Who Was Dr Moji Gesinde and Why Was Malpractice Dedicated To Her?

Dr. Moji Gesinde was a UK-based medical doctor whose publications brought about huge advancements in hematology and transfusion medicine. The ITV drama series Malpractice by Grace Ofori-Attah was not dedicated to Dr. Moji Gesinde; instead, it centers on the experiences and pressures faced by doctors. 

Dr. Moji Gesinde was a globally recognized medical practitioner who combined medical practice and the quest for medical solutions through in-depth research. As a result, she successfully distinguished herself and was thus categorized among the best in hematology and transfusion medicine. Thanks to her achievements and global impact, she was honored as a Member of the Order of the British Empire (MBE).

Who Was Dr. Moji Gesinde?

Dr. Moji Gesinde was a medical doctor specializing in hematology and transfusion medicine. Although little to nothing is known about her personal life, she is reportedly from Nigeria but was based and practiced in the United Kingdom. 

Among some of Dr. Moji’s personal information that has remained unknown is the exact date, month, and year that she was born. Other details about her background, including the names of her parents, siblings, and what they do/did for a living, are unknown. 

Information about her personal life has also been kept off the record; this includes whether she got married before her death and to whom she was married if she did. Further details on whether she had any children also remain vague.

Moji Is An Alumnae of the University of Lagos, Nigeria

Dr. Moji Gesinde attended the University of Lagos, where she got her first degree in Medicine. As someone who loved acquiring more knowledge in her field and other disciplines, she obtained a master’s degree in medical law and ethics. Thanks to her work and educational qualifications, Dr. Moji became a Fellow at the Royal College of Pathology.

Moji Gestinde Has Held Remarkable Positions In The Health Sector

Dr. Moji’s career journey in the health sector saw her hold notable roles, including that of the clinical director for hematology and blood transfusion at Leeds Teaching Hospital. She was greatly involved with medical research and led several research findings in her area of medical specialization.

Some of her publications in hematology have helped reshape the practice of this aspect of Medicine in recent times. Her published works are reference materials for undergraduates and practicing medical practitioners.

Is The ITV Drama Series Malpractice Dedicated To Dr. Moji Gesinde?

The ITV drama series Malpractice isn’t dedicated to Dr. Moji Gesinde, but many reports have falsely stated that it is. Ofori-Attah, the drama’s writer, said that Malpractice wasn’t based on anyone’s life story. 

She went on to reveal that she was exposed to the pressures faced by doctors and the reasons for the increasing number of suicides committed by doctors. Meanwhile, Ofori-Attah is reported to have worked under the National Health Service for 15 years, where Dr. Moji Gesinde once served as a medical director.

To date, the reason it was speculated that the Malpractice was dedicated to Dr. Moji Gesinde has remained unknown. 

What Caused Dr. Moji Gesinde’s Death?

The cause of Dr. Moji Gensnde’s death has not been revealed. The family of the extraordinary medical practitioner and researcher decided to keep the details of what led to her death private. Furthermore, the date she passed away has also remained under wraps, but according to reports, she was 60 years old at the time of her death. Other details about where and when she was buried have equally remained undisclosed to the media.

Moji Gesinde’s Obituary 

On the announcement of the death of Dr. Moji Gesinde, there were several condolence messages and tributes, which showed how empathic Dr. Moji was to the medical practice. Most of these tributes were from those she had positively impacted. Though she is dead, her contributions to the development of hematology and blood transfusion will keep her legacy alive in the medical sector.


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