Who Is Marina Joyce (YouTuber), Was She Really Kidnapped and Is She Dead?

At first, the idea of making a career out of YouTube sounded awkward to Marina Joyce but watching Sam Pepper’s videos put great ideas in her head and she decided to give it a shot. Subsequently, her eccentric personality endeared her to numerous fans who always come back for more of her catchy eye makeup tutorials and innovative dress-up videos. She became a YouTuber in August 2010 and so far, she has built a strong fan base that consists of more than two million subscribers.

The British internet sensation has endeared herself to her fans by always sending out words of encouragement about not giving up as a result of a bad situation. This kind of explains why her fans swung into action when they thought she was going through hard times. While some speculated she has been kidnapped, others opined she is struggling with drugs. Let’s set the record straight.

How Did Marina Joyce Become a YouTube Sensation?

Beyond her glittery eye makeup and fancy dress-up sessions, there are several other interesting things to know about the YouTube sensation. On the 1st of February 1997, Marina was born in North London, England, and was named Marina Rose Iris Alice Louise Joyce at birth. Her family background is not much of a public affair but we gathered that Cheryl Joyce is the name of her mother and her father is missing from the picture. Marina has two siblings named Elliot and Antony.

While there are no available details about her educational background, Marina has always been open about her encounters with bullies in school. Her personality was the main reason why she was targeted and this made her lead a lonely life. But in true Marina style, she never let the downsides get to her, she found a way to be happy against all odds. She would eventually use the opportunity and popularity she has on YouTube to educate her fans on how to stay happy and cheerful even when life throws lemons their way.

Marina Joyce
Marina in one of her videos image source

She initially used YouTube as a safe haven where she can pass some time before the positive vibes she got from popular British YouTuber Sam Pepper made her see the platform as a career opportunity. Her channel iRaindropsx was created in August 2010, however, her first video upload came a few years later, precisely on July 31, 2012. Her debut video dubbed Bathroom Vlogging? introduced her as a 15-year-old with an eccentric and bubbly personality. This won the hearts of viewers who kept coming back for more of her uploads which she kept rolling in. Her videos focus on everything beauty and fashion; her first makeup tutorial was uploaded with the title – Super Long Eyelashes Makeup Tutorial. The video was a hit and increased her popularity on the platform.

Her channel now boasts of more than 2 million subscribers with a lot of versatile videos that showcase her creativity. Some of her more popular videos are Types of kids at school, 10 lazy things we all do, and How to make a boy fall in love with you. She basically touches on different aspects of everyday life and that makes her work stand out from the pack.

Marina Joyce at a Glance

What Happened to the YouTuber?

In 2016, internet users expressed their concern when there seemed to be a sudden noticeable difference in the way the British vlogger talked during her video sessions. In the particular video that set her fans off, Marina Joyce appeared to be a shadow of herself and was casting shifty glances beyond the camera. To make matters worse, fans equally noticed a gun in the background of the video. Two weeks later, she made another video in which she still looked cagey and had some very angry looking bruises on her arms. But what set people off for real was that about 13 minutes into the video she was clearly heard whispering “Help me”.

The second video caused a massive outcry and had the young Youtuber’s name trending with the hashtag #SaveMarinaJoyce. As she trended, fans suggested that she may have fallen victim to kidnapping or may even be under the influence of drugs. Social media detectives swung into action to solicit help for the supposedly troubled star.

A particular episode on Twitter saw users scrutinize Marina’s video on Date Outfit Ideas where they claimed she appeared to be filming the video under duress, in other words, a kidnapper was somewhere behind the camera and that explained her uneasy movement during the video and some of the bruises that she had on her hand.

Notwithstanding the speculations making the rounds, Marina later intervened to clear the air. She reassured her fans who were concerned about her safety that she’s absolutely fine. According to her, the bruises were a result of a fall in the forest. Apparently, she was not kidnapped and wasn’t struggling with drug overdose or anything relating to that. It was later confirmed by the police that Marina Joyce is alive and well.

More recently, the YouTuber was reported missing on the 7th od August 2019 after she was last seen on the 31st of July. Following the reports, the police made a public appeal asking anyone who has any useful information about her whereabouts to speak up and help find her. A few hours later, her boyfriend, another YouTuber named Brandon Mehmed made a post confirming that Joyce was alive and well as confirmed by the police.

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