Who is Max Helm? All About The Fiji UNL Frat Member

Max Helm is a student of the University of Nebraska Lincoln and a member of a social confraternity popularly known as Fiji. The college student came into the limelight following a rape incident in which he was the culprit. His actions drew a lot of attention to him and the confraternity. Here is all you need to know about Max and the incident.

Max Helm’s Bio

  • ETHNICITY: White
  • FATHER: Thomas Helm
  • MOTHER: Melissa Helm

Who Is Max Helm?

Max Helm is the son of Thomas Helm and Melissa Helm. He is suggested to be in his twenties, but we do not know exactly when he was born. Similarly, his place of birth and other personal details are not available on the net. Aside from his parents’ names, nothing more is known about them either. Although the rape incident drew a lot of attention to him, his details are yet to be revealed.

He Became Popular After a Rape Incident

On the 25th of August 2021, there was an uproar on social media following a rape incident that happened a night before at the University of Nebraska Lincoln in the United States. According to reports, the incident happened sometime around midnight during a wild party at the Fiji house.

A member of the Fiji confraternity, also known as the Phi Gamma Delta, raped a seventeen-year-old girl at the party. After that, he beat her up and threw her out of the house. The said member was later identified as Max Helm. After he threw his victim out, another girl who was passing by saw her and took her to the hospital. At this time, she was unconscious.

The news spread like wildfire and fellow students immediately staged a protest against the rapist and the entire Fiji confraternity. The protest then extended to social media and a good number of people started calling for the suspension of the frat. This was later granted.

A Twitter User Named Emmy Drew Public Attention to the Rape Case

A particular Twitter user who goes by the pseudonym @emmyofthevalley continuously spoke up against the unfortunate incident. She claimed that her sister was in the school, and it was a matter of great concern to her. She also revealed that the evil act has been ongoing for a long time, especially among members of the said frat.

Reports also revealed that the case with the seventeen-year-old girl is not Max Helm’s first rape case. The infamous college student is said to have been involved in the same act sometime in 2017.

What irritated people the most was the reaction of other members of the fraternity towards the incident. They treated it with levity and made a joke out of it. Their action and inaction do not come as a surprise to many as the group is known for its questionable morals. They are also known for racism as their pledge rule says “No Mexicans”.

How was the Situation Handled?

On social media, a petition was made against Fiji, and over a hundred thousand people signed it. There was also continuous protest on the streets and on social media. People started trending the hashtag #fuckfiji on different social media platforms, including Twitter and Instagram.

Aside from the protests, the incident was reported to the police, and Max was charged with rape. However, we do not have further details about the case.

The Max Helm Case is Not the First in UNL

According to reports, the Max Helm case is one of the many rape cases that occur on the UNL campus and other college campuses. In fact, another rape case was reported eight hours after that of Max. Therefore, the college authorities need to put strict measures in place to curb such ill acts.

Where is Max Helm Now?

Since the incident, there has been no news about Max on the internet. There is no information about his whereabouts or what he is up to at the moment.

Who are Max Helm’s Parents?

Max Helm’s parents are Thomas Helm and Melissa helm. Aside from their names, nothing more is known about them.

What Fraternity Does Max Helm Belong To?

Max Helm belongs to the Fiji confraternity, also known as Phi Gamma Delta, at the University of Nebraska Lincoln. The frat is known for its questionable standards.

What Offense Did Max Helm Commit?

Max Helm raped and physically assaulted a seventeen-year-old girl in August 2021.

Is Mac Helm Still Being Held in Custody? 

We do not know his whereabouts at the moment. However, after the incident, Max was arrested and charged with rape and sexual assault.

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