Doug Marcaida
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Doug Marcaida is a Filipino martial artist who has been active for over 25 years. He is an edged-impact weapons combat specialist and designer of some of the world’s deadliest blades.

He appears on television as a judge in History’s ‘Forged in Fire’. Doug Marcaida lives in the United States and has also served in the US Military as a contractor. His expertise in weaponry is one that makes us wonder how a person can have so much love and passion for blades and martial arts.

Doug Marcaida’s Biography

There is no information about Marcaida’s date of birth and his early life, but we do know that he is a middle-aged martial artist and blade designer. He is 5 feet 8 inches tall and an American Nationale with Filipino origin.

Doug Marcaida got into the spotlight with his weapon handling skills and made his appearance in the History show ‘Forged in Fire’, a show that tests some of the best hands in the field as they attempt to re-create some of history’s most iconic edged weapons.

Four master bladesmiths are hosted by Former Army Ranger Wil Willis on the show and these bladesmiths are challenged to forge the weapons which are then tested by a panel of judges which Doug is a member of. The contestant who survives elimination stage and moves on to the final episode walks away with $10,000. The show airs on History channel and its first program premiered on the 22nd of June 2015. The show is currently in its fourth season.

As a judge on the show, Doug Marcaida represents the end users of the weapons. He doesn’t just see them as weapons, but rather as a work of art. In an interview, he made it clear that each weapon has to stand the test of strength and durability… isn’t that one of the coolest jobs anyone can possibly have?.

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Doug Marcaida’s Arm Injury

Doug Marcaida
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Doug Marcaida was recently sidelined for a few months due to an arm surgery. We are not particularly sure what led to the injury; all we know as seen on his Facebook page is that while he was carrying out a test, he had a “boo boo”.

He is an armed combat training instructor with the U.S. military and his martial arts style is ‘Kali’, a Filipino martial arts style that includes the use of batons, knives, sticks, improvised weapons and open hand techniques.

Doug Marcaida then developed his own style of Kali called the ‘Marcaida kali’ with the aim to protect and not harm people which we believe is the overall vision of any martial arts discipline.

Doug Marcaida’s Knife Designs and Schools

Asides being on the seat of the judges, Doug is also a maker and designer of knives, he designs for FOX Knives in Italy and also has a website where he advertises his works on the page. Doug Marcaida is one of the developers of the DART (Direct Action Response Theory) Karambit, a small curved knife that fits well in the hand) and the DART XT. How cool is that?.

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His tools have been used in some movies like ‘Blade’, ‘300’ and the ‘Bourne’ series. That just explains how good and serious this guy takes his job. Currently, he runs three martial arts schools in New York in the United States and one in Romania where he teaches ‘Marcaida kali’. It is also known that he looks to open more schools.

Doug Marcaida’s Ethnicity Married?  Kids?

Doug is a very private person when it comes to details about his background and personal life, but we do know that he is of Filipino ethnicity and he holds an American Nationality. All other details are unknown at the moment.

Due to his privacy, we don’t have any information on his relationship status or family members. He does show that his only love is his ‘knives’ if that can be said.

He has an active Facebook and Instagram account that we know of and most of his posts are always on his designs, works and his show on set or off. What can we say… the man loves his job.

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