Dominique Capraro Is Michelle Phan’s Boyfriend – Inside Their Relationship

Dominique Capraro is Michelle Phan’s boyfriend. He is an actor, dancer, and model widely admired for his good looks. Dominique Capraro’s ethnicity is mixed, with a father of Italian descent and a mother of Swiss-Austrian origin. He is the kind of bloke many would want to show off as their romantic partner but only Michelle Phan has had that privilege.

Born on the 16th of May 1988 in Visp, Switzerland, Dominique attended Universite de Lausanne where he studied Art History and later joined College de Abbaye de St Maurice for further studies. During his days as a student, he was occasionally dancing in shows and modeling, but never imagined he would build a career out of the latter.

Capraro has always been a part of the showbiz industry but his rise to fame has largely been associated with his relationship with Michelle Phan. It is believed that through her, he got to meet prominent figures and establishments that helped him take his career to a greater height and penetrate the American showbiz arena, notably, he was signed to Jaffa Models of Chicago, Illinois.

He owes much of his identity today to his girlfriend and the duo has an interesting love story. From how they met to the speculations about being married, Dominique Capraro and Michelle Phan have indeed come a long way as a couple.

Dominique Capraro and Michelle Phan Met In 2010 At a Persian Cafe In Paris

Dominique Capraro and Michelle Phan began dating sometime in 2010 after they met at a cafe in Paris. As the YouTuber shared in a 2014 video titled “My Long Distance Relationship Story & Tips”, it was her first time in Paris and she decided to explore the popular city after a day of work. Along the line, she decided to check out a real Parisian cafe.

She went into one of the cafes and immediately realized that she couldn’t place an order as the menu was in French with no English translation. Embarrassed, Michelle Phan decided to use her mobile for the translation. At that moment, Dominique Capraro came into her life: he tapped her shoulder and offered to help her place her order. They had an immediate connection and ended up spending a few hours in the cafe talking.

It marked the beginning of their relationship but Dominique learned that Michelle was set to return to America the next day. They did the only thing they could at the end of the day: exchange numbers and emails. It took only that first meeting for Michelle to become very attracted to Dominique. She said she thought of him all through her flight back home.

They Had a Long-Distance Relationship For Two Years After They Met

Dominique Capraro

Michelle Phan wanted to learn more about Dominique Capraro and he wouldn’t have minded having to spend more time with her. But then, they had to part ways some hours after they met for the first time as Michelle had to return to America. The only way around was to begin a long-distance relationship.

It is admirable that they were able to pull that off for two years, especially when one considers the fact that they came from two different worlds. As fate would have it, they reunited in Paris after two years of their first meeting and had their first kiss at the Parisian landmark, the Eiffel Tower.

According to the YouTuber, maintaining the long-distance relationship over two years was difficult but was worth it. As far as she is concerned, they were able to pull it off because they genuinely liked each other and never stopped communicating. Dominique Capraro and Michelle Phan had a lot of people envying their relationship as they were practically inseprable. Dominique was seen all over Michelle’s social media pages and was featured in multiple of her videos. These ceased sometime in 2015 and have left many wondering what happened?

Dominique Capraro’s Partner, Michelle Phan, Is a YouTuber and She Featured Dominique Capraro In Many of Her Videos

One fun fact about Dominique Capraro and Michelle Phan is that the latter is almost a year older. She was born on the 11th of April 1987 in Boston, Massachusetts, and rose to fame as a makeup artist. Born to parents of Vietnamese origin, Michelle’s family struggled financially. Her biological father abandoned his family when she was young and Michelle’s mother remarried but would soon leave the man who became Michelle’s stepfather because he was abusive.

The family moved to Tampa, Florida, where Michelle attended Tampa Bay Technical High School, after which she proceeded to Ringling College of Art and Design. It is said that she worked as a waitress to support herself through school but eventually dropped out due to financial challenges.

Her career has been traced back to 2005 when she started teaching makeup on a personal blog. Because of the positive feedback she got, she took her tutorials to Xanga where she shared her videos as Ricebunny. Sometime in May 2007, she began posting the video on YouTube and soon became very popular with millions of subscribers.

Her Lady Gaga Poker Face and Lady Gaga Bad Romance make up tutorial videos drew lots of viewers to her channel with the benefit of new and more subscribers. Capitalizing on that, Michelle Phan co-founded My Glam, a beauty purpose subscription service, and began monetizing what she had hitherto done for free.

Big cosmetics brands began approaching her to promote their products and it came with huge monetary benefits and clout that solidified Michelle’s status as a celebrated YouTuber. Ultimately, her fame rubbed off on Dominique who was featured on many of Michelle’s videos.

Dominique Capraro and Michelle Phan Are Not Married And It Is Not Known If They Are Still Together

It’s no secret that Michelle Phan took a time off her online endeavors in 2015 to deal with depression. In a video that explained why she left, which was shared on her YouTube channel in June 2017, Michelle related that she had been visiting several countries and would return to the platform whenever she has inspiring content to share.

Following her return in June 2019, it was noticed that she no longer features Dominique Capraro on her videos and that he’s nowhere to be seen on her other social media pages. While some reports have it that they are still together but decided to keep the relationship away from the public, it is held in some quarters that they have broken up but still friends.

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