Has Anyone Died on Alone So Far?

No death has been recorded in Alone. However, some of the contestants have had injuries during the filming of the American reality TV show. The purpose of the show is to push participants as far as they can go to test their ability to survive in isolated places.

The reality show is structured in a way that contestants will have to survive alone in isolated environments where they are exposed to natural dangers like wild animals. Following the intensity of the show, there has been an increased curiosity to find out when the television show had its first casualty. There are also rumors of death casualties in the reality show, which have been unraveled in this article.

Has There Been Any Death on Alone Reality TV Series?

No one has died on Alone since its inception. Meanwhile, it is believed by the public that the show has a high tendency to have death casualties, as its settings seem dangerous. However, the public has little or no understanding of the safety measures that are in place for the contestants. The truth still remains that there have been no casualties so far.

Why Are There Rumors of Death on Alone?

The public assumed that the show might have recorded deaths or casualties as it has had some of its contestants sustain severe injuries. One of the contestants who sustained severe injury was Carleigh Fairchild, which happened during the show’s third season. He survived over 86 days in the Andes Mountain range in the foothills. However, it was later observed by the medical team that Carleigh Fairchild’s body mass index had a critical drop down to 17 BMI, which resulted in her eviction from the show.

Some of the other contestants who experienced the same health condition as Carleigh Fairchild displayed symptoms such as stomach pain, shivering, hearing loss, and loss of consciousness. This is a condition that is expected to occur if one is subjected to a harsh condition, which is why they made adequate provisions for tracking the health of the contestants at all times.

Another contestant, Zachary Gault from season three of Alone, had a tendon disassociation in his hand while wielding an axe. The injury was so severe that he had to exit the show in eight days to get proper care. In season four of the show, Shannon Bosdell tripped over a log and collapsed while he was strolling. He eventually sustained a spinal cord injury but did not die.

Based on the fact that they are exposed to a dangerous environment where wild animals roam freely, the rumors of an attack have escalated. However, no one has ever been attacked by a wild animal to date.

What are the Medical and Safety Precautions Applied By Alone to Avoid Death?

Medical checks are important factors on the show, Alone, despite the fact that they are seldom ever aired. In addition to providing viewers with fun information about how much weight someone has dropped since starting their trip, medical checks help determine whether or not someone is tapping out. According to a statement made by the executive producer, Shawn Witt, he stated that the health of the contestants is actually the first in consideration before other activities that come with the show.

As the show progresses and the number of contestants decreases, the frequency of medical checkups rises for the sake of safety. In the early isolation stages, medical inspections occur once a week. Shawn Witt also disclosed that as the show gets to 45, 50, and 60 days, the medical team visits each contestant at three to four days intervals. He continued that the conversation between the contestant and the medical team is restricted to health challenges and nothing else.

Alone Contestants Are Also Equipped With Safety Items

When contestants are set off in nature to fend for themselves, they swiftly come to the realization that they truly are alone with it. Although they are given several pieces of safety gear to aid them, they still must use their own intelligence and ingenuity to protect themselves from wild animals.

The following items are always provided to contestants on the reality series, Alone, many of which viewers have seen them use on the show:

  • One emergency flare
  • One air horn
  • One canister of wild animal repellent
  • One first aid kit (containing- wadding, tourniquet, ace bandage, and alcohol)
  • One satellite phone
  • One headlamp
  • A GPS tracking device
  • One small mirror
  • A portion of emergency food


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