Alaskan Bush People Net Worth: How Much Do They Make Per Show?

Fans of the television network, Discovery Channel are no strangers to the show Alaskan Bush People, a show that chronicles the experiences of the Brown family who live in the Alaskan Wilderness. The Alaskan Bush People net worth is something that incites curiosity as one would have to wonder how much they are really worth and how they make all the money that they have.

According to latest information available, the Net worth of the Alaskan Bush People family is $60 million, with each member of the family earning between $40,000 to $60,000 each paycheck. 

Alaska is known as the last frontier for two reasons, for being the last state to join the United States of America and for how rugged its terrain is. The weather conditions and the terrain of the area are very similar to that of the America Frontier when immigrants first arrived at the part of the world that is known as America today.

Despite the harshness of its weather and the ill condition of the state, there are people who are willing to forego the pleasures and comforts of modern life and to live without amenities like electricity. The Brown family is one of such people, they are the subject of the show, Alaskan Bush People.

Alaskan Bush People Net Worth and Salary Per Show

For the work that they do on the show, each member of the family earns a different salary. The parents earn a significantly higher amount than their children. The exact salaries of Billy Brown and Ami are not known, but Billy was worth $6 million prior to his death in 2021, while Ami has an estimated net worth of $500,000. The duo has seven children, five of whom are boys while the other two are their daughters.

Their first child is Matthew Jeremiah who was born in 1982 and he has a net worth of $150,000 the same amount his other brothers, Gabe and Bear have. Gabe who was born in 1989 is the fourth child while Bear is Billy and Ami’s third child and he was born in 1987. Noah Darkcloud, the youngest son born in 1992 has a net worth of $90,000 with an annual salary of $65,000.

The couple had their first daughter Amora Jean on the 18th of November, 1994, while their second daughter Merry Christmas who is famously known by her second name Raindrop was born on the 23rd of November, 2002. The two girls earn almost the same figure. Amora Jean, who is called Birdy for her love for animals, earns $60,000 in a year while her net worth is $100,000. Raindrop’s salary for every episode that features her ranges from $8,000 to $15,000.

The child that has the highest net worth is Joshua, who is popularly referred to as Bam Bam and his net worth is $300,000.

Alternative Sources of Income To Alaskan Bush People

In the third season of the show which aired in 2015, the Browns decided to venture into a hauling business. It was supposed to become a means to make some extra cash and they were successful at it. The business was mostly operated by the five Brown boys and they ran this hauling business with a boat. On their first job, they experienced some hitches but were able to complete the task and make their money. As the family has moved to a new state, their hauling business is no longer operational.

Some of the children have started to move on and have lives of their own. Noah and Gabe have gotten married and the former already has a kid. Those branching out have found ways to provide for themselves and make extra money on the side. For example, Noah announced that he will be taking on a job as a mechanic which is sure to significantly enhance his earnings.

Bam Bam, on the other hand, left the show for a long time to move in with his girlfriend, Allison Kagan. He met Kagan on the show as she was part of the production team. Bam Bam returned to the show in its ninth season. The catalyst for his return was the stage three lung cancer diagnosis his mother received.

Billy Brown’s Books

Alaskan Bush People Net Worth
Bam Bam Brown with the book that started the show image source

Another way the Alaskan Bush People net worth has grown is with the sale of Billy Brown’s books. Sometime around 2009, the Browns moved to Seattle, during this period, Billy started to recount the experiences the family had living in the wild, this he did by writing about them. He also made audio recordings of these stories and in a short while, One Wave at a Time, his memoir was published. By the time he published his second book, Teacher of the Old Code, he was a full-blown star with a large fan base. Billy Brown’s books added significantly to the net worth of the family’s patriarch.

All these actions led to him garnering some fame and provided him with money to cater for his family. But the fame he was enjoying and the money he had gotten from the book sales was only an indication of much bigger things to come.

Charity From Fans

There are certain basic amenities that are very expensive and one of such is health care. The Alaskan Bush People net worth may seem large but it would appear that one of the perks of the modern life that they have sworn off is insurance.

As a result of this, dental care which should be carried out at least twice a year is something that the Browns cannot afford. This has led to some of their fans reaching out to them financially by mailing them checks to help with things like dental care which also helps them to preserve the huge salaries they get from the producers of the show.

Fraudulent Activity

The second child of the Brown family, Bam Bam, alongside their father, got into trouble with the Alaskan government for falsifying records that gave the family $20,000. Everybody who lives in the state of Alaska is supposed to get a certain stipend from the government as long as they lived in the state for the entirety of a stipulated period. But the Browns are a nomadic lot and they lied that they were in the state for three years straight which they weren’t. For their actions, Billy and Joshua had to spend 30 days in jail and perform community service. But they were able to cut a deal and serve their sentence in the comfort of their home.

The Browns Had Wealthy Origins

Although it seems that the Alaskan Bush People live in penury and don’t have much, they were not always poor; at least Billy Brown the patriarch of the family was not born in poverty. Billy Brown was born on the 3rd of December in 1952 in Fort Worth Texas. When he was seventeen, he lost his parents and sister in a plane crash. Prior to the death of his parents, Kathryn and Billy Joe Brown, he grew up in affluence alongside his sister Kathy Jean as his father was a successful businessman.

Billy lost all of his family’s property and became homeless, he had to resort to living in a trailer park, and this was the period he honed his survivor skills as he had to take on a number of odd jobs to make ends meet. One of the jobs he took on was plumbing and it was during the period he worked as a plumber that he met Ami. Billy had gone to her house to do some plumbing work and the two met, although she was fifteen at the time they got married.

This knack for finding odd jobs to do is one that has been passed down to their children as well. Whenever they find themselves in a new environment the Brown children always find a way to add to the Alaskan Bush People net worth by engaging in any odd jobs they can do.

The Making of Alaskan Bush People

This show has been the biggest source of income for the Brown family, the opportunity they got to be on the show was made possible by the writings of Billy Brown.

Some executives at Discovery Channel became interested in the lives of the Browns after reading One Wave at a Time and this interest led to the channel giving the Brown family an offer of a reality show based on their lives. The offer was based on one condition and it was for the Browns to move back to Alaska, and they would get a house as well. This they agreed to and started their journey back to the North.

The show, Alaskan Bush People premiered in 2014 and in that time, at least nine seasons have aired with a total of eighty-five episodes.

The family, in more recent years, moved to Washington and they live in Okanogan County where they purchased 400 acres of land. Making this kind of purchase means that the Browns make a lot of money, money which mostly comes from the work they do on the show.

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