Top 10 Hottest Female YouTubers In The World Right Now

These ladies are making big bucks from YouTube and staying very sexy while they are at it. The World’s hottest female YouTubers range from comic queens to DIY tutors on anything you can think of whether it is making cakes like Nerdy Nummies star Rosanna Pansino or makeup like Michelle Phan who has the abilities to transform anyone to look just like any Hollywood star.

While their incredible talent has attracted many views, it is the power of their beauty that has turned visitors to their channels into faithful subscribers. It pays to be genetically blessed folks and these ladies are just another proof of that. Without further ado, we present to you our top 10 hottest female Youtubers.

Top 10 Hottest Female YouTubers

10. Bethany Mota

hottest female youtubers
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Mota vlogs about style, comedy, beauty, travel and even cooking. She started her first youtube channel at the age of 13 receiving much help from her mom Tammy. Her fame skyrocketed thanks to her haul videos where she showcased fashion items purchased online. She now has over 10 million subscribers. Bethany became the first Youtuber ever to feature on Dancing with the Stars in 2014. She won the 2014 Teen Choice Award for Most Popular Female Web Star.

9. Dulce Tejeda

hottest female youtubers
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Mexican beauty, Dulce Tejeda was once a tomboy. Well, sort of… After attending high school in California where she was raised, she decided to join the military and was posted to Iraq where she served for a year before returning to the US to work as a mechanic. In a bid to rediscover her feminity, Dulce started a Youtube channel called Dulce Candy where she vlogged about beauty and fashion. Her channel now boasts over 2 million subscribers. She is married with a son and still looks as hot as ever.

8. Jenna Mourey

hottest female youtubers
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Jenna Mourey is better known by her Youtube name Jenna Marbles. She is incredibly funny and effortlessly remains sexy while dishing out her comic side. Jenna is best known for her video entitled; “How to Trick People Into Thinking You’re Good Looking.”  In just a week after Jenna posted the video in 2010, it had garnered over 5.3 million views. Her subscribers are now over 20 million. Jenna has got brains too, she earned a Masters of Education from Boston University.

7. Rosanna Pansino

hottest female youtubers
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Rosanna Pansino blends geekiness and baking. Yup! She makes science-fiction theme cakes on her Nerdy Nummies series which has become wildly popular. Her first cookbook “The Nerdy Nummies: Cookbook: Sweet Treats for the Geek in all of US” released in November 2015 was a New York Times bestseller. She is also quite good with her voice.

6. Zoe Sugg

Hottest female youtubers
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At the age of 19, British Youtuber Zoe Sugg while working for an interior design company, started a YouTube channel to kill boredom. Like most ladies on this list, she vlogs about beauty, style and everything else in between. Her first novel “Girl Online”, released in 2014 broke records for the highest first-week sales for a debut author.

5. Colleen Ballinger

hottest female youtubers
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Comedienne Colleen Ballinger is known for her online alter ego Miranda Sings, a talentless yet confident singer. Her Youtube fame landed her a streaming deal with Netflix. She has appeared on many late night talk shows including The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

4. Michelle Phan

hottest female youtubers
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Asian beau Michelle Phan is a makeup artist extraordinaire. She has the abilities to transform anyone to look like Hollywood’s most adored females from Angelina Jolie to Lady Gaga and she does so with Lancome beauty products. When Lancome took notice of her, she became their first Vietnamese ambassador. Phan is the co-founder of the subscription-based makeup service Ipsy valued at about $500 million. She made her debut on Forbes richest YouTubers list in 2015 with an annual paycheck of $3 million.

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3. Lindsey Stirling

hottest female youtubers
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She dances while playing the violin and we can only think of a few things hotter than that… And to imagine that a record label turned her down when she first began in 2007… if only they knew. Lindsey made $6 million in 2015 and continues to win!

2. Carli Bybel

hottest female youtubers
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Blue eyes – check, full lips – check, hourglass figure – check, gorgeous hair – check, height – check. We could go on and on… You won’t see many females hotter than Carli Bybel on Youtube. Bybel dishes out tips on fitness, style, and beauty.

1. Lilly Singh

lilly singh hottest female youtubers
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Lilly Singh aka Superwoman has lived up to her name, not only is she physically hot, she is also the richest female YouTuber on this list, having appeared thrice on Forbes list. She began posting videos of herself impersonating her Indian parents. Today the standup comedian and actress has her own lipstick line, BAWSE.


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