What Happened To Drs. Brenda, Erin and Sandra on Dr Pol?

Dr. Brenda’s appearances on The Incredible Dr. Pol began to reduce noticeably in the 13th season but according to Dr. Pol, she is still very much part of the show and will be continuing her role when its new season premiers. She enjoys dancing, reading, and training her oxen to pull wagons

Dr. Sandra, on the other hand, is said to have left the show to start her own family while Dr. Erin’s reason for leaving is yet to be discovered.

The Incredible Dr. Pol is a long-running reality television series that airs on the Nat Geo Wild channel. It first came on the air in 2011 and has since gone on to become a show that is beloved by audiences everywhere.

The series follows a group of veterinarians headed by Jan Pol who runs a wonderful practice called Pol Veterinary Services that employs all kinds of gifted animal doctors. His practice has its base in Weidman, Michigan.

The show isn’t just about the struggles and experiences of the veterinary profession, it’s also about human relationships. It follows Dr. Pol’s family, as well as his employees and their clients.

The Incredible Dr. Pol has consistently earned high ratings year after year because of the interesting array of characters that it puts on screen. Many doctors have come and gone since the show began, but only a few of them have managed to leave a lasting legacy that fans of the show are determined not to forget in a hurry.

Who is Dr. Brenda and What Happened To Her?

Dr. Brenda Grettenberger was one of the earliest cast members of the show. She became a fan favorite as a result of her big personality and ability to care for any animal that she encounters, regardless of how large or small it might be. She has been hugely instrumental to the success of the show through its many seasons.

However, it became suspicious when Brenda did not feature in several episodes during the last few seasons, causing fans to wonder if she was leaving the show. Is she still going to return to Dr. Pol? What goes on in her life when she’s not trying to save the lives of animals?

Dr. Brenda of The Incredible Dr. Pol examining a dog
Dr. Brenda examining a dog: Image Source

From just watching Brenda work her magic, it’s easy to see that she has a natural gift to care for animals. She was raised on her family’s dairy farm in Easton Rapids, Michigan, and it was there that she first kindled her interest in taking care of animals.

After graduating from high school, she joined the College of Veterinary Medicine at Michigan University, where she earned her degree. Upon gaining her license in 1992, she found work at Dr. Jan Pol’s practice, so, she was right there with him when the National Geographic Network picked up the show.

It wasn’t easy for Brenda to forge forward in her field because she had to deal with myopic and sexist attitudes of farmers who couldn’t wrap their heads around the idea of a female vet. However, through a sheer strong will, perseverance, and her flair for her job, she was able to win them over and get them to trust her with their animals.

When it comes to her personal life, the talented vet likes to keep a tight lid on things, but it is no secret that she loves her family very much and values them as highly as her work. Dr. Brenda leads an interesting life away from her job and the show. She enjoys dancing, reading, and training oxen. She owns a handful of them, which she has been training to pull wagons and carts. She is also affiliated with an organization called the Midwest Ox Drovers Association.

Brenda starred in nearly every single episode of the first twelve seasons of the Dr. Pol show, but her appearances began to decline in the thirteenth season. There were some episodes where she was absent and this sparked a lot of speculation that she was leaving the show. However, this is not completely true as even Dr. Pol himself has reassured audiences that her future on the series is safe for the foreseeable future.

Due to the ever-increasing workload that the practice has to deal with, new vets have joined the show, but their presence will not be eclipsing that of the seasoned vet. Although Brenda may be taking time off work so she can be with her family, she is working with Dr. Pol’s practice and will likely continue to do so until the show goes off the air.

When the new season of the show premieres, Dr. Brenda will be continuing her role and fulfilling her sacred vow to take care of all kinds of animals to the best of her abilities. There’s no quitting for the veterinarian until she is no longer able to do the job that brought her so much fulfillment.

Where’s Dr. Sandra Now?

Dr. Sandra Wisniewski is one of the lead cast members of The Incredible Dr. Pol. She joined the practice after graduating from the College of Veterinary at Iowa State University. She has earned the respect and adoration of the millions of viewers who watch the show, thanks to her outgoing and playful nature.

Although she was with the show for a long time, she eventually stopped appearing in the episodes and this made fans very curious. Many people wanted to know why she left the show at a time when she had become one of the most loved stars. They also wondered what she has been up to since her time on the show came to an end.

Upon her disappearance from the show, it was revealed that the reason Dr. Sandra left was to start a family of her own. While she didn’t disclose this information to the fans before leaving, her social media posts provided all the answers needed. After marrying her then-boyfriend Chris Shindolf, they relocated so he could be closer to work and as a result, she was no longer able to continue her work on the show.

Dr. Sandra and her husband Chris Shindolf
Dr. Sandra and her husband Chris Shindolf: Image Source

Before she left, there was a lot of talk going around that Dr. Sandra was dissatisfied with how the show was playing out. However, neither she nor any of the other cast members have confirmed the claim or commented on whether it contributed to her exit from Dr. Pol. It’s possible that it was only just speculation with no real substance to it.

Sandra might have left the show, but that did not spell the end of her career as a veterinarian. She has continued to work in the field, doing what she loves and saving the lives of countless animals at the same time. Few things bring her as much joy as administering treatment to ailing pets and animals, discovering what troubles them, and nursing the creatures back to good health.

At the moment, the trained vet is working at the Sheridan Animal Hospital, where she keeps displaying her exceptional ability to care for animals. Understandably, her exit from the show did not sit well with many of the fans she has cultivated over the years, there is some consolation to be found in the fact that she is still devoting her services to the animals in her new neighborhood.

She is focused on taking care of her family and spending as much time with them as possible, while also excelling at her work. When she’s not kicking ass at her profession, Dr. Sandra hangs out with her friends, family, and pets. She also loves to engage in leisurely activities like traveling and horse riding. Anyway, her presence on the Dr. Pol show is still being terribly missed. One thing is for certain, the viewers will always remember her fondly.

Why Dr. Erin Left Dr. Pol

Dr. Erin on Dr. Pol
Dr. Erin in Dr. Pol

Dr. Erin is one of the minor characters on the show. She was hired as a supporting staff to assist with the workload after the practice began getting more popular and attracting clientele from all around the state. She only appeared in a couple of episodes so her absence didn’t really leave much of a vacuum on the show when she left. However, it still left people wondering what had happened to her and her reason for leaving the show.

There is very little information available concerning the details of Dr. Erin’s exit from the Dr. Pol show. It is uncertain whether she didn’t like the practice and moved to join another or if she left to attend to personal matters. Her short-lived appearance on the show won her the admiration of many of the viewers who became invested in her career and wanted to see her succeed.

She added a new touch to the show with her presence. One of the favorite parts of the series was watching her and Dr. Emily compete and pull off complex procedures without getting flustered. She is not one to shy away from getting her hands dirty, no matter how small or large the animal in question is.

It has not yet been confirmed if Dr. Erin is still practicing and taking care of animals. She doesn’t have any social media accounts through which fans can get updates on her life or what new and exciting things she has been up to. Regardless, the beloved doctor is still alive and happy. She is spending more time with family and friends and also focusing on improving herself. She might not be in front of the cameras anymore, but she will always have a special place in the hearts of the show’s viewers.

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