Yung Gravy Net Worth and How he Made All His Money

Yung Gravy net worth is $2 million. The 28-year-old American rapper whose real name is Matthew Raymond Hauri earns his money from his sold-out shows, music album sales, tours, social media views, and other business ventures.

The rapper’s net worth is noticeably impressive, especially for someone who hasn’t been in the spotlight as a rapper for very long. Yung Gravy didn’t really break into the mainstream rap music industry as his last hit song, Mr. Clean was released in 2017. Here in this article, we present to you a quick tour of Yung Gravy’s professional career in a bid to shed more light on how he makes his money. Read on to also find out what business moves Yung Gravy has been up to.

What are the Sources of Yung Gravy’s Net Worth?

For a while, the major source of Yung Gravy’s wealth was his music, however, he has since diversified into other sources. Apparently, the young rapper hasn’t rested on his oars by basking in the glory of his successful debut in the music industry; the rapper also cashed in on his business talent.

After his first 2016 project, he released his second EP, Yung Gravity, which included hit songs like Bought the Plug a Present and Flex Season. This was followed by Baby Gravy, a collaborative piece. He has released one mixtape, three albums, and seven EPs in total.

Born Matthew Raymond Hauri but better known as Yung Gravy, the American rapper was welcomed to earth by his parents on the 19th of March 1996, in Rochester, Minnesota, USA. His parents are Peter Johannes, a Swiss-born insomnia psychologist, and Cynthia Cleveland Hauri.

Yung Gravy is a Businessman, Rapper, and Music Producer

Yung Gravy is an American rapper, songwriter, music producer, and entrepreneur. The 26-year-old music act also goes by the names Mr. Butter, Clancy Brett, Daddy Aioli, Lil Steamer, Yung Gravity, Mr. Buttersworth, and Mr. Clean. Yung Gravy’s claim to fame is simply being a talented rapper.

He went to college and graduated. He even ran a pizza delivery service and was headed towards a business career when he suddenly began taking an interest in rap. He began rapping for fun, especially with the rise of rappers Lil Yachty and Lil Peep in the industry.

He was heavily inspired to pursue music as a career and promptly quit his regular job to do so.  So far, Yung has been linked with some of the biggest names in the entertainment industry. However, as is the case with all new rappers, he had to work his way up to his current spot.

His very first track, Mr. Clean dropped in 2016 and went viral on SoundCloud the following year. He went on to do another song titled 1 Thot 2 Thot, and Red Thot Blue Thot, and two other songs which have been certified Platinum by the RIAA.

Gravy’s musical style blends modern trap music with soul, funk, and oldies from the fifties and sixties. His style is a cocktail of trap, hip-hop, satirical hip-hop, funk, and soul. His musical success has been steadily on the rise since 2016.

Yung Gravy’s Net Worth Also Sees Contributions from Music Tours and Strategic Collaborations 

Yung Gravy’s collaborative efforts have aided in the advancement of his career and net worth. An example of this is his 2020 collaboration with Bbno$ on the song Off the Goop, which became a big hit.

The American rapper recognized early that he needed the help of others to reach the top, and this has served him well. He has gone ahead to collaborate with a number of other artists to create good music and promote his brand. Some notable acts he has worked with include Ski Mask, Y2K, and Chief Kleef, however, the amount of money he makes from these collaborations is not known at the moment.

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Yung Gravy, however, earns the most from music tours. Going on tour not only solidifies a musician’s success but also increases their net worth. In the case of Yung Gravy, he has taken this aspect of his career most seriously indeed and has completed seven international tours to date and appears to be ready for more.

His second-to-the-last tour was in 2021, and was named the “Back in Business Tour”, and it was the rave of the year. In March 2022, the rapper planned ten events for his European tour which covered countries Denmark, Norway, Germany, Belgium, Russia, Finland, and Switzerland. Again, we can’t say for sure how much the rapper has made or is making for his tours.

Yung Gravy’s Social Media is Another Channel Through Which He Makes Money

Being a natural businessman, Yung Gravy has managed to turn nearly every aspect of his career into an avenue for making money and his social media has not been left out of it. One of his most profitable social media accounts is his YouTube VEVO account.

Gravy’s first two hit songs that catapulted him to fame became online sensations, with the songs 1 Thot 2 Thot and Red Thot Blue Thot garnering millions of views each on YouTube as well as over 90 million streams on Spotify.

According to rough estimates, the rapper earns about $1.21 for every 1000 views on YouTube. On the video platform, Yung Gravy has 1.34 million subscribers and 592,794,074 views and counting. It is important to note that he joined the platform in May 2016, the same year he launched his professional music career.

This means he’s been making money from YouTube since the beginning. Gravy is also a well-known figure on various social media platforms, which he uses to supplement his income. On Instagram, he has over 1 million followers while on YouTube, he has over 1.63 million subscribers. His presence is also felt on social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. All these platforms are monetized and when added together, the money adds up nicely.

His Highest Viewed Song on YouTube has over 68 Million Views

The video Yung Gravy’s hit song Mr. Clean has accrued as much as 68 million views on YouTube as of 2022 and it’s still trending to date. The song which is considered his breakout piece has been on the platform since 2016 with more additions that have garnered traction.

Yung Gravy’s YouTube channel boasts videos that have accumulated millions of views. His latest song, Betty (Get Money) is also doing pretty well, having accumulated over 30 million views in just 6 months, thanks to the song going viral on TikTok.

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