Where Are Gabriel Fernandez’s Parents and What Happened To His Mom?

Gabriel Fernandez’s parents are Arnold Contreras and Pearl Fernandez, who were separated years before Gabriel began living with his mom. While living with his mum and her boyfriend, Gabriel was severely abused and tortured before eventually being murdered.

Gabriel Fernandez was an 8-year-old American boy who became popular in May 2013 after the stories of his gruesome murder in the hands of his legal guardians were revealed. With the disturbing details of his death, a lot of folks have been wondering about where Gabriel’s parents were when he was being tortured and eventually killed. Read on for more details on Gabriel Fernandez’s parents.

Who are Gabriel Fernandez’s Parents?

Gabriel Fernandez was the son of a one-time couple named Arnold Contreras and Pearl Fernandez. Although they never got married officially, the couple were together for a long time, and their relationship led to the birth of their three kids, including Gabriel.

Following Gabriel Fernandez’s parents’ separation, the couple’s boys had to be taken in by Pearl’s parents. They then lived together with their grandparents up until when Pearl came to take the younger son, Gabriel, to live with her and her boyfriend. After Gabriel died at the hands of Pearl and her then-boyfriend, she was convicted of his murder and has been in jail ever since then.

Who is Gabriel Fernandez’s Dad?

Gabriel Fernandez’s dad is Arnold Jose Contreras, a Hispanic-American man who has equally had his fair share of a troubled life. Arnold Jose Contreras was born on August 6, 1981, and is currently 42 years old. His parents, Placida Contreras and Rodrigo Contreras, were Mexican migrants who had him and his older brother after they moved to California, USA.

Although he tried to make a decent living as a tattoo artist and piercer, Arnold regularly had different run-ins with the authorities, and this led to him not always being present in the lives of his family and children.

At the time of Gabriel’s death, Arnold was serving time in jail and, consequently, not present to defend his son from the abusers. He got to hear of Gabriel’s death while he was still in jail, and the sad news filled him with so much sadness and regret. While such a tragic event might have been a turning point for some fathers, it isn’t so for Arnold, who has continued to live a life full of legal troubles.

In 2018, Arnold was arrested and convicted in Los Angeles for impersonation and was sentenced to two years and eight months in prison. The next year, he got another sentence of a year and four months imprisonment with an eligibility for parole in 2024.

Who is Gabriel Fernandez’s Mom?

Gabriel Fernandez’s mom is a Hispanic-American woman named Pearl Sinthis Fernandez. She was born on August 29, 1983, and is currently 40 years old. Due to her disparaging personality, a lot of Pearl’s family members have distanced themselves from her, and there are very few details available about her birth family.

Pearl was born to her parents, Sandra and Robert Fernandez, in California, USA, and she spent the earlier years of her childhood there. The notorious mother had a very poor educational background, as she dropped out of school in the eighth grade.

In a cognitive test carried out after her arrest, it was revealed that she Pearl the verbal comprehension of a 7-year-old second grader. She was also revealed to have a series of other psychological conditions in addition to that.

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Pearl Sinthis Fernandez Had a Rough Childhood

Pearl’s story is a typical example of the hunted becoming the hunter. As a kid, Pearl went through several traumatic experiences with her parents, and those, perhaps, shaped her into the kind of mother she turned out to be.

For most of her childhood, Pearl’s dad was away in jail, and her mother, who appears to have been a troubled woman, took to physically abusing her. As a way of escaping her toxic familial environment, Pearl started taking several harmful substances from a young age.

At nine years old, she was already drinking and taking drugs like methamphetamine, and by age 11, she ran away from home. Sadly, her troubles continues as she was later sexually abused by her uncle and even revealed that she had been held hostage and raped by several men at a point. She also revealed that the series of abuse continued well into her adulthood, as she was continually abused by her romantic partners, including Aguirre.

However, Pearl’s aunt, Elizabeth Carranza, stated that her tales of woe were all a ploy to present herself as the victim and win the sympathy of the court. She also said that Pearl had, more often than not, been the abusive one in all of her past relationships.

Why Did Gabriel Fernandez’s Mom Hurt Him?

Although she never officially stated her reasons, Pearl may have inflicted such great harm on her son due to some deep-rooted hatred she had for him, even before he was born. Pearl was 23 when she got pregnant with Gabriel, and according to Elizabeth, she never wanted to have the baby. However, she still went ahead to have Gabriel, but three days after his birth, she abandoned him at the hospital unattended.

At the time of his birth, Gabriel’s father was away in prison, and he had to live with his siblings at their grandparents’ house when he was still under a year old. Seven years later, however, Pearl went back for Gabriel and was legally granted custody of him in 2012. She then took him in to live with her and her then-boyfriend, Isauro Aguirre.

For the six months that he lived with the couple, Gabriel was severely abused and tortured in every imaginable way. He had cigarette burns all over his body, was forced to eat cat litter and his vomit, forced to sleep gagged in a tiny cupboard, shot in his face, groin, and several parts of his body with a BB gun, given cold baths, forcefully fed expired food, pepper sprayed, forced to wear female clothes, and also beaten so badly that he had several broken bones.

In addition, Pearl’s boyfriend also sexually abused Gabriel, claiming that he was gay. Although Gabriel’s grandparents and other relatives tried to call social workers on Pearl and Isauro, nothing helpful was done, and the young innocent was forced to live under such harsh conditions until he passed away on May 23, 2013, six months after moving in with his mother and her boyfriend.

What Happened to Gabriel Fernandez’s Mom?

After the five-year-long murder case of Gabriel Fernandez was officially closed in 2018, Pearl Fernandez finally received her prison sentence. She was convicted for the torture and first-degree murder of her 8-year-old son and sentenced to life imprisonment with no possibility of parole.

Where is Gabriel Fernandez’s Mom Today?

Pearl Fernandez is currently serving her life sentence at the California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla. It appears that she hates being in custody and has been fighting for a reconsideration of her sentence. In 2021, she made a last attempt at this, claiming that she was not Gabriel’s actual killer. However, her pleas were turned down, and she is presently still in confinement.

Did Gabriel Fernandez’s Mom Die?

While she is still paying the price for killing her own son, Gabriel Fernandez’s mom is not dead. She is currently in jail at the California Women’s Facility in Chowchilla with no hope of release anytime soon. All attempts and pleas to get the murder charges dropped were to no avail. For now, Pearl Fernandez is still serving her life sentence for the killing of her son, Gabriel Fernandez.

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