Whatever Happened To Michael Gacy, Son of John Wayne Gacy?

Michael Gacy disappeared from the public eye and has remained in the shadows since his parents’ divorce in 1969. Normally, the stories of the escapades of serial killers are scary, but how much scarier is it to be related to the killers themselves? John Wayne Gacy’s son has had to deal with being the offspring of a killer clown for the rest of his life. Thus, he has chosen inconspicuousness as his haven.

Who Is John Wayne Gacy’s Son, Michael Gacy?

Michael Gacy is the first child and only son of the infamous American killer clown, John Wayne Gacy. Born in 1966, Michael has remained an elusive figure since his dad’s arrest in the late 1970s. Mr. Michael was born to John Wayne Gacy’s first wife, Marlynn Myers, in Waterloo, Iowa. While his exact birthdate is not available, it is known that he should be 58 years old today.

Furthermore, Michael’s dad used to manage three of his grandpa’s Kentucky fried chicken restaurants in Waterloo. But at the time of Michael’s birth, his father had started committing heinous crimes. On the other side, his mom, Marlynn Myers, used to work for Dunn-Bus Shoe company. This was where she met her monster husband – who was her colleague – and married him.

When Michael Gacy was barely 20 months old, his mom gave birth to his sister, Christine Gacy, in 1967. Michael enjoyed being raised in a happy family, but the love and warmth his perfect family provided were short-lived. His parents divorced when he was just 3 years old on September 18, 1969. Their separation was necessitated by John Wayne’s sodomy activities and gruesome murder. After the divorce, Michael never got to see his dad again, as he and his sister, Christine, was raised by their mother.

Michael Gacy

Michael Gacy Wasn’t A Victim Of His Dad’s Crimes

Living with a sexually abusive parent and murderer can be a death sentence. Michael spent the first few years of his life with one of the world’s most dangerous killer clowns. Fortunately, he was not a victim of his dad’s homosexual tendencies, which ended in the death of several boys and young men.

As the saying goes, charity begins at home, but that was not with John Wayne – his crimes didn’t start with his son. The bloodthirsty John Wayne was seen as a perfect father and husband by his family. So, no one had a reason to be suspicious of his activities.

Although no one knows exactly why Michael was not molested by his dad, it’s obvious that his dad was already into his dirty business. But when Michael was about two years old, his dad was arrested for sexually assaulting a young boy. Though John was sentenced to 10 years imprisonment, he served only 18 months.

It might be that Michael was too small to fulfill his dad’s unnatural desires, as most of John Wayne’s victims were teenage boys and young adults. Plus, his mom had severed ties with his dad, John Wayne Gacy, and as a result of the separation, Michael wasn’t around his dad as a teenager or at the peak of his dad’s crimes.

Michael Gacy’s Dad Murdered Over 30 Young Men

When mentioning gruesome and monstrous serial killers in the history of the United States of America, Michael Gacy’s father, John Wayne Gacy, would surely be top of that list. He was one of the most dreaded male rapists and murderers the world has ever had.

Born March 17, 1942, John had a dysfunctional family. His dad was an alcoholic and psychically abused him. Besides his dad, Michael Gacy’s father was also sexually abused by other relatives. Despite choosing a heteronormative lifestyle as an adult, John still replicated his childhood experiences.

First, he took after his dad’s alcoholic lifestyle and started taking hard drugs. Next, he invited young boys – who were his employees – to play pool and drink, and then he started molesting those boys. His first victim was Donald Voorhees Jr., the son of Donald E. Voorhees, a fellow Jaycee. He was arrested and tried for sodomy and witness intimidation and was sentenced to 10 years in prison, however, he was released after 18 months.

Michael Gacy

Undeterred, John continued his crime, but this time he raped, tortured, and murdered the boys. After snuffing life out of them, he buried them in a shallow grave in his crawlspace. Usually, John would lure dozens of these men in various unsuspecting ways. Then he handcuffs them in the disguise of displaying a magic trick. Next, he rapes and subjects his victims to severe torture. His final task was to either suffocate or strangle them to death using garrote.

Unfortunately for John, he met his Waterloo when he murdered Robert Piest, a high school student, on December 11, 1978. Just like other victims, he had deceived Robert into accepting a summer contract job in his company, PDM Contractors. But Robert had informed his mom before going to meet John. His mom, therefore, filed for a missing person report when Robert didn’t return home.

As the police launched a search into John’s property, they discovered 29 bodies buried in his crawlspace. The killer then admitted to killing over 30 young men in cold blood.

He Spent 14 Years on Death Row Before Execution

After the scary discovery of dead bodies in John Wayne’s compound, he was arrested and convicted of 33 murders. Just two years after his arrest, he was sentenced to death on March 30, 1980, but he spent 14 years on death row. During his period, the Killer Clown spent his time painting at the Menard Correctional facility.

On May 10, 1994, America was freed from the terror of John Wayne Gacy as he was executed by lethal injection.

Where Is Michael Gacy Now?

Michael Gacy is somewhere living his life away from the public eye. Since his father’s arrest and his parent’s divorce in 1968, nothing has been heard about him. Similarly, his aunt, Karen, told Oprah in 2010 that she has not heard from her brother’s kids. She explained that at some point, she sent them gifts that returned untouched.

According to Karen, her maiden name, “Gacy” was something she was ashamed to mention. On another note, Michael told ABC News that he grew up like a normal child. He said that he only found out about his dad’s crimes on television.

However, there are speculations that Michael has changed his last name to avoid being traced to the murderer. While this has not been verified, it is known that Michael has vanished into obscurity.

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