The Untold Truth of Lynette Nusbacher and Her Male To Female Transformation

Every day, the LGBT community makes strides towards being an embraced part of society. This is largely due to the number of influential people who have recently begun to identify as members of the group, otherwise known as the gay community. One person who has certainly done a lot and was one of the foremost influential people in the community is Lynette Nusbacher, an American historian, military expert, and author who underwent sexual reassignment surgery in 2007.

Lynette Nusbacher at a Glance

Nusbacher’s scholarly works put her in the spotlight from the early 90s but her decision to transform from male to female took it a notch higher and further brought attention to the LGBT community she was going to be a part of. Prior to her undergoing the surgical procedure, the military expert who is highly qualified in strategy research and war studies was known for her appearances on the History Channel as Dr. Aryeh Nusbacher. She also appeared as a military expert in the early episodes of the TV game show Time Commanders which premiered in 2003.

Lynette Nusbacher’s Background and Life Before Transformation

Dr. Aryeh Nusbacher

Lynette Nusbacher as we know her today was born as Aryeh Judah Schoen Nusbacher on the 17th of December 1966 in New York, USA. She was raised by Jewish parents; Waynes and Kelly Maines alongside her twin brother Jonas Maines. Unlike his brother-turned-sister, Jonas keeps away from the media and not much is known about him to the public.

Nusbacher studied at the University of Toronto and obtained a Bachelor of Arts degree in History and Economics in 1988. Thereafter, she proceeded to the Royal Military College where she obtained in-depth knowledge of intelligence and management and was awarded a Master of Arts degree in War Studies in 1994. Her next stop was at the University of Oxford where she would graduate with a Doctorate in British Modern History.

Other schools that Lynette Nusbacher went on to attend include the Cranfield University School of Management for short courses where she took a course on Organizational Leadership, and the National School of Government.

Details of Her Career Achievements, Books and Other Publications

Right after graduating from the University of Toronto, Lynette Nusbacher remained with the institute to begin her career. She worked as an administrator in the school for 6 years until 1994 when she left to work as a logistics officer with the Canadian Armed Forces. She would then work at London’s cabinet office where she served as the head of strategy horizons.

Lynette Nusbacher had her first lecturing job at the University of Reading in Berkshire before proceeding to the prestigious Royal Military Academy in 1999 to lecture on War Studies. She remained a Senior Lecturer at the Academy until 2013.

Nusbacher’s level of prominence rose even higher in 2011 when she created ‘Nusbacher Associates’ – a blog that seeks to enlighten its readers on the future of cyber tech. Her love and curiosity for historical facts further drove her to start Devil Advocacy – a group dedicated to fact-checking skeptical views by digging into the past for information on the subject matter.

As an author, Lynette Nusbacher has written books such as The Battle of Bannockburn 1314 and War and Conflict. Apart from books, she has also published online articles through The Times of Israel. The historian also has a section of her blog that contains articles on Acts of War, Aleppo Refugees, and other topics related to her field of interest.

What To Know about Lynette Nusbacher’s Transformation from Male to Female

Lynette Nusbacher’s gender transformation took place in 2007 after which her popularity soared even higher. Considering her huge career achievements, the military expert has been mentioned as one of the 100 most influential LGBT people in the United Kingdom by Independent on Sunday.

Lynette Nusbacher

Since her decision to transform, many people most especially followers of her work have become curious as to why exactly she decided to embark on such a life-changing decision. The historian has, however, chosen to remain tightlipped on the subject.

Before transforming, Nusbacher was married to a woman named Melanie Bright. They wedded on June 7, 1998. Her decision to transform seems to have had little to no impact on her marriage as the couple has remained together ever since. Melanie has been very supportive of her partner since her gender change, even going as far as warding off the prying eyes of the media whenever they ask her for reasons behind the decision or Nusbacher’s state of mind. The couple is reportedly still living together in Surrey, England with their two kids.

On the career front, not much has changed for Lynette Nusbacher since her 2007 gender transformation. Her transformation had taken place while she taught at The Royal Military Academy Sandhurst where she is said to have taught two members of the British Royal Family; Prince Williams and Prince Harry.

Peter Pearson, who was the Major General of the Academy at the time, had instructed that Nusbacher be treated with respect and that no ridicule of her would be tolerated. He had also instructed that she be referred to as “ma’am” from then onwards. She would go on to teach at the academy for an additional 7 years before leaving in 2013.


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