Iva Colter: 7 Interesting Things About Mike Colter’s Wife

Iva Colter is Mike Colter’s wife, whom he married in 2016. In the 8 years of their marriage, Iva and Mike became parents to two lovely daughters, Naiella and her younger sister, born in 2018.

The lovey-dovey couple first met at Rutgers University in 2006 while undergoing different postgraduate studies. They dated for ten good years before becoming husband and wife. But despite Mike’s popularity as an actor, Iva prefers the quieter side of life, working as a recruiter and corporate executive. Still, their interracial marriage has been stereotyped.

Summary of Iva Colter’s Bio

  • Full name: Iva Popovicova Colter
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of birth: 25th April 1975
  • Iva Colter’s Age:49 years old
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Taurus
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Married
  • Iva Colter’s Husband: Mike Colter
  • Iva Colter’s Children: 2
  • Iva Colter’s Net worth: $1 million
  • Famous for: Mike Colter’s wife

What Is Iva Colter’s Age?

Iva Colter is a 49-year-old woman born on 25th April 1975 in New Jersey, the United States of America. As someone who cherishes privacy, she has not disclosed her parents’ identities nor given insight into her childhood. But from what is obvious, she is an American woman of Caucasian ethnicity.

Iva Colter is Well-Educated; She has a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature

As she came of age, Iva had her basic and high school education. Following her high school graduation, she enrolled in a tertiary institution and soon graduated. After that, she returned to Central European University for her postgraduate studies. There, she earned a Master of Arts degree in Gender and Culture.

After her master’s degree, Iva Colter began her doctorate studies in comparative literature at Rutgers, The State University of New Jersey-New Brunswick. Today, she is a Ph.D. holder. It is interesting to note that it was during her studies at Rutgers that she met her future husband, Mike Colter.

Iva Colter: 7 Interesting Things About Mike Colter's wife
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What does Iva Colter do for a Living?

Iva Colter is a recruiter and corporate executive with diverse experiences working in various roles. She set up a company known as Executive Search and was at the helm of affairs there from 2006 to 2012. By March 2012, she landed the role of assistant vice president in charge of recruiting at Ares Management. She was on this job for two years and one month, from March 2012 to March 2014.

For the past 10 years now, Iva Colter has been with Netflix, North Hollywood, Califonia, USA. She got started in her first role sometime in March 2014 as the Vice President of Talent Acquisition.

About a year and a half after joining Netflix, Iva was promoted to Director of Talent Acquisition. As a director in the video-on-demand organization, Iva spearheads the design and implementation of recruitment procedures. She also monitors the entire recruitment process of new talents and identifies exceptional people within the Netflix workforce.

Aside from working at Netflix, Iva is also a lecturer of English at Rutgers University, where she is an associate professor.

Iva Colter’s Net Worth

Iva Colter, Mike Colter’s wife, has an estimated net worth of about $1 million. She has earned this much through her diverse experiences working in various corporate organizations. Compared to her husband, Mike Colter, Iva is twice less rich as Mike’s net worth is $2 million. On his part, his career as an actor is chiefly the main source of his income.

Interesting Facts About Iva Colter as Mike Colter’s Wife

1. Iva is Older than Mike Colter

Iva happens to be a year older than her husband, Mike. While Iva was born in the year 1975 and is currently 49 in 2024, Mike Colter was born precisely on 26th August 1976 which makes him 47 years old in the year 2024.

2. Iva met Mike Colter at Rutger’s University

Iva and Mike Colter got to know each other back in the early 2000s when they were both enrolled in various postgraduate studies at Rutger’s University. While Iva rounded off her doctorate studies and research work in comparative literature, Mike was pursuing his master’s in acting.

3. Iva Share a Mutual Love for Arts with Mike Colter

Being first-timers in the school with no friends, Mike and Iva easily got along, thanks to their shared love for the arts. As their friendship grew, they began spending more time in each other’s company, going to see films together and sharing their interests.

4. Iva and Mike Dated for Ten Years Before Mike Got Famous

Shortly after they rounded off their university studies, Iva and Mike officially started dating in 2006. However, there was no buzz about this then because Mike was still an unknown actor in Hollywood.

The times were tough for the gentleman, but Iva’s love for him remained true and firm. In addition, she also gave him the much-needed moral support that prevented him from breaking down completely. A few years passed, and Mike’s fortune changed for the better.

He began getting acting jobs with roles in films like And Then Came Love (2007), Taking Chance (2009), Men In Black 3 (2012), Luke Cage (2016–2018), The Defenders (2017), and Jessica Jones (2015; 2019). With these works, Mike now has a good portfolio of critically acclaimed films.

5. Iva Became Mike Colter’s Wife in 2016

Mike and Iva married in 2016 and have been together for 8 years. While the couple has had no problems between them in their marriage, some people have cast aspersion on their marriage – an interracial marriage. Mike is an African-American man from South Carolina, while Iva is a Caucasian woman from New Jersey.

But regardless of the public’s opinion on their marriage, Mike has firmly defended their choice to marry each other. He revealed that when he first saw Iva at Rutger’s University, he was love-struck by her beauty. Even their different racial backgrounds couldn’t be a barrier to his admiration for her. Mike has also revealed without shame that Iva was his pillar of support when he was still struggling as an actor in Hollywood.

Iva Colter: 7 Interesting Things About Mike Colter's wife
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6. Iva and Mike Have Two Daughters

Iva Colter and Mike Colter are parents to two children. The couple had their first child, Naiella, a baby girl, in 2016, shortly after they got married. About two years later, sometime in October 2018, Mike revealed that he had a second daughter with his wife.

Though they are celebrities, Mike and his wife, Iva, prefer to raise their kids away from the public’s prying eyes. As such, not much is known about them except for their ages. Their first daughter, Neila, is 8 years old while the second is 6, both in 2024.

7. Iva Colter is not on Social Media, Unlike Her Husband

Unlike her husband, Iva Colter is not active on any known social media platform. The reason for this might not be far from the harsh criticisms she has faced in the past due to her interracial marriage with Mike. It has also been suggested that she chose to stay away from social media to avoid misrepresentation of Netflix (as an organization) in her role as director of recruitment.

Key Takeaways About Mike Colter’s Wife, Iva Colter

  • Iva Colter, who is 49 years old, was born on 25th April 1975 in New Jersey, the United States of America.
  • She is a Caucasian woman by ethnicity and an American national.
  • Iva has a master’s in arts (M.A) in Gender and Culture from Central European University. She also has a Ph.D. in Comparative Literature from Rutgers University.
  • Iva Colter founded the company named Executive Search in 2006. She was vice president in charge of recruiting at Ares Management (2012-2014).
  • Iva became the Vice President of Talent Acquisition at Netflix in 2014. She rose to the Director of Talent Acquisition at Netflix in 2016.
  • Iva married Mike Colter in 2016, having dated him since 2006.
  • Together, they have two children; their first daughter was born in 2016, while the second was born in 2018.

FAQ’s About Iva Colter

How Old is Iva Colter?

Mike Colter’s wife, Iva Colter, is 49 years old in 2024.

What Does Iva Colter Do?

Iva Colter is a recruiter and corporate executive. She currently works as the Director of Talent Acquisition at Netflix.

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