A Complete List of Adam Levine’s Tattoos and Their Meanings

Adam Levine has had nothing less than 31 known tattoos consisting of everything from small words to large graphics, of which many of them have deeper meanings than others

While Adam Levine’s well-maintained physique outrightly earned him this title, his tattoos, which he has an insatiable appetite for, have also hugely contributed to the rugged sex appeal he has. It is truly difficult to think of Adam Levine and not immediately have an image of the stunning and intriguing tattoos on his body.

All The Tattoos on Adam Levine’s Body

The elaborate tattoos on Adam Levine’s body will catch anybody’s attention, and intrigue many people because there is more to them than what meets the eye. The singer does have a large appetite for tattoos and they cover a considerable amount of space on his body. He reportedly got his first tattoo when he was 21 and has not stopped inking his body since then.

As he continues to journey through life, he finds it wise to engrave those moments that have a special meaning onto his own body. He has, however, admitted to having occasionally gotten a tattoo for no apparent reason. Here are all of Adam Levine’s tattoos and what they mean.

1. Tiger

Adam Levine has a tiger tattooed on his right arm, around his inner right elbow. He says the tattoo was inspired by his love for a Tibetan drawing book.

Adam Levine's tattoos

2. Guitar

Adam used to be the lead guitarist of the Kara Flowers band, which is the band from which Maroon 5 originates. The guitar might just be his most favorite playing instrument. He loves it so much that he got it tatted on his left forearm.

3. Roman Numeral ‘X’

He has an X, the Roman numeral for 10, on his left forearm. He got it to mark the 10th anniversary of Maroon 5’s existence.

4. Mom Heart

Adam definitely loves his mother. How else to let the world know how he feels about the special woman in his life than inking it on his body. He has the word “Mom” scrolled across a heart in a ribbon on his right forearm. The singer admits that his mother isn’t really a fan of his tattoos, so he got one that he believed would gain her approval of his tattoos.

Adam Levine tattoo 5

5. Los Angeles

Being a proud native of the city of Angels, Adam has the name Los Angeles engraved on his right shoulder.

6. 222

He has the number 222 written on his left forearm. The number is of sentimental value to Adam as it was the door number of Maroon 5’s first recording studio.

7. Feathers and Other Decorative Accents

The rockstar has an incredibly beautiful sleeve tattoo that features feathers and other accents. He says he got the tattoo to keep him warm at night.

Adam Levine tattoo 7

8. Dove and Cherry Blossoms

In memory of all the people who lost their lives on the September 11, 2001 terrorist attacks, Adam Levine got a tattoo of a dove and cheery blossoms on his left shoulder. The singer was 21 years old at the time he decided to get the ink on his body and it has become one of the most appreciated and respected body tats of Maroon 5 star.

9. Illegible Cursive

Adam Levine has an illegible cursive tattoo on his right bulging biceps. These words were previously unknown to the public, however, recent reports say it is “you’re so cool” written three times. He reportedly got it after marrying Behati Prinsloo in 2014. They are said to have the same tattoo and have dedicated it to each other.

10. True Love Knuckle Tattoo

One of the more recent additions to his body is a tattoo of “TRUE LOVE” inked across his knuckles. Adam got the tattoo to show the world the love he has for his wife.

11. Shark

He has a shark drawn on his right ribs. Adam says that this is because sharks rank high in his list of fascinating creatures on earth, although he has admitted that they are also his biggest fears.

12. TAPAS in Sanskrit

On his left peck, just above his heart, Adam has the word “TAPAS” inked in Sanskrit script. The word means meditation through penance, warmth, fire, or passion. Being a huge yoga enthusiast, he credits the discipline with changing his life. He says he placed the tattoo at a more hidden location because it is very personal and important to him.

13. Sunflower

He also has a sunflower tattoo on his right peck which extends to his shoulder. He says it resembles a delicious cabbage but it also serves to complement his abs.

Adam Levine’s Tattoos

14. Black Beads Necklace Tattoo

One tattoo Adam Levine gives no reason for attaining, even though its role in enhancing his appearance is no mean achievement, is a black beaded necklace around his neck. He got the tattoo in Japan. When asked why he got it, he jokingly said that it’s there to ensure that he never lacks a necklace.

15. Eagle

Adam has an eagle drawn on his abs. Eagles represent courage and Adam says that he got it as a reminder of what an interesting journey life has been. The tattoo stretches across the front of his abdomen.

Adam Levine’s Tattoos

16. Hand Of A Woman Holding A Rose With True Love Written

A hand of a woman holding a rose with the words “TRUE Love” written on the hands is drawn on his left chest pec.

17. California

Similar to his Los Angeles tattoo, Adam Levine has the word “California” tattooed on his abdomen. It is a tribute to his home state.

18. Lion

Said to represent loyalty and self-confidence, the Maroon 5 lead singer has a picture of a lion inked just below his belly button and the ‘California’ tattoo.

19. Butterfly

To the left of the lion tattoo under his naval, Adam has a butterfly inked there. This tat is said to represent faith, transformation, and freedom.

20. Female Centaur Face

To the right of his lion tattoo is that of a female centaur face. It is not clear what this tattoo represents.

21. ‘B’ and ‘R’

On his left peck, just before his nipple, Adam has the alphabets ‘D’ and ‘R’ written in an old English font. Many have mistaken this tattoo to mean BRO, where the alphabet ‘O’ is represented by the singer’s nipple. However, it has since been revealed to be the initials of his daughter’s name, Dusty Rose.

22. Noah Levine

On his left rib, beside the eagle tattoo, Adam has his middle and last name written on his body.

23. Ocean Waves

Ocean waves are tattooed all through Adam’s left leg. He got the ink in March 2021 and it was done by artist Nathan Kostechko. When revealing it to the public on his Instagram story, he put out a caption that said it was the “most painful way to get a tan”. The tattoo took three days to be completed.

24. Mermaid With Wings Holding A Skull 

Adam Levine has an elaborate tattoo that fills his entire back. Its center of attraction is a winged mermaid holding a skull. Other visible pieces in the tattoo include a ship, a ship wheel, waves, seashells, flowers, billowing clouds, and the sun among other things.

Adam gave fans a first look at the tattoo via a pic he posted on his Instagram page. He revealed that it took him 6 months to complete and was done by his favorite tattoo artist, Bryan Randolph.

Before the enormous tattoo on his back became what it currently looks like, there existed a drawing of a model (signifying his love for Victoria’s Secret models) and a dog’s paw with the name of his former pet, a golden retriever named Frankie Girl.

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