Who is Markiplier’s Girlfriend Amy Nelson and How Long Have They Been Together?

Amy Nelson is a 30-year-old American illustrator and graphic designer best known as Markiplier’s girlfriend. The couple started dating in 2015 and are still going strong to date. 

More than being lovers, Amy Nelson and Markiplier work together and it has left many curious about the woman that makes Markiplier’s heart flutter. Named Mark Edward Fischbach at birth in Honolulu, Hawaii, on the 28th of June 1989, Markiplier is a famous American YouTuber.

He is one of the most successful and admired internet personalities as he often utilizes his platforms to raise funds for various charities. This earned him the Oliver R. Grace Award in 2020 after he raised over $490,000 for the Cancer Research Institute.

As of June 2021, Markiplier’s YouTube Channel had over 29.4 million subscribers, and the content he shares that ranges from aminated parodies to comedy sketches and gaming videos have accumulated over 15.8 billion views. This goes to show how popular the YouTuber is, and his fame has rubbed off on his girlfriend.

Nonetheless, Markiplier is not the only reason Amy is popular as she also has a pretty successful career. Markiplier and Amy are so fond of each other that people started speculating they got married. While we can confirm that the couple are yet to walk down the aisle, their bond has grown over the years and they might just make things official in the nearest future; who knows?.

Markiplier’s Girlfriend was Born in Cincinnati, Ohio, and is a Citizen of The United States

Like Markiplier, Amy Nelson is a citizen of the United States of America. Although the 30 year old currently lives in Los Angeles, California, it was in the major city of Ohio, Cincinnati, that she was born. As you would easily find, her date of birth was on the 21st of May 1994. Aside from these facts, it is hard to tell anything else about Amy’s early life and family background. Things like the kind of upbringing she had, the schools she attended, her parents, siblings, and what have you are yet to be unveiled.

But that’s not the case for her famous boyfriend. The YouTuber born in Honolulu, Hawaii, precisely at the Tripler Army Medical Center, moved with his family to Cincinnati, Ohio, after he was born. There, he was raised alongside an older brother named Jason Thomas Fischbach by their parents, Sunok and Cliffton M. Fischbach. His father, an American of German descent, served in the U.S Army. At some point, he was based in Korea where he met Markiplier’s mom, Sunok.

The background details of Markiplier’s girlfriend may be hard to come by but her association with the famous YouTuber has exposed a lot of facts about her, especially in terms of what she does for a living.

Amy Nelson is an Illustrator and Graphic Designer

Known online as Peebles, Amy Nelson is a visual artist specialized in illustrating and graphic designing. She also describes herself as a ceramics & interactive media maker. She has a YouTube channel called Planet Peebles which she created in February 2017. As of this writing, the channel has over 68.4k subscribers although it doesn’t have any content.

Amy is also active on other social media platforms, including Snapchat, Instagram, and Twitter. She is regarded as an actress in some quarters as she appeared in the 2019 TV movie, A Heist with Markiplier, which was written and directed by her boyfriend, Mark Fischbach. Earlier in 2017, she worked as a camera operator in productions like I’m Celebrating National Pup Day at the Getty and Peebles Gets Abducted!.

Her Work With Markiplier as an Editor, Director, and Producer

Amy Nelson has collaborated with her boyfriend multiple times as a producer, director, and editor. Her prominent work as an editor is Unus Annus; she edited at least 19 episodes of the series Markiplier created with fellow YouTuber, Ethan Nestor. She also directed at least two episodes of the series with other documentaries like Peebles Gets Abducted! and Where Am I? A Drive to Slab City.

Amy’s work as a producer includes an episode of Markiplier, the 2019 TV movie, A Heist with Markiplier, Peebles Gets Abducted!, Where Am I? A Drive to Slab City, and I’m Celebrating National Pup Day at the Getty. She is also credited as the writer of the last three.

Markiplier and Amy Nelson Have Been Dating Since 2015

Details of how the couple met have been sketchy but it is has been speculated that they had known each other for a long time before they began dating. While this has not been confirmed, the fact that they were both raised in Cincinnati, Ohio, seems to lend credence to the claim. Amy Nelson became Markiplier’s girlfriend sometime in late 2015 but the public got to learn about it the following year after she accompanied the YouTuber to VidCon 2016. As many of Markiplier’s fans kept wondering what’s up between the two online, Amy took to Twitter to confirm they were dating.

The couple has been together since then; they live together in Los Angeles and Amy has been featured in many videos of Markiplier. Based on what they share on their social media pages, one could tell that the YouTuber thinks highly of Amy as much as she adores him. They often embark on vacations together and Markiplier believes he’s a lucky fellow to have Amy as his girlfriend. The two are yet to get married but are parents to a cute dog named Henry.

Who Did Markiplier Date Before Amy Nelson?

As it is with Amy, much isn’t known about Markiplier’s love life before his relationship with Peebles came to light. Nonetheless, it is known that neither of the two have ever been married. Reports have it that the YouTuber dated some lady in the past before he met Amy. It is said that Markiplier’s mother believed his former girlfriend was of no good to him. Sunok, fondly called Momiplier by the Youtuber and his fans, refused to support the relationship. At some point, she got fed and kicked Markiplier out of her home. He rented an apartment and lived with the unnamed ex who eventually pulled the plug on the relationship.

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