worth

In as much as her involvement in reality TV has hindered her music career, she still makes a decent amount of income in this sector. She is primarily known for appearing on Dyrdek’s latest TV show, Ridiculousness as one of the show’s hosts, the others being Sterling Brim and Rob Dyrdek, but how much does she make on Ridiculousness? She takes home a whopping $142,050

Apart from Music and TV, She Holds a Number of Endorsement Deals

Good for her, music is not the only way she gets paid. According to sources, the singer also takes home massive volumes of Benjamins from promotions and endorsement deals. As of the time of writing this piece, she has so far signed endorsement contracts with the likes of Beach Bunny Swimwear, 310 Nutrition, Bling Jenny Bui, Buffalo David Bitton, and of course, Candy Jewelry Company. More so, Candy also features Chanel West Coast’s branded jewelry on their product list. Sources believe that she earns over $26,000 from endorsement deals annually. But there’s more.

She Makes a Decent Amount from Instagram Sponsored Posts

Chanel West is also an Instagram model who has so far done deals for fashion outlets such as Glow, and Fashion Nova, amongst others. She reportedly makes between $6,000 and $11000 for every sponsored post on her Instagram handle. Why not? When you’ve got over 3.2 million followers, you can. As an entrepreneur, the rapper has also established two clothing lines – Valleywood and LOL CARTEL in 2009 and 2019 respectively. She also joined forces with Daily High Club to create the Chanel West Coast collection of smoking supplies.

Does Chanel West Coast Have a Boyfriend or Husband?

Chanel West Coast and model Dom Fenison image source

The television personality is currently unmarried and has never been married before. However, she is in a relationship. In February of 2022, Chanel confirmed that she was involved with a model named Dom Fenison, who is based in Los Angeles and signed to DT Model Management. He is reported to have been discovered while working as a bartender in college.

Subsequently, he appeared in the music video of the song Let Me Go by Hailee Steinfeld and Alesso. Since then, Dom has appeared in numerous campaigns for Givenchy, Nike, and other popular brands and his Instagram account boasts of more than 67.7K followers.

Speaking of when he got together with Chanel West Coast in February 2022, Dom Fenison told In Touch Weekly that they had known each other for about five years at the time of the interview as he was part of her music video for Vinyl, which she released on February 14, 2022. However, he said, they rekindled their relationship and have officially been a couple for a few months.

On March 20, 2022, the couple took to their respective Instagram accounts to share pictures of them hugging and kissing. While Chanel captioned hers “Cabo w/ my love ????,” Dom shared the same set of photos alongside a video of Chanel dancing and captioned them: “Had a blast at Omnia,” (Omnia is a club in Mexico that operates during the day. It features DJs, beach views, pools, private bungalows, and VIP areas).

Meanwhile, before her relationship with Dom, sources revealed that Chanel was romantically involved with Liam Horne back in 2014. She has also had flings with Chris Pfaff back in the days.

Is She Really a Transgender?

Chanel West Coast
Chanel and Lee Norris – image source

Back in July 2015, a hilarious meme went viral online. It purported that Lee Norris, the nerdy character portrayed by Stuart Minkus in ABC’s Boy Meets World (1993-94) had undergone gender reassignment surgery from boy to girl and has changed his identity to Chanel West Coast. Although it was originally intended for laughs, the meme was believed by many to be true. Many still believe that Lee had swapped genders and continued with his acting career.

But so far, the rumors have been proven for what they are; rumors. Chanel West Coast was not and has never been a man. In a tweet dated July 22, 2016, Chanel said she had gotten news from certain “dumb sites” posting a picture of her being transgender. She then threatened such sites with a lawsuit. To state the facts, Chanel and Lee Norris are two different persons. Their resemblance may be all they have in common. Asides from that, they are poles apart, especially when you consider their ages. Lee was born on September 25, 1981, while Chanel on September 1, 1988; seven whopping years apart.

How Chanel West Coast Developed Her Strong Background in Music and TV

Chanel West Coast was born and named Chelsea Chanel Dudley in Los Angeles California on September 1, 1988. Growing up, she spent the best part of her childhood shuttling between North Hollywood where she lived with her mother, and New York where her father resided and worked as a local Disk Jockey. As a child, young Chanel usually accompanied her father to local clubs where he performed. She describes some of her fondest memories as when she would sit and wait for her dad under the DJ’s boot where no one would notice her presence.

It was in the bustling walls of those nightclubs that young Chanel developed a passion for music. With the encouragement of her parents, she began taking dancing and singing lessons and as she recounts, a major booster to her music career came when she participated in and won a competitive Hip-Hop Dance Team Competition.

Although Chanel’s musical history dates back to her childhood, it was in 2005, at age 17, that she would stand behind a mic in the Hollywood Hills Studio belonging to Marvin Gaye. Around the same period, she launched her first Myspace music account; going by the name “Chanel West Coast”. For Chanel, it was only a small step to get her recordings out there. But she never would’ve known how far it would take her. Since that time, her career has expanded in leaps and bounds.

Chanel got her big break in 2012 when she got signed to Lil Wayne’s Young Money Records. As she recalls, the rapper invited her personally to his Miami studio to have her play him a few of her songs. Blown by what he heard, Wayne signed Chanel to his popular record label on the spot. From then onward, Chanel has released one hit album, two mixtapes, and has appeared in no less than six films and TV shows. More recently, Chanel releases her music independently. Nevertheless, she remains affiliated with the Young Money label and so far, her showbiz exploits have paid off.

What is Channel West Coast Doing Now?

As of 2020, sources revealed that Chanel West Coast lives in a luxury apartment in Hollywood Hills, Los Angeles, California. The home which reportedly cost the singer $1.65 million was originally built in 1954 but had to be renovated in 2018. The luxury property sits on 18 acres and houses a master suite, skylit hallways, a finished basement, and a fully-landscaped outdoor surrounding.

She reportedly moved into the property in late 2019, sources reveal. In a recent interview, she opined that she wasn’t getting the needed support she thought she would get from Lil Wayne’s Young Money family. Although she hasn’t fully walked away, it is no news that she is quite distant from other members of the record label.

An aerial view of Channel West Coast’s career over the years would show a gradual transition from the good old days of music and acting into business. First, it’s been over a year since she last released any new music. While she is still co-host of Dyrdek’s latest show, Ridiculousness, there is no doubt that she has since spread her tentacles to other areas. In 2019, she reportedly launched another clothing line called LOL CARTEL. This is quite separate from Valleywood, her first clothing line which was launched ten years prior.


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