What To Know About Carli Bybel’s Latest Product Release, Net Worth and Plastic Surgery Rumors

Most women love getting beauty tips, especially when they are coming from hot and gorgeous ladies like Carli who is not only popular but also grounded in the field. Born and raised in Morganville, New Jersey, Carli Bybel is one of those personalities celebrated for touching lives through various social media platforms. She is a makeup artist, fashion vlogger, and fitness guide – one of the most sought after beauty stars you would ever want to follow for those stylish looks.

Carli had a rather troubled childhood following the problems in her family which led to her father abandoning them. However, she was able to pull through the financial condition at home, using her makeup talent. Find out how she made it to the top and a lot more interesting facts about her products and net worth.

What You Need To Know About Her Career Progress

Carli Bybel started working at the young age of 16 and her first paid job was at a Starbucks restaurant where she worked for three years to support her family. After graduating from high school in 2009, she went to college at Brookdale Community College where she obtained a degree in business.

Even as a working student, Carli was one of the best scholars in her college days. She worked as a freelance makeup artist and earned as much as $25 per client. Later on, she was employed as a hair and makeup artist at a photography studio known as Glamor Shots Studio. However, she couldn’t work there for long as her pay was barely enough to take care of her needs and that of her mother and sister Amanda Bybel.

Carli Bybel turned to YouTube with the help of her friend Samantha who is also a talented makeup artist. In 2011, she was able to post her first video she titled ‘Curl your hair with a straightener – Tutorial.’ Eventually, the venture surprised her with about 1000 subscribers in just four weeks. Amazed by the feedback she received, Carli continued to create and post more videos, hence, her popularity grew wider. In just about two years, subscribers to her makeup and hairstyle tutorials grew to one million. So far, Carli Bybel’s channel Carli Bybel has accumulated over 6 million subscribers and her most famous video ‘Megan Fox Makeup Tutorial’ has over 4.7 million views.

Carli Bybel’s Latest Product Release

Deeply passionate about bringing out the inner beauty and self-confidence in every woman, Carli has taken productive measures to achieve her goals. She owns a fashion line called Pranava Beauty; a fashion blog called The Beauty Bybel, plus a secondary YouTube channel she dubbed Inner Beauty Bybel. In 2017, the beauty star announced the coming of her own perfume she named ‘Opal’. As of the time of her announcement, she said the product was in its final stage of production. In July 2019, she made yet another announcement of the arrival of new lip products. The YouTube star teamed up with Il Makiage on a galaxy-themed line of lip products which include ultra-matte lipsticks, high-shine glosses, and waterproof lip liners. The products which were launched in August 2019, were made available in universal nude, pink, and red hues.

The makeup nerd has made similar collaborations with other beauty companies in the past. For instance, in 2015, she worked with BH Cosmetics to produce an eyeshadow palette.

Has Carli Bybel Gone Under The Knife?

Carli Bybel
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Beyond her quest to spread knowledge of external beauty, beauty bloggers like Carli have severally been questioned on the true nature of their beauty. For Carli, the speculations on whether or not she has gone under the knife lingered for quite a long time until in 2016 when she publicly admitted having some parts of her body modified. She said she has had lip fillers injected into her upper and lower lips twice. This was her first procedure and it was done at a botox party in 2014.

Carli Bybel had always wanted her top lip a little bigger to match with the lower one. She admitted to being satisfied with her new look. There are also claims that she has gone for nose and butt jobs but the star is yet to say a thing about that.

Carli’s Net Worth: How Much Money Has The YouTube Star Made?

Carli Bybel is believed to have a net worth estimated at $1.5 million which is not quite surprising, considering her popularity on various social media platforms. On YouTube, her videos have recorded over 6 millions of views for which she has been well rewarded.

According to some reviews, the beauty expert makes roughly $450 from ads on her channel per day. She is also said to earn $2–$5 per 1000 monetized views. Additional income may also come through YouTube red viewers which come monthly. However, there is no doubt that the bulk of her income comes from her various beauty and fashion products. Her brand known as The Fashion Bybel has over 2 million followers on its Instagram handle.

Other Facts You Should Know About Carli Bybel

Carli Bybel
Carli Bybel and Brett Caprioni –Image Source

  • Love Life

Carli is quite an open-minded person which is why getting information about her new hookups is averagely not difficult, except she plans otherwise in the future. The fashion and beauty mogul is known to have dated a fellow YouTuber, Brett Caprioni, who she met while Caprioni was in grade 3 and she was still in kindergarten. They started dating in high school but only became serious when they turned adults. Unfortunately, the two officially announced their separation in December 2017 with the makeup goddess confirming it in a video.

Currently, the brunette appears to have found a new beau named Badr Ghabi. He is a real estate broker with Sutton Group in Canada and he studied electronics and communication engineering at Teccart Institute in Montreal. Ghabi also attended the University of Quebec where he bagged a Bachelor’s degree in Information Technology.

  • She is a Lover of Animals

Animals like cats and penguins appear to be Carli’s special pets. She even revealed that she would love to work at SeaWorld as a penguin exhibit just to satiate her obsession for animals. Living with her in her apartment are her 4 felines namely Cindy, Bear, Bo, and Chai.

  • Tattoos

As much as Carli loves tattoos, she appears to have just a few of them on her body. The most visible of them all can be found on her fingers. One of them has the word ‘love’ boldly written, while the other has “om” and “mooi” which represents a nickname for her best friend.

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