Did Jennifer Aniston Get a Plastic Surgery? The Facts Behind The Rumors

Jennifer Aniston has admitted to having plastic surgery that includes two rhinoplasty surgeries. Jennifer Aniston’s first plastic surgery was for medical purposes while the second is widely believed to have been for cosmetic purposes.

Hollywood actress Jennifer Aniston’s plastic surgery has been a hot topic of discussion with many concluding that she certainly had some work done on certain parts of her physique. She has actually undergone a few procedures that have helped her maintain her youthful appearance over the past thirty-five years.

Some of the rumored procedures the ‘Friends’ actress is said to have undergone include rhinoplasty, LED therapy, chin surgery, and even Botox injections. But how many of these procedures did she actually do and when did she get them? Find out all about Jennifer Aniston’s plastic surgeries in a bit.

Did Jennifer Aniston Get Plastic Surgery?

The 55-year-old actress has cheerfully admitted to performing some body augmentations over the course of her dazzling and very successful career in Hollywood.

The beauty standards in Hollywood are a bit stringent, no doubt, and this has caused a disproportionate amount of plastic surgery enthusiasts in the industry than in many others. Among American actors who are pro- plastic surgery is Aniston.

The beautiful actress, known best as Rachel Green from the 1900s sitcom, ‘Friends’, is said to have had a number of surgeries over the past couple of years. This, in addition to a healthy diet and a good exercise regimen, has helped her maintain a relatively youthful look—especially when compared to other actresses her age. Fortunately, she hasn’t been shy to speak about her experiences in her quest for eternal youthful appearance. 

She has vehemently condemned the idea of injecting fillers of any sort into her body. Aniston has not had breast augmentation, Botox fillers, or liposuction. She has severally stated that she was extremely happy and satisfied with the way she is, especially regarding her body proportions.

But the glamorous actress does have a history of certain other procedures including rhinoplasty and chin surgery. Let’s discuss all of Jennifer Aniston’s surgeries and cosmetic procedures with a focus on when and why she got them.

The Truth About Jennifer Aniston’s Plastic Surgery

A 2022 reboot of the ‘Friends series has resurrected the suspicions about surgery being the cause of Jennifer Aniston’s ever-youthful glow. Here are some of the known procedures Jennifer has had since she came into the limelight.

Nose Job

Aniston has confirmed that she indeed had not one, but two rhinoplasty surgeries. The first nose surgery was strictly for medical purposes. Apparently, Jennifer Aniston was born with a deviated septum. So when she was in her early twenties, she decided to undergo a correctional rhinoplasty procedure called a septoplasty. According to the actress, she was able to “sleep like a baby” after she had that surgery done.

The second rhinoplasty is the one that was widely believed to have been for cosmetic purposes. She reportedly had it 12 years after the first one and it was said to be a revision rhinoplasty to enhance the outcomes of the initial one. There are some schools of thought that believe that Jennifer Aniston had one more nose job.

This is because her nose bridge has been noticeably slimmer in the last few years, but Jennifer is yet to say anything about this. It’s also possible that the slimmer nose is simply a result of some other factors—like weight loss and makeup.

Face Fillers (Botox)

Jennifer Aniston Plastic SurgeryDespite her reservations about Botox fillers, Jennifer Aniston is believed to be a previous user of Botox. The actress has also admitted to getting her face injected a couple of times. However, her watchword has always been moderation. Aniston further revealed that what turned her off from doing more fillers was that they required many more fillers to be maintained. 

Aniston also complained that these face injections left people looking much older than they intended to be. The fillers are sparingly injected into the skin on her forehead, around her lips, and on her cheeks as well.

Chin Implants

In pictures from her earlier days as an actress, Jennifer Aniston had a noticeably longer chin, giving her a long face. However, around the time she debuted on ‘Friends’, her chin became much shorter and rounded, until she finally arrived at the chiseled oval-shaped face that makes her so remarkable. 

The entire process was chucked up to weight loss, especially as she began to get older, but closer investigations show that her chin is much shorter than before. And this is a feat that is only achievable by surgery. This particular change most likely happened in the early eighties, before she became a household celebrity. 

Jennifer Aniston Facelift Surgery

Jennifer Aniston’s megawatt smile is one of her defining features. But could there have been more factors responsible for that smile than simple genetics? Well, a facelift is one of the many procedures that Jennifer Aniston seems to have undergone in recent times. It’s very plain to see that she is getting older, and aging in front of the cameras can be a very challenging process. 

Aniston certainly understands this, which is why she leaves no stones unturned in her fight against wrinkles and crease lines. Jennifer Aniston didn’t go under the knife to achieve her facelift though. She specifically mentioned tightening creams, laser treatment, LED therapy, skin peels, drinking water, a healthy diet, and plenty of exercises, as the procedures that keep her face looking as young and as wrinkle-free as possible.

Jennifer Anniston Did Not Have Any Breast Augmentation

Jennifer Aniston Plastic SurgeryThere have been speculations that Jennifer Aniston has also had some form of breast augmentation. However, the actress herself has debunked that rumor. Aniston said that although she held no grudges against those who chose to get breast implants, she didn’t need them as she was very satisfied with the size of her boobs. 

Her pictures have revealed her words to be true, as her cleavage has remained the same over the years, which would not have been if she had gotten implants. The slight increase in the size of her breasts, however, indicates a little weight gain over the years. 

Jennifer Aniston is Generally Satisfied With Her Appearance

When asked about her views on plastic surgery, Jennifer candidly explained that her body was great the way it was. She severally makes references to her Greek roots as the origin of her stunning beauty, (and we agree). Still, Aniston is a fan of not doing too much and prefers to follow mostly non-invasive beauty regimens as opposed to surgical ones. 

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