What Happened to Kevin Costner’s Ear?

It was recently noticed that a part of Kevin Costner’s ear, precisely the left one, was missing but whatever happened to it is yet to be made known officially by him.

The legendary actor’s left ear on the 2021 episodes of the TV series Yellowstone raised concerns in the minds of fans as many were wondering what might have happened to the actor’s ear and also his teeth. This led to a widespread rumor that the actor had ear surgery due to cancer.

Kevin Costner is yet to issue an official statement as regards the rumors. However, he appears to be in perfect health condition so far and all rumors with regards to him having a cancer-induced ear surgery have been unconfirmed.

Is Part Of Kevin Costner’s Left Ear Missing?

During 2021 episodes of the cowboy TV series titled Yellowstone where Kevin Costner portrayed the character of John Dutton, fans could not help but notice an unusual scar on the front and back of his left ear, and the ear also seemed distorted.

Many fans and viewers began to show concern and this led to the rise of different questions with respect to the actor’s state of health. One of the concerned fans took to Twitter to ask the question below:

In response, some other people also commented that they had noticed the same thing. In the same vein, another person pointed out that the actor appeared to have covered the missing part of his ear with something like a prosthetic or some sort of patch during the 2022 Oscars.

The reason the alleged distortion in Kevin’s ear came as a surprise to a lot of people was that it appeared abruptly. Not one person seemed to have noticed it ever and it didn’t seem like it started gradually until it became obvious. Besides, not one of his pictures online shows that it was there before now.

With a lot of questions flying and no answers coming from anywhere, not even from the horse’s mouth, rumor mongers seized the opportunity to cook up unfounded stories about Kevin Costner being sick.

There Have Been Different Insinuations About What Happened To Kevin Costner’s Ear

Following the news of the supposed missing left ear of Kevin Costner, fans came up with different theories in a bid to explain what might have happened to his ear. Some say he had undergone ear surgery, which probably would have been the cause of the unusual scar above his left ear and at the back of his head in the picture below.

Many also insinuated that the actor had ear cancer while others say he probably had an accident that may have resulted in the changes in his ear and also his teeth.

While all of these explanations are obviously unfounded, it’s important to note that the scar seen in the picture below is a makeup that had something to do with Kevin’s movie Criminal. The picture was taken on the movie set in Surrey, England in 2014. At the time, Kevin filmed re-shoots for a crash scene as part of the action film while he and an identical silver-haired stunt man took the wheel of an ambulance. So the supposed wounds at the back of his ear and head were a result of the crash and not surgery.

Does Kevin Costner Really Have Cancer?

The big question on the mind of many fans is whether Kevin Costner really suffers from cancer or any other form of life-threatening disease. But as far as we know, there is nothing that indicates he does. However, we are still waiting for the actor to address the rumors in the media.

Meanwhile, it is no news that the actor who has graced our screen for many years with his incredible talent is on the verge of entering his 70s. Aging as we all know comes with its own health challenges and Kevin Costner might probably be having his own fair share of some health challenges.

However, he does his best to maintain a very healthy lifestyle and incorporate a healthy diet which helps him stay fit.

Kevin Costner’s Reaction to the Rumors Circulating about His Left Ear

With the rumors making the rounds in the media about his ear and people questioning his present health status, Kevin Costner has chosen to remain silent and is yet to issue a statement to confirm if the rumors are actually true or should be dismissed as fake.

While we keep hoping that the legendary actor will have a change of heart and openly clear the air, we choose to believe that he is in perfect health condition and does not have ear cancer nor did he undergo ear surgery. After all, no one has gone to compare his ear in real life.

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