Who Is Elle Duncan’s Husband Omar Abdul Ali?

Omar Abdul Ali is the husband of Ella Duncan, the American newscaster, sportscaster, and TV personality currently working with ESPN. Elle Duncan’s husband is a professional disc jockey born on January 22, 1984, and is  40 years old as of 2024.

Being married to a public personality has a way of making one famous. To a large extent, this is the case with Omar Abdul Ali, a professional disc jockey in Atlanta, who gained public attention for his marriage to a globally recognized TV reporter, Elle Duncan. As a result, the public has become more curious about knowing all about him. 

Omar Abdul Ali’s Bio

  • AGE: 40 years old as of 2024
  • BIRTHDAY: January 22, 1984
  • BIRTHPLACE: United States
  • BIRTH SIGN: Aquarius
  • ETHNICITY: African-American

Who Is Elle Duncan’s Husband?

Ella Duncan’s husband is Omar Abdul Ali, a successful disc jockey. He was born and raised in the United States, but the exact place he was born is unknown. However, some sources claim he was based in Atlanta before he married the reporter.

Omar Abdul Ali is of African ethnicity. Reports have it that his parents migrated to the United States from an African country, but the country is not known to the public. However, being that he was born in the United States, Omar Abdul Ali is of American nationality.

What Is Omar Abdul Ali’s Age?

Omar Abdul Ali is 40 years old as of 2024. He was born in the United States on January 22, 1984, and his zodiac sign is Aquarius.

Nothing is known about Omar Abdul’s academic background. However, he is well-educated, as he reportedly started his career when he was still in high school.

How Did Elle Duncan Meet Her Husband, Omar Abdul Ali?

Omar Abdul and Elle Duncan first met each other in a nightclub. According to reports, Omar was the one who initiated the friendship immediately after he saw the ESPN reporter. Elle accepted his friendship, and they started growing their bonds as just friends. They had a few outings together, which helped them get to know each other better.

After a few years of being friends, in 2015, Omar Abdul Ali proposed to Elle Duncan, and she immediately accepted his proposal. This happened close to a river in Atlanta.

Omar Became Elle Duncan’s Husband in 2016

Less than a year after their engagement, Elle Duncan and Omar Abdul Ali decided to say their vows (in 2016). Meanwhile, they had already married in court two months before their big wedding. Omar disclosed this in May 2020 through one of his social media posts commemorating their four-year wedding remembrance at the Delkalb County courtroom with their family members present.

The ESPN reporter and her husband had a splendid wedding ceremony at the Villa Caletas Hotel in Jaco, Costa Rica, but the details are not public knowledge. 

Ella Duncan and Her Husband Has Welcomed Two Children

Elle Duncan and Omar Abdul Ali are now parents to two children.

Just a few weeks after their union, there were speculations that Ella had given birth. But it was later discovered that it was a lie. However, the ESPN reporter and her husband have so far welcomed a total of two children. Here is all to know about them.

Meet Omar Abdul Ali’s First Child, Eva Ali

  • Date of birth: July 25, 2018
  • Age: 5 years old as of 2024

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Omar Abdul Ali and his wife, Elle Duncan, welcomed their first child, a daughter named Ella Ali, on July 25, 2018. They named her after Elle’s great-grandmother, who died in 2020. Ella Ali’s place of birth is unavailable to the public. Also, her parents have not disclosed if she is being home-schooled or not.

Being that Ella Ali is 5 years old as of 2024 it is expected that she should be rounding off her Kindergarten academic level or have joined the elementary school. 

Xander Ali

  • Date of birth: December 16, 2021
  • Age: 2 years old in 2024

Xander Ali was born on December 16, 2021. His mother announced his pregnancy earlier through their Instagram page before his birth. Elle Duncan, in the post, indirectly disclosed the gender of the child. She, however, stated that they are fully open for more children when she used the words “more life and more babies on the way!” Just like Omar Abdul Ali’s first child, Eva, Xander’s place of birth is not disclosed.

Xander Ali is thoroughly enjoying the care of his parents, and his mother has not disclosed if he has been enrolled in a preschool or not. However, being that he is 2 years old in 2024, we believe he may currently have been enrolled in a Kindergarten or preschool class.

What Is Omar Abdul Ali’s Net Worth?

Omar Abdul Ali’s net worth is estimated at $150,000. This estimation is believed to be his earnings from his career as a disc jockey. Let’s have a detailed look at the revenue opportunities that accrued Oma Abdul Ali’s estimated net worth.

Gig fees

Though the exact amount that he is paid per show is not known, he earns a good sum from it. Since Ali performs as a disc jockey in special events, clubs, and parties, it is believed that the income he earned from these performances added to his estimated net worth.

Music Sales and Streamings

As a disc jockey, Omar Abdul Ali mixes music and uploads them on streaming platforms like Twitch. His earnings from these platforms are believed to contribute to his net worth. Other sources through which he generates revenue include payments from residencies at clubs, endorsements, sponsorships, radio shows, and podcasts.

Is Omar Abdul Ali Still Married To Elle Duncan?

Yes, Omar Abdul Ali and Elle Duncan are still together and enjoying their marriage to the fullest. They have been married for 8 years old as of 2024 and are still living like they just started their marriage yesterday.


Is Elle Duncan Married or Engaged?

Elle Duncan is married to Omar Abdul Ali, an African-American professional disc jockey.

Who Is Elle Duncan Married To?

Elle Duncan’s husband is Omar Abdul Ali, a disc jockey whom she got married to in 2016.


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