Sandra Janowski: What to Know About Ted Nugent’s Ex-wife

Sandra Janowski was the ex-wife of Ted Nugent, the American guitarist, singer, and songwriter. They got married in 1970 and had three children before getting  divorced in 1979. Sarah died in a car crash in 1982.

Ted Nugent was already a rock star when he met and married Sandra. By the time she became his wife, the spotlight was already on him, and it extended to her. Even though she is no more, the following interesting details will shed more light on the life and death of Ted Nugent’s ex-wife, Sandra Janowski.

Summary of Sandra Janowski’s Bio

  • Full name: Sandra Janowski
  • Gender: Female
  • Date of Birth: December 29, 1948
  • Date of Death: November 11, 1982
  • Ethnicity: Caucasian
  • Nationality: American
  • Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Sandra Janowski’s Ex-Husband: Ted Nugent
  • Sandra Janowski’s Children: Sasha Nugent, Starr Nugent, Theodore Tobias Nugent
  • Famous for: Being the first wife of Ted Nugent

Sandra Janowski was Born in 1948

Sandra Janowski was born on the 29th of December 1948, in Bay City, Bay County, Michigan. This means she was born in the same month and year as her former rock star husband, Ted Nugent, who was born on December 13, 1948. Her background details are not known, but from her place of birth, Janowski was of American nationality, and her pictures show she belonged to the White ethnicity.

The identity of the parents who gave birth to Sandra Janowski is not known, but they were definitely Caucasian Americans. We also cannot say if she had any siblings growing up. Because her life was cut short and her time in the spotlight with her former husband did not last long as well, further details about her life and career were not made public.

The schools she attended have not been disclosed, but her husband Ted Nugent attended William Fremd High School in Palatine, Illinois for his freshman year in 1963–1964 before he transferred to St. Viator High School in Arlington Heights, Illinois.

She Became Ted Nugent’s Wife in 1970

We didn’t get the facts about how they met, how long they dated, and how the relationship metamorphosed into marriage. Nevertheless, Sandra Janowski and Ted Nugent got married in 1970, making her the first wife of the musician. The exact details of their wedding didn’t make it into the public space for reasons known to the couple.

The marriage was sweet for a while, but things got sour between the two, and they went their separate ways. Janowski’s marriage to Ted thus ended in 1979, and he moved on with Shemane Deziel, whom he married in 1989.

Did Sandra Janowski have Kids with Ted Nugent?

Ted Nugent has nine children from different women, but only three of them were born with Sandra Janowski. Her children with the musician are Sasha Nugent, Starr Nugent, and Theodore Tobias Nugent.

Even though their father is a legend in the music industry, none of Janowski’s children has shown any sign of prospering in that field. The closest they have come is Theodore Tobias Nugent, who is in the entertainment industry as an actor.

Before he married Janowski, the singer reportedly fathered a son and a daughter and gave them up for adoption. The story became public knowledge in 2010. He also fathered a child while he was married to his second wife.

What Happened Between Sandra Janowski and Ted Nugent?

Over the years, a lot of sexual assault allegations have come up against Uncle Ted, and while this may be linked to the reason his first marriage ended, no reason was given by the couple. They just pulled the plug on the then 9-year-old marriage, leaving people wondering what went wrong.

When it became clear that Ted was as randy as they come, reports started flying around that he may have cheated on Sandra and drove her away. Tracing Ted Nugent’s history with women, we found reports of him having sexual relationships with underaged girls. He publicly dated 17-year-old Pele Massa in 1978 and even planned to marry her, but state laws didn’t allow it due to her age. He ended up signing documents with the consent of her parents to become her legal guardian.

Another report shows Courtney Love, who accused him of making her give him a blow job when she was only 12, but she later changed the age to 14. Ted had been caught on camera in a Behind the Music episode, acknowledging the fact that he has been romantically involved with many girls under the age of 18. Also, the storyline of his song Jailbait is all about an attraction to have sex with a girl of thirteen years.

Ted Nugent’s Ex-wife Did Not Have Any Known Career

During her lifetime, which was cut short in her prime, Sandra Janowski didn’t have a career known to the public. She was mostly known as the first woman Ted Nugent wedded. The educational background of the late ex-wife of the rock star is also not known, as that would have given a hint on what she did for a living.

However, her husband’s career overshadowed hers once she came into his life, and all discussions about her were linked to the rock star. Her only claim to fame remains the relationship she had with Ted Nugent of the defunct The Amboy Dukes psychedelic rock band.

Sandra Janowski Died in a Car Crash

After divorcing her husband of 9 years, Sandra became a shadow of herself. She was turned into a wreck by indulging in drugs and alcohol. The divorce really took a toll on her, but many didn’t notice this until she died in 1982.

Three years after her divorce from Ted Nugent, precisely on November 11, 1982, Sandra Janowski’s car was involved in a fatal accident. There were no full details about the accident and how it happened, but one thing that has been made clear is that she was driving under the influence of whatever she was taking at the time.

The accident that claimed the life of Ted Nugent’s first wife happened in Jackson, Jackson County, Michigan, in the United States. Her indulgence in hard substance abuse came as a shock to many who knew Ted Nugent’s stance on such vices. He has been an advocate of anti-drug and anti-alcohol movements.

Ted served as a model for many in the 1980s as he spoke against alcohol and drug use, considering his position as a rock star, which encouraged a lot of people as it’s not every day you see a rock star who chooses to be clean from hard substances.

However, he revealed in 2018 that he takes a little wine sometimes but not to the point of getting drunk. He is also the national spokesperson for the Drug Abuse Resistance Education (DARE) program.

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