Who Is Braylon Howard, Dwight Howard’s First Son?

Braylon Howard is the first son of Dwight Howard, the American professional basketball player, and Royce Reed, an author and actress. Braylon Howard was born on November 18, 2007, and he is 16 years old as of 2024.

Braylon Howard has had a share of the limelight thanks to his mother, Royce Reed, a reality TV star, dance and cheer coach, and author. His father, Dwight Howard, is a well-known basketball player. His parents never got married. There has been a constant custody battle between both parents, and Braylon Howard appears to be negatively impacted by the problems at home. Read on to learn more about the NBA player’s son and what he has up his sleeves now.

Braylon Howard’s Bio

  • AGE: 16 Years Old
  • BIRTHDAY: November 18, 2007
  • BIRTHPLACE: Orange County. Florida, United States
  • BIRTH SIGN: Scorpio
  • ETHNICITY: African American
  • FATHER: Dwight Howard
  • MOTHER: Royce Reed
  • SIBLINGS: Layla Howard, Jayde Howard, Trey Howard, and David Howard

What is Braylon Howard’s Age Today?

Braylon Howard is 16 years old as of 2024. He was born on November 18, 2007, in Orange County, Florida, in the United States, to Dwight Howard and Royce Reed. His zodiac sign is Scorpio, and he is an American citizen of African-American ancestry.

Braylon Howard is the first of Dwight Howard’s children, as he has other half-siblings born to his father by different women. His siblings, Trey, David, Jade, and Layla, are all growing up under the care of their father and mothers, who are co-parenting peacefully.

The NBA player’s son is still a high school student, but details about his school’s name have not been disclosed to the media. According to reports, he enjoys sporting activities like his father did and plays forward for his school’s football team.

However, Braylon’s childhood hasn’t been the easiest because his parents parted ways soon after he was born. Due to his parents’ troubled relationship, he has mainly lived with his mother since then and has only occasionally seen his father.

Who is Braylon Howard’s Father, Dwight Howard?

Dwight Howard, Braylon Howard’s father, is a renowned basketball player. He was born on December 8, 1985, in Atlanta, Georgia, the United States, to Dwight Howard Sr. and Sheryl Howard.


In the 2004 NBA Draft, Howard was chosen first overall by the Orlando Magic. He led the Magic to the 2009 NBA Finals and set several league records. After spending eight seasons with Orlando, Howard was transferred to the Los Angeles Lakers in 2012. In his career, he played for the Lakers for three different one-year spells and won the NBA Finals in 2020.

Additionally, he has represented the Washington Wizards, Charlotte Hornets, Houston Rockets, Atlanta Hawks, and Philadelphia 76ers. Following his 2021–2022 season as a player for the Lakers, Howard relocated abroad and joined the Taiwanese Leopards, where he was selected as a T1 All-Star during his first season with the club.

Royce Reed is Braylon Howard’s Mother

Royce Reed, the mother of Braylon Howard, is an actress, writer, dance instructor, and reality TV personality. She was born in Orlando, Florida, United States, on June 22, 1980, and is 43 years old as of 2024. The actress gained recognition as a TV personality after appearing on Basketball Wives.Braylon Howard

As an actress, she has appeared in a few films, including Call TimeFirst Lady, and more. Reed is also a skilled dancer who originally gained recognition as a cheerleader for NBA teams like the Miami Heat and Orlando Magic. She also owns and manages Royce Reed’s Fantastique Dance Company in Florida.

Braylon Howard’s Parents Were Never Married

Braylon Howard’s parents, Dwight Howard and Royce Reed, were never married. According to sources, Reed cheered for the Orlando Magic club, and Howard was still a player when they first crossed paths in 2004. They came clean about their relationship a few months later, in 2005. Their relationship appeared to be going well, and two years later, in 2007, Reed became pregnant.

Their romance took a bad turn, and they split up not long before Braylon was born. Due to the discord in their relationship, Reed filed a paternity lawsuit in Orange County, Florida, against Dwight Howard in 2008. She requested upward adjustment and child support in the case that she filed. Although he and Reed came to a paternity arrangement, Howard accepted the paternity suit.

Braylon Howard’s parents reached a conclusive agreement as regards the custody, visitation, and child support of their son. Reed also consented to keeping Dwight Howard’s name off public records. Because of this, according to the Paternity Suit, Braylon has lived primarily with his mother and only sometimes gets to see his father.

Braylon started to hate his father since he was not present in his daily life. In an Instagram video, he once criticized his father for being uninvolved and somewhat of an outsider in his life. He also vented in the video about how much he detested his father.

What Happened To Dwight Howard’s First Son?

In March 2022, Dwight Howard’s first son was accused of abusing younger children and engaging in improper sexual relations with boys younger than him. The complaint claims that when Braylon is upset, he behaves sexually inappropriately. One such case was when he got irritated with the son of his mother’s boyfriend and forced the boy to touch his genitals.

The boy reported the incident to an adult, and the authorities were notified. Following the event, Braylon was advised to see a sexual treatment counselor. The NBA player’s son was consequently closely watched and prohibited from spending time unsupervised with children younger than himself. However, Braylon breached the law once more in March 2022 when he was spotted hanging out with younger children.

His therapist notified the authorities of his crime after learning about it. His mother was charged with failing to provide adult supervision at the time of the incident. She entered a not-guilty plea when the authorities accused her of child negligence, a third-degree felony. She quickly put together a legal team to help her get rid of the charges.

How Many Siblings Does Braylon Howard Have?

Braylon Howard has four half-siblings: two brothers and two sisters. They are Layla, Jayde, Trey, and David. Read on to learn more about Braylon Howard’ siblings:

Layla Howard

Layla Howard is Dwight Howard’s first daughter and the younger half-sister of Braylon Howard. She was born in October 2010 to the NBA player and Tiffany Render. Nonetheless, there hasn’t been much media coverage of Layla Howard, and her father does everything in his power to keep details about her life private.

Jayde Howard

Jayde Howard is the second daughter of Dwight Howard and the half-sister of Braylon. She was born in December 2010, not too long after Dwight Howard’s first daughter, Layla, was born. Jayde’s mother is Hope Alexa, a Vancouver, Canada-based fitness model. Before Jayde was born, she and Howard dated, but it’s unclear if they’re still together at the moment.

Trey Howard

Trey Howard is the fourth child and second son of Dwight Howard. He was born to Dwight Howard and Christine Vest on June 13, 2013, and is also known as Dwight III. Similar to Dwight Howard’s other children, little is known about Trey Howard’s current activities.

David Howard

David Howard is Braylon Howard’s half-brother and Dwight Howard’s fifth child. He was born to Dwight Howard and real estate agent Melissa Rios on May 15, 2013. David is Dwight Howard’s second son, and his life has been concealed from the public eye. However, his mom, Melissa Rios, is late, as she passed away in 2020 due to an epileptic seizure.


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