Who Is Shylily and Has She Done a Face Reveal?

Shylily (real name: Lilly) is a Germany-based VTuber, Twitch streamer, and social media personality who is currently one of the fast-rising Vtubers on Twitch right now. The social media star has a signature automated humanoid which hides her real face and she is yet to do a face reveal.

On her uploads, Shylily appears as a humanoid, leaving her true identity a mystery to her adoring followers who are curious to see what she looks like and who have been asking for a face reveal. She is famous for her videos which she uploads on Twitch and her YouTube channel.

Summary of Shylily’s Biography

  • Full name: Lilly
  • Nickname: Shylily
  • Gender: Female
  • Ethnicity: Mixed
  • Nationality: German
  • Place of Birth: Germany
  • Sexual Orientation: Straight
  • Religion: Christianity
  • Marital Status: Single
  • Shylily’s Height in Inches: 4 feet 10 inches
  • Shylily’s Height in Centimetres: 170 cm
  • Shylily’s Weight: 49kg
  • Body Measurements in Inches: 37-25-36
  • Body Measurements in Centimeters: 94-64-91
  • Shylily’s Net Worth: $600,000
  • Famous for: Being a social media personality and VTuber
  • Shylily’s Instagram: @shylilytwitch
  • Twitter: @shylilytwitch

Where is Shylily From?

Shylily (or Lily) is from Germany. According to the information gathered, the social media personality was born in Germany to her German parents whose identities are not available at this time. Shylily is known to keep her personal life private and away from media interference which is why there is no information on her actual date of birth nor has she revealed details about her parents and family background to any source. She is said to be of mixed ethnicity and follows the Christian religion.

Beyond the aforementioned information, there is nothing known about her early days – the neighborhood where she was born, where she was raised, if she is an only child or has siblings whom she grew up with – as the Twitch star has not been generous with information about her life. There are reports that reveal that she and her family relocated to Denmark while she was younger.

On the aspect of her educational background, not much is known, like where she had her high school education and the school where she enrolled for her university studies. However, it is known that she had her post-graduate studies in the Netherlands which is also where she currently resides.

What is Shylily’s Identity?

In one of her videos, Shylily revealed that her real name is “Lilly”. This is the closest we have come to knowing anything about the VTuber’s identity as she has refused to reveal her face to anyone or give any other detail about her life. Shylily is an automated humanoid created by Lilly, a maker artist. She calls herself a professional Ocean Oreo Vtuber and usually plays horror games.

She has established a persona as an evolved individual. Her advanced form, on the other hand, is an anime orca with long back hair and white stripes while her choice of attire is a blue robe, with old markings on her body.

Shylily Began Her Career on Twitch in August 2015

Lily, popularly known as Shylily, started her streaming career on Twitch in August 2015. The social media personality first started by streaming popular games such as Genshin Impact, Minecraft, and others. As she did not gain many followers and was not popular, she decided to quit streaming for some time in 2021.

In January 2022, she made another debut but this time around, she succeeded in becoming popular and gained a huge fanbase. Shylily is highly popular for her Just Chatting streams where she chats & reacts to Reddit memes. She is also known to play video games such as Apex Legends, Crab Game, The Last of Us, etc.

She later began streaming on Twitch where she became famous and from every indication, Shylily is a shy girl who does not want to be in the spotlight which is why she uses a Shylily hentai or anime character to portray her emotions.

The social media personality also has a YouTube under her name which is where she uploads her Twitch live stream highlights. Currently, she has more than 430k followers with over 264k subscribers and her videos have about a total of 2.6 million views.

She also has another YouTube channel named ShyliliyVOD which is where she gets to upload full-length Twitch live streams but it currently seems to be inactive as she has not been uploading videos for some time.

Shylily Is Yet To Reveal Her Face

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Shylily’s distinctive demeanor on the social media platform has attracted lots of attention.  Her face reveal is one of the most anticipated things for her fans as everyone is currently anxious to see the face behind the automated humanoid. The social media personality since she started her channel has kept her fans in suspense as she has not revealed her true face but represents herself through an animated character picture.

Many have been trying to guess what she looks like especially since she made a half-face reveal. From the photo, some could tell she is a Caucasian with light earthy colored hair and little hands while some others feel the photo is a stock photo from the internet and not her real self.

Furthermore, there are many people out there who have been sharing random pictures on Reddit claiming it to be her real face. Turns out, all of them are usually fake.

Shylily Is Not In Any Known Relationship

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Shyliliy is a notoriously private individual who does not like to be in the spotlight and does not share details of her personal life with anyone. This makes it difficult for anyone to know if she is dating anyone as she has not talked about her current or previous relationship status.

For all we know, Shylily is not dating anyone and has never been married. The social media personality seems to be more focused on her career at the moment.

What Is Shylily’s Net Worth?

Shylily’s net worth is estimated to be $600,000. Her major income source is Twitch. As a Twitch player, she primarily earns a reasonable amount of income gotten through ads, donations & tips during her live streams.

Furthermore, she has different subscription plans which are listed on her channel. According to TwitchTracker, Shylily currently has 8,966 active subscribers. Her all-time active subscriber count was over 60,000 of which when calculations are done, she makes at least $50,000 a month from subscriptions on her channel.

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