Who Are Jack Black’s Kids Thomas David and Samuel Jason Black?

Jack Black’s children are two sons named Samuel Jason Black (born on June 10, 2006) and Thomas David Black (born on May 23, 2008). He had his kids with his wife, Tanya Haden.

Jack Black has reiterated his regret in having to wait so long to begin his life with his wife but the actor made sure he would not have to live with the same regrets when it came to having kids with her.

To put things in perspective, the actor’s wife was already 6 months pregnant on their wedding day, and just three months later, in June 2006, she had their first son, Samuel Jason Black. A month less than two years later, in May 2008, the couple welcomed their second son, Thomas David Black. Take a further look at what Jack Black’s Kids are up to.

Meet Jack Black’s Kids

Samuel Jason Black Is Jack Black’s First Son

Samuel Jason Black is Jack Black’s first-born son. He was born on June 10, 2006, in Los Angeles, California. His birth sign is Gemini. His ethnic identity is generally Caucasian but the ancestral threads woven around his identity include the fact that he has distinctive roots that include English, German, Northern Irish, Polish, Russian, and Scottish.

There is also the matter of Samuel being Jewish like his father, and paternal grandparents before him. Beyond the fact that she is also Caucasian, there appear to be no complexities regarding his ancestry on his mother’s side.

Growing up though, young Samuel has always enjoyed the peace and assurance that comes with knowing that his parents would always put him and his brother first. His dad has said as much himself in various interviews.

Jack Black’s Kids

Despite the glitz, glamor, and paparazzi that typically trail a family like the Blacks, Samuel’s childhood was relatively normal. Beyond the fact that he attends a nearby Jewish high school, not much is known about his formal education at the moment.

Samuel Jason Black does not necessarily live a sheltered life. He and his dad, along with the rest of their family members have been seen together at various movie premieres such as those for Jumanji and Kung Fu Panda.

The maxim regarding the apple not falling far from the tree is especially true for Samuel who it seems is more likely than not to follow in his father’s footsteps as an actor. This is surmised by how animated his parents think he is. Jack has always spoken about how creative his sons are.

Jack gushed to people in 2021 about Jack’s potential interest in filmmaking following a conversation they had about his Hollywood experiences. He revealed that his oldest son talked about making those experiences into a film with the promise of leaving his name out of it. Suffice it to say that the comedian gave him all the support he wanted.

Meet Jack Black’s Youngest Son, Thomas David Black is 

Named after his father, Thomas David Black was born on May 23, 2008, in Los Angeles, California. His birthplace in the United States allows him to enjoy all the rights, privileges, and responsibilities of an American citizen. His birth sign is Gemini and he is also Jewish like his father and brother.

Jack Black’s Kids

Jack Black became nominally Jewish after his parents divorced, and does not believe in the existence of God. However, he and his wife decided to raise their children Jewish, hence Thomas’ enrollment alongside his older brother in a Jewish school that teaches Jewish history along with other required subjects.

The 16 year-old, like his older brother, has indicated a strong interest in going into the filmmaking business like their dad. According to Jack, Thomas and his older brother have a good number of short movies on their phones, and he couldn’t be more proud of what they have accomplished so far in that regard despite their relatively young age and academic schedules.

Jack Black Has a Good Relationship With His Sons

Jack Black believes that parenthood is the noblest calling there ever was. He certainly acts out his beliefs too and has done so since he became a father more than 15 years ago. He spoke to People about waking up in the middle of the night to change diapers and despite it being challenging at the time, he wouldn’t give up that feeling for anything else in the world.

It would appear that those times enabled him to establish a strong bond with his sons, bonds that remain just as strong to date, even though they are at an age where he is the dorky, embarrassing dad. His love and affection for them shine through whenever he gets the chance to talk about them and their achievements, academically or otherwise.

It is also clear that Jack’s sons think the world of him. They hang on to his every word and seem to be relishing the guidance he provides for what has the potential to become a thriving Hollywood career for both boys.

It doesn’t get better than that, but even if they fail to live up to those dizzying filmmaking potentials, you can be sure that Jack Black will back his kids in any career path they choose to walk. He is just that kind of dad.

Jack Black Waited For More Than a Decade To Ask The Mother Of His Sons Out

They say patience is a virtue but Jack Black took that statement to a whole new level having waited 15 years to invite the woman who later bore his sons out on a date. The Jumanji star’s wife is Tanya Haden, one-third of the Haden Triplets, a musical trio renowned for their astronomical musical talents. They became acquainted in high school, having attended the Crossroads School, a private performing arts and science high school in Santa Monica.

The actor was a shy 18-year-old at the time who lacked the courage to ask out the woman he would later describe as his soul mate in a 2005 interview. It took Jack Black 15 years and a 10-year-long relationship with Laura Kightlinger before reconnecting with Tanya Haden.

This time around he wasted no time in asking her out. They began dating in the Spring of 2005 and were married on March 14, 2006, in Big Sur, California.

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